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“Look at!There is one more status on our status bar!”Shunzi reports her findings to everyone。

although“Battle of Glory”This game focuses on reality
Experience,But many things in it can get a digital experience,On the one hand, the Fool’s company has powerful computing capabilities,On the other hand, for the sake of some players,In case some players enter the full-real simulation environment and do nothing,So just use your brain to issue relevant instructions,Some digitized menus can be called out from the hidden state。
After listening to Shunzi,The members of the Flower and Grass team looked down on their character status bar,A status icon marked by a stele was found,The name is called“Curse of the Forgotten City”,Content is“If you set foot again‘Forgotten City’Will lower7%Travel speed。”
“Ok!Goodbye you!Goodbye to the forgotten city,Big deal I won’t come again!”Feng Xichuan smiled,But it seems that this only works in the Forgotten CityDEBUFF,Doesn’t seem to be that great,If it’s really hair loss,The curse of getting hit by a car,Feng Xichuan must complain to Fool’s Company。
Shunzi took it out from the team’s shared inventory“Camel skin roll”After opening,Said quickly:
“and many more……President!It seems we will enter in the future‘Forgotten City’……look……”
Everyone gathered around and looked at“Camel skin roll”,The above content is the same as“Forgotten City”The font on the stone tablet is consistent,Various symbol pictograms,Make it impossible to interpret,But the system gave a hint:“Holders!You have triggered‘Forgotten City’Dungeon hidden mission,Please follow the instructions on the paper roll,Enter the underground sand river,‘Forgotten City’The real treasure is buried there!”
“It seems,This one‘Camel skin roll’Can open a portal,We can go in and try after the game,Maybe it can trigger a hidden class or something,Hahaha!”Feng Xichuan understood the principle,Started laughing again。
At this time, the members of the flower team who were collectively sent back to the competition preparation hall,I saw Haruno Sakura appear again。
“Flower team,Congratulations!right now,You have10Minute break,Time comes,Will start the second game immediately!”
Haruno Sakura, dressed in Lolita, then ordered:“Remember the second game,Kill mode,You have to work harder!”
“How long did we spend in the first game?”Feng Xichuan asked suddenly。
“Oh!correct!You can use the information desk in the competition preparation hall,Watch the match information of the previous game,of course,It also includes some tips for the next game。”Haruno Sakura replied。
“19:48second?”Shunzi glanced at the information screen erected high in the hall,The above impressively shows the detailed data of the two teams in the previous game,include:Kill、death、Assist、Key node、Highlight moments, etc.……
But at the moment,Shunzi is not in the mood to pay attention to these,Feng Xichuan’s games have always had their own countdown,Although he now claims that he can hold on for more than half an hour,But once he has dizziness,Not only physical suffering,The team has no substitutes,Will be tantamount to ruin。
“do not worry about me……Isn’t there a ten-minute break??I have a good rest and recover,Do not worry about it!”Feng Xichuan sees Shunzi worrying about herself,Said immediately。
“Is not,Just now you guys watched Brother Song send messages,He and Master Lu cannot come here until they finish the exam,I don’t know when I can come……”Xiao Zhao also worried。
“and so,We can only rely on ourselves!Come on!Flower and grass team must win!”Feng Xichuan touched Xiao Zhao’s head。