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A group of idiots who can’t see Tarzan!

I don’t know how to use such a good sign,I changed to PuDLeader of,I would rather give this piece of land to Chen Geng for free,Also try to keep Chen Geng behind。
Scold your mother in your heart,Consider the interests of SAIC,Still have to do,Qiu Ke persuades:“Mr. Chen,Didn’t you say,You want to invest50%,Count Xiao Chen Na5%,And this part of our SAIC shares,Even if other partners object,Our shares can also account for the total share capital60%Above,As long as we can reach an agreement,Other comrades……Ok,Let’s make appropriate compensation elsewhere,I believe they can understand,In this case,Just put it in our magic capital,What do you think?”
Chen Geng politely declined again。
What a joke,The leader of the magic city didn’t find himself yet,Why are you bashful??
As for whether I must put this design center in the magic city,If the Demon’s attitude is sufficient,Also actively strive for,Of course it’s good to put it in the magic city,But if the magic capital is not in a hurry、Not caring,forget about it。
hang up the phone,Feeling Chen Geng’s nonchalant attitude,Qiu Ke gritted his teeth,Instructed the secretary:“Spare car,I’m going to the cityZHouse,Meet the big boss。”
The secretary was in a hurry:“meeting!boss,There is another one waiting for you。”
“Won’t open,”Qiu Ke is not angry:“What time is it,Still meeting?!”
Qiu Ke felt the cityZIn the house,Big boss Wu Weidong is working,But the secretary of the big boss saw that Wu Weidong came in such a hurry,Heartbeat,Rushed up:“Boss hatred,You are……Something?”
“Isn’t it something?,”Qiu Ke nodded repeatedly:“A project with at least two billion yuan will say goodbye to our magic city,You said it’s not a big deal?”
“More than two billion projects?”Big Secret was taken aback,Hurriedly:“Boss hatred,Don’t scare me,What the hell is it?”
Qiu Ke gave Da Mi an angry look:“Do you think i will joke with you?”
“Uh……That can’t,But you can give me an idea?”The secret asked:“How else would I report to the boss?”
This is also!
Qiu Kelley pondered,Said:“It’s about the automotive industry design and R&D center that Chen Geng intends to set up,I found that the strategic vision of individual comrades is a little worse,I didn’t realize how great such an automotive industry design and R&D center is for our magic city.,I’m still there, digging and searching for my little abacus,Did not see this from the overall and long-term strategic height。”
Regarding the car industry design and R&D center that Chen Geng is going to set up,Of course the big secret knows,But now,He thinks Qiu Ke’s words are a bit overstatement:It’s just a design and R&D center,How strategic?How can the overall situation be?
just,SAIC’s position in the city is extraordinary,Can be described as the eyeballs of the city、Baby bumps,Since Qiu Ke attaches great importance to this matter,I can’t take it seriously——The secret is very clear,In the eyes of the big boss,My secretary is not as important as SAIC。