Relax and enjoy yoga while watching TV

Relax and enjoy yoga while watching TV

Many women do not have time to exercise, but the aunt who eats ca n’t consume it, can only watch her body getting fatter?

Recommend 3 sets of weight loss yoga exercises for you, it doesn’t take much time, just use your hands and feet while watching TV, you can easily lose weight.

  Sit sideways 1, sit sideways, hands naturally on both sides of the body.

  2. Straighten the left leg to the left, keep the right leg bent, the upper body to the left, hold the toe of the left foot with your left hand, and straighten up with your right hand.

  3. Press the upper body down to the left leg. This action can help exercise the side waist muscles and modify the waist line.

  Cow face style 1, sitting in a cross-position, hands are naturally placed at both ends of the body.

  2. Bend your right hand, lift it up, place it above the back of your head, bend your left hand, and grab your right elbow.

  3. Put down your left hand and hold your right hand so that your two hands are behind each other.

Releases pressure on the humerus and arms to help relieve shoulder and neck pain and excess tibia.

  The sitting position is bent forward with 1 leg, in the sitting position, with the legs trying to open at both ends, showing a large font.

  2. Bend your hands toward the front of your body, your forearms against the ground, and your upper body leaning slightly downwards.

  3. Keep your hands straight forward, lean your body down, and keep it a little longer.

This action can effectively exercise the thigh muscles and tighten the thighs.

Top ten mysteries of hair

Top ten mysteries of hair

Who doesn’t want to have a hair?

What’s more, if your hair “grows well” also indicates that your body is healthy.

However, do you know that some of our usual statements about hair are actually correct and some are wrong?


Question 1: Often hairdressers gradually grow roots and become stronger. Hair grows again.

  Answer: This is absolutely wrong, after all, the scalp is not a lawn.

No one knows how people think this way. Maybe it is the misunderstanding that men must have beards.

However, the hair on the human skull is very different from the hair on the head.

Hair grows only 1 per month.

5 cm, growth rate has nothing to do with the number of haircuts.


Question 2: Split ends can be treated.

  Answer: This statement is also incorrect.

The best way is to go for a haircut immediately to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Question 3: Combing your hair is good for hair.

  Answer: Combing your hair often is not good for your hair.

Comb hair has more split ends, and hair is easily replaced from the scalp.

Therefore, do not comb your hair too often.


Question 4: If the hat is tight, it may cause hair loss.

  Answer: This statement is correct.

Especially for men, this is one of the causes of hair loss.

If the hat is too tight, it will speed up hair loss.


Question 5: People will bald overnight.

  Answer: This is just a literary statement.

The difference in hair color comes from the genes of the human body, and the change of hair color is a long-term process.


Question 6: If you pull out a white hair, two black hairs will grow from the place where the hair was pulled out.

  Answer: Nonsense.

If this is the case, there will be no white-haired people in the world.


Question 7: The cause of hair loss is due to maternal inheritance.

  Answer: Although there is no evidence that this inheritance will last for several generations, the cause of hair loss is indeed due to genetic inheritance.

The results show that men start losing hair when they are 18-20 years old, while women start losing hair when they are 45-55 years old.


Question 8: Dandruff makes the scalp dry.  Answer: Dandruff is completely different from dry scalp.

There are many ways to cure these two diseases. If a person has dandruff, it means that he or she has a problem with the functioning of the body.


Question 9: Dandruff is contagious.

  Answer: This is absolutely wrong.

Everyone has microbes on their heads, and it is these microbes that cause the appearance of dandruff.

But you should keep in mind that it is best not to use other people’s combs, as these combs can spread some serious skin diseases.

What to do if the child’s tongue draws a map-

What to do if the child draws a “map” on his tongue?

