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“what happened?”Mr. Zhou caught the change in her expression,Then asked。

“No,It’s nothing。”Xu Fang is still staring at the phone,Just shook his head slightly。
who is it?Who knows about her?
Why did you send her such a text message again?
A series of questions flashed in her mind,She has forgotten to call her subordinates to continue investigating Qin Feng。
Followed by,The phone vibrates again,Still that number。
Xu Fang trembling hands,Click on SMS,After seeing the content,A panic came to my heart。
she is ataThis experience in the city,Absolutely no one else knows,Because it’s not a glorious thing,When doing that thing,She is still using a fake ID。
Qin Feng,It’s him!
Use his own way to treat his body。
Xu Fang thought of Ge Bin’s company that reported Qin Feng,Then reported back,Are already running off now。
And she asked them to investigate Qin Feng’s background and black material,Qin Feng is also investigating her background and black material。
The situation is obvious now,She also lost。
Followed by,The phone vibrates again,Another text message。
“Soon after the establishment of the PR company,You have targeted the celebrity’s privacy,The first single star business was dug out a man named SuxxOf the female star tax evasion。”
“And then extorted 500,000 yuan,Later, because of the tight hand,First paid 300,000,You reported it,Lead to suxxGo to jail!”
The text message is right,Compared to ordinary people,Stars are more afraid of privacy exposure,And also richer than ordinary people。
After analyzing this point,She got involved in this business。
With her own eyes,Selected the female star Suxx。
Hard work pays off,She found SuexxFacts about tax evasion。