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Sure enough, there is an east、Or a master of giant whale!

Chu Deirers don’t care,The heart is silently calculated.。
After the assassin’s leader,What does it seem to communicate with people inside?,After that, I will put my own group.,I don’t know if I notify the people inside.,About Chu Deirers,still is……The base point here is just a temporary!
After all, Chu Deirers remember,In the original,I should be hidden in the country.。
“Brother,Cold house,Will there be a spring,I believe you will not be lonely……Tomorrow morning,Something and brothers are discussing something?”The assassin leader said,Stretch your hand in a room to the depth。
“Such very well。”Chu Deirens have to promise first.。
After the Chu Deiren took Yun Luo into the room,Place her on the bed,Watched around,Determine if there is no Tibetan in the house,A draw on her“Scream”Gesture。
Yun Luo County,狠 的——Because there is a Chu Deirers saved his impression in Cao Zhengyi.,In addition, the Chu Deirers have rude,But didn’t do anything really excessive,Obviously it is swaying each other,So Yun Luo is urged,But I know it is good.。
Chu Deiren nodded,First reach out in her chest,I unlocked acupoints.。
Yun Luo Song tone,Look now,Chu Deirers reached out to stop her,Later……
“Baby don’t worry,Let your husky first。”
“what!what are you doing?”
“It seems that this star is not last night,Who is a wind?,Dust and world are unknone,Chrysanthemum must be completed……”
噼 啪 啪……
嘁 喀 喀……
Yun Luo Yi“Beige”Looking at the Chu Deirers,One person to decorate two corners,Also imitated all kinds of tearburn、Pressing the sound,How can I have a vivid!
Chapter 256 Two gods
I heard the Chu Deirers’ Spring Pavilion,Array“靡 之”,The leader of the house,At this time, the mask was opened.。
Chu Deiren naturally doesn’t know this face,But if the court is seen,Definitely recognize——This person is exiting the messenger of Yunko!
At this time, you will send you a name to send and relax.,Delegation makes the group to Lin’an,Among them, the monkey。
certainly,In fact, the messenger of Yunko,It has been intercepted by the East of God,Now Wu Pong、Princess Yuxiu, etc.,It’s all in the Dongsu people.。
See this“Flower chief”,It’s really a good color of the big bold.,Wu Pill also put down the heart,I still want to cooperate with them.!
After all, I can enter the palace to rob the Lord Yunlo County.,“Flower chief”The martial arts are not under their own。
Because I don’t understand this complex situation,Normal people are hard to imagine,Chu Deirers have hijacked Yunli County,Can also do people in Song Ting!
At this time, in the house,Chu Deirers said low voice:“Don’t be afraid of you,Waiting for opportunities,I will send you back。”
exist“Nine stuffy soul”Retention,Chu Deiren“imitate”The sound is also still in the background sound.,As a result,Low 屋 屋,I have not been able to listen.。
“I know!You have saved me before the Cao Zao dog saved.?rest assured,Ben County is deeply defined,Don’t care about you……薅 薅 薅 发!”Yun Luo said that he also smashed his hairline.,After that, he said:“But not only me!They also tied to the mother,We have to find a way,Save it after the mother!”
Yun Luo’s stupid,Let Chu Deirens sigh——Originally thought this little girl,It should be frightened now.,Chu Deirers also think about it to actually appease,who knows……Now in the eyes of people,I can even see some“excited”Color。
“Maternal?”Although the Chu Deirers have already guessed,But still confirmed。
“Be right,The quilt of people who are hijacked by them,Is the mother after the mother,It must be hijacked after the mother.!”Yun Luo was just can’t speak by points.,The eyes are still see。
“Your martial arts seems to be not bad.?who are you?Your sparkling friend??”Yun Luo asked Chu Deirers。