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Lan Ling lowered her head and smiled:“You!Everything is good,Just too horny。No one else,Only me and Chen Na,Why don’t you even want to see her?“

Speaking of Chen Na,Wang Youcai almost couldn’t help but laughed。All this woman,Made him go to the doctor。It’s funny because he thought he had a disease,What I didn’t expect was general inflammation,Just apply some medicine。
Lan Ling glanced at Wang Youcai’s expression,Understand what he meant。So she pulled gently,Wang Youcai walked forward with her。Pingdu is a city as its name implies,It’s actually a bigger county,So its positioning is a county-level city。
A bit length from east to west,But from north to south,It doesn’t take much time to walk。Wang Youcai followed Lan Ling,The two are talking,Unknowingly, he walked into a newly developed community。
May be the reason for the new community,There don’t seem to be many people staying in,But the environment in the community is very good。Wang Youcai is walking,While thinking。This person has a different mindset,So their positioning in life is also different。Are all mixed up,Lan Ling is renting a new building,And Xu Lihong and others rented old-fashioned bungalows。This is the gap。
Lan Ling lives on the third floor,Not tall or short。The decoration in the room is also very beautiful,There is a feeling of liking invisible when people enter。
Two-bedroom and one-living room layout。Wang Youcai glanced at it and found that there was everything in it,It seems that these two women are planning to rent here for a long time,Otherwise I would not buy so many things。
Wang Youcai and Lan Ling are familiar with each other,So he didn’t need Lan Ling to greet him,So I sat on the sofa。Lan Ling put on slippers,Then shouted to a bedroom with the door closed tightly:“Chen Na!Your brother Wang is here,Come out and see him soon“
“Yo!Brother Wang is here!“The door opens,Chen Na ran out wearing a pajamas thin like cicada wings。Wang Youcai takes a look,Eyes light up。
First1407chapter Hard to do good
Xia Jian repaired the roads of the three poorest villages in Pingyang Town,And it hasn’t got the government to invest anything。This made him a celebrity in Pingdu。
To put it bluntly, I would also like to thank the reporter Bai Xiaoru of the provincial newspaper in Pingdu.,Speaking of this Bai Xiaoru,She and Xia Jian really don’t know each other。
Bai Xiaoru,Female,Twenty-seven-eight-year-old,fit,Good-looking。The skin is a bit dark,Because she is from a certain city in the south。When Xia Jian was the general manager of a venture group in Buchuan,There was a press conference。Bai Xiaoru, an intern reporter of the Provincial Newspaper, suddenly blocked Xia Jian at the door to the conference room,Asked a lot of tricky questions。
Bai Xiaoru’s actions at the time made Xia Jian quite disgusted,But he still be patient,Answered several questions raised by Bai Xiaoru。From this time on,The two of them are considered to know each other。
Unexpectedly, Bai Xiaoru later became a reporter based in Pingdu,And Xia Jian also resigned as the general manager of the venture group at this time,Also returned to Pingdu,Such a coincidence made them happy when they first met。