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“This little guy is the best Suiren among these human races!”

Above the Void,Li Ming’s huge candle dragon body hides in the void,A pair of candle dragon eyes pierced through the darkness,But it is clear that a middle-aged human man is teaching the people how to go‘Drill wood for fire’,Flintwood keeps spinning,Friction heat,Little fire jump,I quickly ignited a bunch of fuelwood!
And in Suiren’s body,Obviously I haven’t been taught any qi refining methods,But there is a wave of true spirit lingering。
That is enlightenment‘Drill wood for fire’,Induction Avenue,A true power that is naturally bred in the body!
“Not very smart,But it’s Neihui,And that spiritual will to make fire from flintwood。Dare i say,If he keeps developing like this,Maybe one day,Even Zhu Rong, the ancestor of fire, will not be his opponent?!”
Li Ming’s evaluation of Sui Renshi is extremely high。
“Candle dragon,Do you think he can match Zhu Rong in the future??!”Nuwa was also a little surprised。
Sui Renshi is indeed one of the few children she has seen most,But I didn’t think the future of the other party would be so vast。
but,The Candle Dragon in the True God of Chaos is notoriously unfathomable。
Suiren is different from Yuanshi,The depth of the Tao,Yuanshi is second only to Nuwa。But Zhulong did not comprehend the way of heaven,But occasionally shot,No one can understand the void shift,The other magical spells cast are equally mysterious。
“Haha,He is a ignorant little guy,There are no elders who can teach as those of the tens of thousands that have developed,Nor did our gods and demons be born and master the way,But I can learn how to make fire,More insight into the way of fire。”
“If he can’t rise,Those ten thousand races don’t even want to rise!”Compared to those proud gods and demons,Li Ming undoubtedly sees deeper。
Even follow the original trajectory,Although the Suiren clan will fall under the master of the heart demon,But the entire Pangu Chaos World,Houyi and Nuwa Empress,There is a future talent of Ji Ning who can match and surpass him。
“Since this little guy is so good,I’ll give them a gift。”Li Ming looks to Nu Wa。
After all, human beings were created by Nuwa,It’s like giving a gift to a child,I have to ask my parents to agree first。
Li Ming wants to bestow Sui Renshi,Nuwa will naturally not stop,Nodded。
Li Ming smiled slightly,Eyes condensed slightly,A little bit of aura submerged in the sleeping Suiren’s dream。