Why do children have “map tongue”? Map tongue is a common symptom in children 3-5 years old.
Most children with map tongues are relatively obese. The tongue itself is generally not very painful, but some children are often accompanied by loss of appetite, loose stools or constipation, thin yellow muscles, night sweats or night terrors, and susceptibility.
The cause of the map tongue may be related to heredity, allergic constitution, germination period of deciduous teeth, intestinal parasites, indigestion and other factors.
It is more common clinically that mothers’ improper feeding methods make children develop a habit of picky eaters, prefer fried and smoked meat foods, drink drinks, and do not eat rice noodles, especially vegetables.
Over time, the body will be deficient in vitamins and trace elements, and map tongues will easily appear.
  What is the “map tongue”? TCM believes that the spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow, and the change of the tongue coating is a “barometer” that reflects the ups and downs of stomach qi.
Children’s spleen and stomach are weak. If the diet is uncontrolled, the spleen and stomach will be easily injured, the spleen will lose health, and the stomach will fall and fall, so it will send a signal from the tongue coating.
According to the color, thickness, and presence or absence of tongue coating in Chinese medicine, we can see the ups and downs of stomach qi, the strength of evil qi, and the severity of spleen and stomach digestive diseases.
According to the child’s tongue coating and clinical symptoms, it can be divided into two types: Tongue-spleen-stomach yin deficiency type children’s tongue coating exfoliation tablets vary in size, such as map-like, bulging edges, redness of the exfoliated face, and is different from the color of the tongue.Feeling hungry and not thinking about diet, low fever, fatigue, fatigue, weight loss, thirst for cold drinks, dry stools, night sweats when sleeping at night.
  The exfoliation surface of children with spleen and stomach qi deficiency type has no bulging edges, the exfoliation surface is smooth as a mirror, and its color is basically the same as the color of the tongue. It is accompanied by loss of appetite, thin body, pale or yellowish appearance, often drooling, fatigued limbs,Less gas and lazy words, a little activity, asthma, sweating easily, exposed eyes during sleep, thin stools, or although formed more often.
  How to get map tongue treatment? In addition to establishing a healthy lifestyle for children who have map tongue, Chinese medicine treatment can be given according to the specific conditions, and the diet can be adjusted.
  Children belonging to the type of spleen and stomach yin deficiency should be nourishing the spleen and stomach, nourishing yin and nourishing fluids, medicinal ginseng, raw astragalus, behenshen, barley, schisandra, yinchaehu, ground bone skin, fried atractylodes, raw yam, fried lentils,Habitat, Agrimony, Jujube, Dendrobium, Licorice, etc.
The meal allows children to eat some millet mung bean porridge, corn mashed sweet potato porridge, cereal oatmeal porridge, eight treasure porridge, etc., and change the food every day.
At the same time, let the children eat milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, soy products and fresh vegetables to meet the body’s needs for protein, various vitamins and trace elements.
You also need to choose apples, peaches, grapes, sugar cane, bananas, hawthorn, ume, watermelon, tomatoes, etc. according to the season.
Eating these fruits in moderation can not only supplement vitamins, but also nourish the stomach and yin.
But be careful not to eat oil cakes, fried eggs, pancakes, kebabs, fried peanuts and other foods, do not drink drinks with high sugar content, and avoid spicy peppers, mustard, pepper, dried ginger, lamb, dog meat and fatty meats.Warm food so as not to damage your child’s spleen and stomach.
  For children with spleen and stomach qi deficiency, the spleen and qi should be strengthened, and the stomach should be moderated.
Medicinal raw astragalus, raw sun ginseng, stir-fried atractylodes root, Poria, Angelica, Chenpi, Cimicifuga, jujube, lotus seed, bergamot, chicken gold, raw keel, raw oyster, floating wheat, licorice and so on.
Children should be given some porridge on their diet, such as rice porridge, yam porridge, coix seed, red date porridge, glutinous rice lentils porridge, lotus seed glutinous rice red porridge, etc.
You can also eat mild beef and mutton, but it is best to simmer it with white radish or carrots.
You can usually eat seasonal fruits and dark green, yellow or red vegetables.
For spicy irritations, indigestible fried and greasy foods, puffed foods such as popcorn, cold drinks or frozen foods, etc. Do not eat, to avoid damage to the spleen and stomach of children.

Getting Started with Yoga Starts with Yoga Stretching Exercises

Getting Started with Yoga Starts with Yoga Stretching Exercises

Nowadays, fitness is becoming more and more common. Naturally, everyone is familiar with yoga, but yoga stretching exercises are still rarely heard.

Let ‘s follow along with the editor to learn about yoga stretching exercises.

  This yoga pose is very simple, it mainly stretches the muscles of our whole body, arms, hips, thighs, and calves can be moved, and it is very soft.

Do it for 5 minutes a day and stick to it for 2 months. Your figure will no longer be horizontal and your body shape will improve.

  Step1 Your body should be upright, your hips should be straight, your whole body muscles should be tightened, and your hands should be held horizontally. Inhale slowly and then exhale.

  Step2 keep breathing rhythm, slowly raise your hands, close your ears.

Hold for 1 minute, thinking that our arm muscles are stretching again.

  Step3 maintain balance and breathing, raise the thighs, contract the calves, and let the soles of the feet close to the body.

This process is difficult. It may not work well at first. After a week, balance and breathing can be mastered.

  Step 4 Arms should be as straight as possible against the ears, not bent, otherwise stretching the upper limbs will have no effect.

Three TCM health care methods to prevent super bacteria

Three TCM health care methods to prevent super bacteria

Although the super bacteria are currently “no cure”, experts have said that the super bacteria will only infect those who have been hospitalized for a long time and have poor health and will not spread.

In this case, we must strengthen our physique.

Traditional Chinese medicine has great advantages in enhancing people’s physical fitness. The following introduces a few effective ways to avoid them. Although super bacteria are currently “no cure”, experts have said that super bacteria will only infect those who have been hospitalized for a long time.People with very poor constitutions will not spread.
In this case, we must strengthen our physique.
Traditional Chinese medicine has great advantages in enhancing people’s physical fitness. Here are some methods to effectively improve immunity.


Changping Yupingfeng San Yupingfeng San is composed of three medicines, namely Fengfang, Astragalus and Atractylodes.

Astragalus Yiqi solid table antiperspirant as the king, Baizhu nourishing qi and spleen as the minister, supplemented by preventing wind from walking the table and dispersing the wind evil, the combination of three medicines can strengthen the qi and solidify the table, and nourish the spleen.

This “Wei” refers to Wei Qi, which is one of the barriers against external evils. Therefore, if the Wei Qi is full, then the external evils cannot be committed.

Therefore, the prescription of this side is not solid, and it shows that it is self-sweating and susceptible to wind and evil, that is, we usually talk about strengthening resistance and preventing colds.

This prescription has always prevented or reduced the number of sudden outbreaks in patients with allergic rhinitis and hypertension.

  Specific usage: In a pharmacy, mix according to 30 grams of windproof, 60 grams of astragalus and 60 grams of atractylodes, then let the pharmacy research the medicine into powder, taking 6-9 grams of powder each time, twice a day. If you are not afraid of trouble, it is bestServe with jujube soup.

If you take it for a long time, your resistance will definitely be good.


Changsanli Zusanli Zusanli is an acupuncture point in acupuncture and is one of the main points of the “Fuyangming Stomach Meridian”.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the source of the day after tomorrow, and the Foot-Yangming Stomach Meridian is “multiple qi and blood”, so massaging Zusanli can regulate the body’s immunity, enhance disease resistance, condition the spleen and stomach, replenish the qi and strengthen qi, and pass through, The role of righteousness and dispel evil.

  Zusanli positioning: touch the outside of the calf from bottom to top, and touch the bump (lateral lateral condyle) below the tibia at the upper right.

From this point, there is another bump (small fibula head) a little below the diagonal.

The two convex bones are connected by a line, and the line in turn makes a regular triangle downward.

The top of this regular triangle is exactly Zusanli Point.

The Zusanli Point is 3 inches below the eyes of the outer knee, and 1 horizontal finger from several anterior condyles, when it is on the tibialis anterior muscle.

When taking the acupuncture point, measure 4 horizontal fingers downward from the outer knee eye, between the fibula and tibia, and 1 horizontal finger from the upper side of the bone, which is the place.


The moxibustion Baihui Baihui acupoint is located at the intersection of the midline of the top of the head and the line connecting the tips of the two ears.

According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the head is the meeting of Zhuyang and the ancestor of Baimai, and the point of Baihui is where the meridian qi converges.

The acupoint belongs to yang, and it contains yin in the yang, so it can access the yin and yang veins and connect the body meridian points, which is important for regulating the body’s yin and yang balance.

  Moxibustion is the use of moxa or other drugs to burn on the body’s acupuncture points, warm irons, and use the heat of moxibustion fire and the role of drugs. Through meridian replacement, it can penetrate Wentongqi blood, correcting evils, and achieving diseaseA cure for treatment.

  Therefore, the moxibustion Baihui can reconcile the yin and yang of the body, reach the 100 pulses, expel the disease with warmth, and improve the skin’s immunity and prevent disease.

Skin care and anti-aging maintenance

Skin care anti-aging maintenance

Guide: Looking at the fashion circle, we were surprised by Kate Moss’s old face, but Anne Hathaway, who saw a big laugh, did not have the slightest expression pattern, and while fashion lady Olivia was demonstrating how to dress, we were also surprised to find herThe maintenance is super good.

Are there any maintenance tips hidden in these fashion circles that have gathered all kinds of fashion icons?

Come and unveil them one by one for you today.

  Kate Moss Kate Moss: Let the facial puffiness disappear When mentioning Kate Moss, we think of this immortal legend in the era of several “supermodels”, and it is already too old to faceAt the time when young and mature muscles meet, Kate pays great attention to maintenance.

  Speaking of combating sudden facial swelling, Kate admits that her method is very simple. Fill the wash basin with water, and then enlarge the ice cubes to remove the cucumber slices. This will not only make the facial skin quickly swell, but the cucumber slices will also have whitening and tightThe effect of skin tightens the swollen skin in a certain sense.

  Katy Perry Katy Perry: Make dark circles disappear without seeing the fruit sister with blue hair

  To quickly remove dark circles, Katy Perry used an upgraded version of tea bags to remove dark circles. After applying cold tea bags to the eyes for 5 minutes, then cross-legged and raised her hands to perform forward yoga exercises, which can help speed up blood circulation., Can eliminate dark circles again.

  Anne Hathaway Anne Hathaway: Make dry lines invisible. Anne Hathaway has a beautiful smile, but at the moment of laughing, she is not affected by the various “expression lines” brought by smiles.Harassment, Anne Hathaway, who pays special attention to skin care, consults a private beautician, and will usually do a few minutes of pre-makeup massage before putting on makeup. Not only can it awaken the skin, but it can also accelerate the blood circulation.Has a more natural skin glow.

  Anne Hathaway admits that during basic daytime maintenance, adding proper massage to moisturizing products will also double the skin’s moisturizing effect.

  Jessica Alba Jessica-Alba: make the skin firm and hydrated. Sexy hot mom has healthy wheat-colored skin after giving birth. At the same time, the skin has not deteriorated.

  Jessica admits that the secret to her skin becoming hydrated and firm is to use the lotion in place during the maintenance process. When a cotton pad covered with lotion is applied to the skin, it can not only quickly replenish water and drain off the dirtThe detoxification process of the east and west has initially played a role in promoting subsequent absorption.

  Olivia Palermo: Let Tears Gully No More Harassment Olivia Palermo, a lady in the Upper East Side known as the live-action version of “Gossip Girl”, has all kinds of gloryVulgar aesthetic strength, has a unique insight into the way of dressing, she also has private room care methods for skin care.

  However, Olivia ‘s beautiful face is affected by some “precocious” fine lines that affect her perfect skin. For the treatment of “tears” when smiling, Olivia thinks that the skin is in a contracted state for a long time, so it is tightThe skin will not circulate smoothly.

The use of eye cream containing ginseng, ginkgo, caffeine and minerals is better than “rubbed black coffee” to metabolize waste water, soothe and alleviate eye fatigue, and then combined with massage will make the “tear groove” no longer disturb.

  Kim Kardashian (Kim Kardashian) Kim Kardashian: To make the butt line more perfect, Hollywood has to count Kim Kardashian’s sexy buttocks, the most famous, although he laughed that the tilt is too large, so you need to try to raise the hips and shape the hipsThe maintenance of Kim Kardashian’s private hip buttocks that perfects the perfect shoulder curve is actually very simple, just walking!

  Kardashian admits that you can twist your chest with ease!

In the process of twisting your waist around your heart in peace, in fact, the chest has been exercised and plastic on the road, and you will definitely win confidence!

Three Yoga Tips To Improve Your Complexion

Three Yoga Tips To Improve Your Complexion

Some people have been troubled by the dull complexion and lack of gloss. In fact, these can be improved by doing yoga.

  The first step, known as the “King of Yoga”, head upright headstand steps: 1. Sit on your knees with your hips on your heels and your hands on your thighs.

  2. Bend forward from the waist and place the intersecting hands and forearms on the front floor.

  3. Gently support your toes on the ground, slowly straighten your legs, and raise your hips to the highest point.

Place your toes on the ground and move to the right like a small walk to push the front more towards the head. The spine straightens approximately perpendicular to the ground.

When you feel that your body is stable and balanced, slowly bend your knees and raise your feet from the floor. Your knees are still bent.

  4. Put the bent knees as close to the top as possible, and present the knees bent upside down.

Slowly and gradually straighten your legs on a stable basis until your body is in a fully upright posture.

  5. The essence of the step of recovering from a headstand to a ready posture is to never fall down or suddenly close your legs to the ground.

It should fall slowly from time to time.

Then rest in a kneeling position for about 30 seconds.

  Editor: The inverted version, known as the “King of Yoga”, brings more than just beauty benefits. It has a stronger effect on improving constipation, weight loss, and visceral drooping.

However, because it requires access to the back muscles, abs and skills, for beginners, it is best not to do it to avoid injury or to resist doing it.

  The second move, the simplest forward bend forward bend steps: 1, first do the basic alignment.

  2. Keep your knees upright, exhale, bend forward, hold your toes with both hands and try to raise your head.

Hold this position and do two deep breaths for a long time.

  3. Exhale and lower your body until your head rests on your knees. During this process, keep your back straight and try to press your stomach against your thighs.

Hold this position for 30-60 seconds while taking a deep breath.

  4. Inhale and slowly return to the basic consistency.

  Editor: When many people make forward bends, they think that the closer their head is to the ground, the lower the better.

Actually, this is not the case.

The point is that to straighten the back and bend slightly forward when we bend forward, we put the upper body on both thighs.

Then, try to press your stomach on your thighs, but keep your spine straight and your eyes looking forward about 45 degrees.

As long as the head is lower than the ankle, the blood will flow to both ends through the siphon principle, stay in this position for more than four deep breaths, and then slowly lift the upper body from the shoulders (too careful to be dizzy) alsoCan achieve the purpose of improving skin texture.

  The third step is to lower the dog and lower the dog. Steps: 1. Place your knees on the same width as your buttocks, your hands forward, your palms against the ground, your fingers extended, and your hands as wide as your shoulders.

  2. Lift your feet up.

  3. Exhale and pressurize to leave the floor. Keep your legs parallel and push your hands to the ground.

  4. Keep your knees bent, push your hands to extend the back, and push your left back to the highest point.

  5. Keep your knees straight and keep breathing for 30 seconds.

Exhale and slowly return to the starting position.

  In addition to beauty, unless the magic effect of the lower abdomen.

  Why are these formulas good for beauty?

Head down: The blood flows all over the head and face, leaving the skin without blood, poor elasticity, and fine lines. After the blood and nutrients enter, it slowly picks up the young luster.

  A small massage, no matter if you are using other methods, let the blood slowly flow to the head and face. After repeated several times in a row, a small movement before the rest can enhance the effect.

That’s facial massage.

The body is gently and gently massaged from the bottom to the top, so that the blood that has hardly flowed in can be left in the bladder for a longer time, and the nutrients can be stopped for a longer time.

  In addition, as long as the beauty-loving female friends insist on practicing the above three techniques of yoga every day, I believe that your complexion will soon improve.

Secret psychological reaction of newlyweds

Secret psychological reaction of newlyweds

Core tip: Some women believe that sexual intercourse is only routine, and even just to satisfy male behavior.

With this concept, when women want to go to bed with a sexual partner, they will naturally have a feeling of fear and disgust, and they will certainly not have a satisfactory and happy sexual behavior.

  For men, you should use indirect stimulation. Do n’t touch or show directly. You can use sexy underwear and ear-talking to make him happy. Indirect sensual stimulation will make it easier for him who has failed.You can fully express your joy when you are in the house, see your satisfied expression, and hear your happy voice, which should be the best treatment for him.

  Have doubts about your sexual ability and worry about the pressure of your dissatisfaction. According to the survey, Taiwanese men generally think that it takes a long time to get an erection before women can be satisfied, and that they must have a strong reaction from women to show that he is “very good and strongTherefore, the subconscious is worried that the other party will have an affair because of their dissatisfaction, and as a result they will soften after doing it, and they will not be able to get up even if they are stimulated.

  If the relief method fails many times, you don’t have to rush to help him recover.

Take a break from both sides to give him a chance to breathe; you can use other methods to express intimacy, let him know that you are really satisfied with your relationship, and rebuild his confidence.

  Females, don’t think that as long as the other person is enthusiastic, and you try hard to tease, they can enjoy sex through.

In fact, a woman who likes to be kissed and caressed does not mean that she can definitely enjoy each other’s sexual relationship.

How much pressure she had before unbuttoning it might be something you haven’t experienced before.

  Therefore, if you can learn more about her feelings before undressing, I believe that your relationship will be closer!

  The pressure caused by the “expectation” of the fear of sexual intercourse “Sex is not at all beautiful, only uncomfortable.

“This is a topic often mentioned when many handkerchiefs talk about boudoir secrets.

Due to the lack of sex education, many people have sex knowledge from movies, TV or fiction.

In those worlds, sex is beautiful, but in fact, not everyone has the same experience; therefore, when people pass word of mouth, sex will not only be unromantic, but even bring pain.

  Others believe that sexual intercourse is only routine, and even just to satisfy male behavior.

With this concept, when women want to go to bed with a sexual partner, they will naturally have a feeling of fear and disgust, and they will certainly not have a satisfactory and happy sexual behavior.

  Another similar fact is the aversion to sexual organs.

In the comic “Shiratori Reiko”, the heroine Shiratori Shirai is first-class in both face and body. When she falls in love, she also has a beautiful fantasy.The appearance of a big beauty is totally unworthy, so she is disillusioned with sex.

Although the plot is funny, it is very vivid that young women are full of contradictions about sexual intercourse.

This belief that the sexual organs are ugly is just like the notion that sexual behavior is painful, which prevents many women from enjoying sex with ease.

  Remedies If women’s preconceptions or stereotypes about sex are deep-rooted, they will still cause psychological obstacles.

At this time, the other half’s thoughtfulness and understanding, and communication with both parties, have become the key to the solution.

  Before inferiority, the pressure to unbutton the body Before facing sex, the first pressure women face is worrying about being in bad shape, unable to satisfy their sexual partners, and even destroying the inevitable relationship.

But in real life, there are not many people who can be as good as a star, so you must build up your self-confidence in your figure and accept yourself.

  Relief methods For women’s concerns and pressure, men must give positive evaluation and encouragement.

Men must understand that sex is not only physical and sensory desires, but also emotional communication; if you are not satisfied with your figure, you can replace the mood with the female and compare the heart to the heart to relieve the pressure brought by the appearance.

Ten good habits to make love stronger

Ten good habits to make love stronger

Preview you walking on the way to work. Pedestrians pass by in a hurry. You suddenly see a pair of lovers full of happiness coming together. The hands of the two people are clasped tightly, and their sweetness and beauty are scattered in the air.

What do you feel?

Have a quick glance past?

Still scornful but scornful but resentful all night: Why are they so lucky?

If your response is normal, then you should reflect on your heart: facing a stable and happy couple, it is difficult for you to force yourself not to insult. Are you being burned in order to maintain your relationship?

  Encouraging and praising the most important men and women when they first join in love, they will commend each other’s merits to each other, the transformation relationship is fixed, and after the initial temperature drops slightly, people do less of this kind of thing, even two people stillVery devoted to each other, but no longer claiming praise and encouragement.

  If there is no sincere praise and encouragement, the wonderful feelings and gratitude that the initial praise brings to each other will be greatly reduced, and the direct result will be that the relationship between the two becomes weak.

  Therefore, we must encourage each other, treat him as a respectable object, and tell him that he is very fascinated with a certain characteristic of him, especially men who are proud but rarely understand what others think.That is, his good social ability, unknown habit, even his fit body.

  For example: Kailin of 27 is very experienced in this regard: “Every time I see my boyfriend put on a suit, I will tell him that the suit suits him best, and the shape of his lips is very sexy.

When I say this, it can obviously polish his whole body to rejuvenate.

“Another wonderful thing about praise is that it can be contagious, often cheering on the other side, and he will also get used to looking for the flashes in you and giving encouragement and appreciation.

  If you want something, you can say imitation: Nana hates her husband before going to bed without going to bed.

In this way, when he forgets, she will be angry, don’t sleep well, and even pretend to be sick.

And her inexplicable husband will only keep asking her: Where are you uncomfortable?

  I believe you are no stranger to this dramatic scene.

Many women are like Nana, hoping that their husband or boyfriend is a super-perceived person, and they can make the romantic behavior they like without any explanation.Don’t put ** in your heart and decipher your voice at any time.

If they knew you were waiting for him to decipher, they would just make them cry.

  In a good couple relationship, this guessing game is resolutely discarded, and the most solid and deep love needs to be based on communication without obstacles.

What you need, what you are upset with, and what you want the other person to say or do, it ‘s better to say it directly.

If you do not say anything, you will make the other person feel uncomfortable and depressed, which will easily lead to contradictions and conflicts.

  An innocuous hobby can ignore the spouses or couples who have lived together for a long time. Individual habits and hobbies will show up in front of each other. No matter how he makes you dazzle, living together is a beginning to test your patience and tolerance.

He may whistle and tie to work every morning, or he may always put used towels on the floor.

No matter how weird weirdness is, wise women should choose to ignore it all.

You will soon find that opening one eye and closing one eye on these little things is definitely more beneficial than bad.

Since it has been a habit that has been formed for many years, it is absolutely unnecessary to waste time in such matters, and not to be too small.

  This is manifested as: Zhang Dandan ‘s boyfriend is used to driving on the steering wheel while listening to the music of the radio. At the beginning, this habit did not attract her attention, but she felt unbearable for a long time and could not wait to hit the window with her head.

“But I’m used to looking at this issue a little bit. He has so many advantages I like. How can it be covered up by this little ridiculous quirk?

The entanglement in this matter is worthless.

“Intimacy should not be in the form. In love, the beginning of expressing each other’s love begins with a kiss. It should be noted that do n’t treat kisses as a routine business before making love because you have been in contact for a long time. Be aware of your everyA kiss, every time you kiss, be sincere and gentle, and always feel as excited and joyful as when you first kissed.

A kiss is a wonderful behavior, which can well express a feeling of “I can’t let go of you”. The other party will feel that you are deeply attracted to him, and his love is what you desire.

  In addition, the method of enhancing emotions is not limited to kissing. When two people are together, they should use touch or other physical contact to express emotions.

Some couples are accustomed to holding hands at any time, even after the two have fallen asleep. This is a habit worth inheriting, which can keep the tacit understanding and tenderness between you at a steady level of long flow.

  Contact at least once a day If you receive a text message from your partner every afternoon, will you feel happy?

Maybe you will meet at night, but you will keep this habit anyway, even if it is only a few words.

This text message has become a bond between you, letting you know that he is still thinking about you in his busy center. What could be more moving to you than this?

This practice is very common among strong lovers, they will not let each other lose contact, even for a day.

The pace of life in modern society is tense and the work pressure is heavy. It is likely that two people will not be able to meet for several days in a row. Whether it is a phone message, email, or even a small note near the pillow, it is nothing more than to express: Although we cannot meet,Our hearts are always together.

  Happiness can create couples who often shuttle to various parties or parties. They are often not favored by people. Those who have the potential to last forever are those who are used to the two-person world.They don’t need to find a sense of security in the relationship network. In the two-person world, they are just as happy.

A truly happy partner cherishes every ordinary moment when two people are opposite each other. They are just fine together. They don’t need others to bother and don’t let any activity or game be satisfied.

  Can it really be done?

Maybe you don’t believe that a tacit couple can sit on the sofa and read each book for several hours, or talk about their daydreams, or even sit in silent thinking together, and do not need to create a topic, norWhat background music is needed, because for them, being with each other is enough.

  In the days when bold pursuit of passion is immutable, people are boring, sex is easier, and active partners will not ignore this problem.

Happy sex is especially helpful to promote the relationship, and both people have the obligation to develop new tastes so that their passion will never fade.

  Frequent pattern changes will make each other more entertaining, and at the same time make each other more aware of each other’s needs, so that the two can truly achieve physical unity.

In this aspect, the communication between the two people is more important. We should let go of our shyness and pursue the wonderful and fresh feelings frankly and positively, so as to help love last forever and be strong.

  Love also needs to check the progress. It is not required that two people hold a regular meeting every week to discuss whether the recent love expenditures have been completed on time and amount. Nor is it to say that when insecurities or frictions arise, criticism is required.And self-criticism, it is necessary for two people to be able to discuss and grasp the progress frankly and honestly.

Frequently summarizing your performance and inner thoughts can help you find the small injustices on the road to love and solve them at will. This is a method often adopted by many close partners and worth learning.

  For example: Jasmine is used to having a small personality when two people are very relaxed. She and her husband call this a “Democratic Alliance.” They talk about the feelings and ideas that have been gathered recently, especially the unpleasant ones.All unhappiness that may affect the feelings of two people can be vented and eliminated. This is a positive way to prevent the crisis caused by the two people closing their hearts.

 Always respect each other. If you want to know whether a couple is deep or has a red light, just look at the expression and tone of their personality to trim the clue.

If any one of them turns their eyes, sneers, or satirical words, they can declare that it is unlikely that they will last long.

If one person always dominates another person, it shows that they lack the most basic respect. This is a bad habit that every couple should try to overcome.

  Although many times you need a lot of power to restrain yourself from speaking out, a good lover should not show contempt or sarcasm to a partner.

Sometimes your partner really behaves stupidly, so don’t prevent changing your position. If you encounter the other party’s robbing or ridicule, you must feel hurt. This kind of power will be the same to the opponent.

You should learn to exercise restraint. Keeping the other person’s self-esteem is important to your relationship.

  There is no need to be completely transparent. Honesty is the character that should be observed when two people get along, but this does not mean that you must be too real in all things, because the truth is often not so good, and it may make youDamage caused by partner.

For example, Weiwei ‘s boyfriend asked her to rate her figure. On a scale of 1 to 10, Weiwei bluntly did n’t doubt that she could score 7 points. Although she did n’t mean it, her boyfriend had a sense of failure.It is the greatest harm of the truth that is hard to accept.

  How can we achieve a good scale between true and well-intentioned unreality?

When should I tell the truth and when should I understate it?

The most effective way is to predict before you speak. If you use it to ask questions, you will want him to say some kind of answer. If it is the same as the answer you intend to say, will you feel happy or hurt?

If it is above, then it is clear that you must not answer this way.

  Another thing to pay attention to is not to ask questions about what your partner doesn’t want to say. You may feel uncomfortable if you don’t create it, but don’t forget that the reason they don’t want to say is that they also know that the truth is not necessarily all good.

Bubbles in cyber love reality

Bubbles in cyber love reality

Friend’s wedding For those of us who live on the Internet, we very much agree with the Internet. We believe that everything on the Internet, including love.

  A friend of mine recently had an antique wedding with his netizen.

Before that, he had a long-standing girlfriend in real life, and then he met a girl who was like-minded while playing games online. The two men fought together and “cultivated” together, calling them inTogether they are very tacit, and have always called each other “husband and wife”.

  He is not in the same city as the “wife” on the Internet, but his girlfriend is by his side.

Unexpectedly, things developed quickly. He broke up with his original girlfriend and moved to the city where his girlfriend was online. The two happily antiqued the wedding, and we both took time off to attend.

Looking at their sweet and happy appearance, I also received encouragement, and went back and proposed to my “online wife”.

  I am her “gunner”. Speaking of my “wife” on the Internet, she is not by my side, but on the Internet, we meet every day.

For more than four hours a day, we will be online at the same time, I think even two people who are really in love are just that.

For her, I also started to play that famous large-scale online game, and we each registered for an account.

I am a webmaster and naturally can be online. She is a 9 to 5 staff member. She never plays games in the unit. We are far away, but it does not stop me from “love offensive” against her. SheWhen I was away, I used her account and password to log in, play games as her, and add equipment to her. It didn’t take long for her to be fully equipped when she was fully armed.

  I am a very introverted person. When I meet strangers in real life, I often do n’t know what to say. Even where to put my hands is a difficult choice. So, even when I like a girl, I can only sneakWait and see, dare not put into action.

I have been secretly in love with many people since I was an adult, but I haven’t talked about it several times, and each secret love has not blossomed.

When I met her, at my site, I was good at Internet communication. On the Internet, I could type out various humorous and interesting sentences through the keyboard. The technical problems she encountered were just a piece of cake for me.With children, I feel more confident than ever.

Our first meeting was just the most common online encounter, but we became close friends in a common online game.

Six months later, I was “married” to her online, and she started to video with me, and I found out that she was really a cute and lovely girl, not the kind of “seeing death” that we feared.

I only wanted to keep her relationship online with her, but my friend’s wedding gave me a boost.

Suddenly I became brave, and I decided to continue this fate in reality. I sent her a photo of her friend’s wedding and said, “I really want to be with you.

“She said,” Then you come, it is possible.

“The realistic distance with all the savings I could take, I jumped on the train and reached her city.

I bought a mobile phone prepaid card and gave her the first market call. She was very surprised. She was a beautiful girl like she saw in the video.

When she looked at me, her eyes were bright, the corners of her mouth were slightly tilted, and she looked happy.

I am an introvert, but with her, I am not nervous, I feel very familiar and relaxed.

We ate together. When ordering, she was very crisp. Say “OK” if you like, and shake your head if you don’t like it. I don’t need to worry about guessing and trying to please.

Suddenly I had a decision. I said simply go to rent a house, anyway.

  It was cold, but the hearts of the sunny and sunny people were full of warmth and courage, and I started looking for a suitable settlement house in a strange northern city.

After looking at a few intermediaries, I found that the money around me was enough to rent a decent one-bedroom, and my heart was even more ambitious.

She helped me buy a quilt and quilt in a Japanese miscellaneous store. When she helped me to quilt, I hugged her from behind. This was the first time the two of us had come in close contact so closely. Her hair hadA little greasy, not hot or dyed, it looks very sweet.

  We held each other for a long time, my heart was filled with a majestic emotion, I remembered those martial arts novels I read when I was in school, and those simple stories of life in exchange for love.

Then, we found an Internet cafe. For the first time, the two were next to each other at desks, and the computers were fighting next to each other. We kept smiling at each other. That was really the happiest time since I was an adult.

  I told my friends online that I have stayed here and have a mobile phone number for this city.

I told the owner of my original Internet cafe that you should find someone to replace me as soon as possible. I basically won’t go back.

  Everyone was notified, I forgot to tell my parents, this was something I noticed later.

She took a public holiday, we played wildly, chatting in the hut, going to the grocery shopping together, cooking together in a small kitchen without a window, she took me to her elementary school, middle school spring outing tour and told me she used toUnder which tree was the first landscape photo taken.

Life was fast and happy, we forgot all the people and things around us, and then she was called home by the phone.

  All day, she had no news. I called her cell phone and shut it down.

Sitting in the hut, I started to get bored.

When I walked down the street, there was nothing to visit. I simply went to her unit to find her. They said that her vacation was not over, so I decided to go to her house.

I know the address, but I have n’t been there. If I had visited a stranger ‘s house before, I would never die, but now I ‘m different. I think it must be a kind place, where people liveIs her parents, and will be my parents in the future.  I went to the mall to buy something, and looked for it along the address. It was a very narrow alley, all bungalows. When I entered, some people standing at the door began to scan me vigilantly,Then talk softly.

My heart started to sullen, and I was most afraid of being unsettled by others.

  Find her home and find that there is a quarrel inside, it is a humble little yard, the voice can go far.

I heard her voice, she said, “He is not a bad person, let alone I am not a fool.

“Bad guy” just entered the vision of everyone in the hospital. I was suddenly in focus with a big bag in my hand. Although she was there, I started to stage fright.

  For the first time, I knew her details.

Her mother and father are retired workers, her brother was laid off, and he is an older youth. Among the family of four, she is the backbone of the economy.

I was walking along the street with her and was seen and reported by my neighbors, and my presence was a disaster for them.

I have just lived in this northern city for a week, and I am clearly listed as a vagrant.

  They started to examine me, what my parents did, what specialties they had, what kind of work they could do here, the most important thing was where they would live after marriage.

  She said, “We will buy our own house.

“The voice is loud and clear.

I feel that her parents and brother have relaxed expressions.

I ‘m a “Moonlight clan”, and the money in my credit card has just passed 5 digits, but I still have confidence in my parents. I know they have kept a marriage fund for me.Pay a down payment on the house, and you can buy a decent house here.

  I nodded and expressed my determination. I said that I would find a stable job and give her a stable life.

I can buy a house and I can take responsibility.

When I said these things, I felt like I was a man.

But when I called home and reported to my parents the good news that I was getting married, their response seemed to be the kind of panic I was abducted to a foreign country.

I heard that I asked for money to buy a house in a foreign country and got married. Something they triggered was “I was cheated.”

  I am an only child. When I insisted on marrying this northern girl and taking root in the north, my parents first became furious, then bitterly, and finally they told me clearly-no, as for money, there is no point.

My friends and cousins also appeared. They tried to persuade me one by one by phone, text message, and online chat. Even the guy who got married to the netizen persuaded me to give up. They had good reasons., I think I will be deceived, and it is my parents’ hard-earned hard-earned money, how can I bear it.

  When someone told me that my mother was washing her face with tears at home, and my dad was suddenly very embarrassed, I hesitated. I felt that my request might be too much.

  I started looking for a job. I told her that maybe we could not afford a house for a while, but we could rent a house and I believe I would let her live in her own house.

To show my determination, I asked my cousin to send me a diploma and I started looking for work.

  Although I have a good education, but in the stranger city, I found a suitable job for a while, and finally found one. The salary is only 1,500 yuan, which is just simple and redundant. I do n’t want to save money to buy a house, even dating.Have to use the old version.

I can gallop in the online world. In real life, after all, I’m just a college student who has just graduated for a few years. I leave my hometown without a family and have a difficult task of buying a house.

  And she could n’t take it back because she said I would buy a house to marry her. Her parents took the house as an inevitable condition and put pressure on her.

We started quarreling together, and I became more and more afraid of her, as if owed her, disappointed that I became her main personality content.

I blame her for telling her parents that I would buy a house, but she said that it was my overwhelming appearance that gave her the wrong trust.

  When I left, it was a breakup. I became incapable of talking. The stuttering problems that had been corrected as a child also began to repeat. She always said that she loved me more than I loved her, and she almost broke with her family for me.

But she forgot that the person who had left the country for this love was actually me.

In order to please her parents, I have to go to the house every week. I’m afraid of the atmosphere in her house, but am I also trying hard?

She started to hate shopping and cooking, and I think it was a prelude to her hating being with me.

  It took us only two months from online to offline. When my credit card was enough to buy a return flight ticket, I felt scared.

She didn’t come to me for three days. At first I felt a little relaxed, and then I suddenly missed home. I really packed up those things I brought and bought an air ticket to go home.

  Mom and dad treated me like a baby. Meals are my favorite dishes, and my words are very polite. Be careful not to mention my love affairs.

Sleeping in my bedroom, which I haven’t lived in since I graduated from college, I found myself weak and I didn’t dare go back.

  She called and I said at home that she hung up.

I called her again and the phone shut down.

At that moment, I knew that everything was over for us.