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Many benefits of massage massage these matters need attention

Many benefits of massage massage these matters need attention

Massage is a very good way to prevent and cure diseases. If you often do massage to your body, it will relax your body, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, and make the meridians more open.

So can anyone do a massage?

Here we come to understand: the benefits of massage massage to promote blood circulation and pain, and clear the meridians.

We often say that it doesn’t make sense to hurt.

When our qi and blood are not running smoothly and the meridians are obstructed, there will be swelling or pain in parts of the body?

At this time, massage and massage can be used to make qi and blood run normally, improve blood circulation of the body, unblock meridians, and reduce body pain.

If it is a traumatic disease caused by trauma, the fluid can correct the anatomical position by orthopedic methods.

  Adjust function to reconcile Yin and Yang.

The body surface points are the same as our internal organs.

Therefore, we can use massage to stimulate acupoints on the surface of the body, which can achieve the effect of conditioning viscera and organs and keeping the balance of yin and yang?

If we stimulate the area of our feet that corresponds to the internal organs or the areas that are reflected by various glands, we can improve the functions of the various internal organs and the secretion of the glands. The functions of our internal organs will have corresponding points on our feet.

Therefore, by stimulating the pituitary reflex area of the foot, we can improve the pituitary’s ability and keep us healthy.

You can also adjust the secretion disorders that occur during menopause.

  Eliminate fatigue and relieve stress.

Now more and more young people are already in a state of sub-health, easily feeling tired, feeling common, and lacking energy throughout their bodies.

Groups of people can also perform massage massage.

Eliminate physical and mental fatigue by stimulating some points in the body?

For example, if you overuse your eyes and feel your eyesight become tired, you can do some health massage by yourself, which can improve the sense of visual fatigue and improve your work efficiency.

  Improper massage massage affects many important organs of healthy people, such as the heart, liver, eyes, kidneys, etc., which have corresponding reflection areas on the feet.

It is precisely because the reflective area on the sole of the foot corresponds to some important organs, so an experienced massage therapist can observe and touch these areas to grasp whether these organs have recently been properly. During the massage process, they will consciously pass the correctImproved massage techniques.

Conversely, if the strength is not properly grasped during massage, it may also affect the health of the corresponding organs.

  Some precautions for massage should be consistent with the direction of the muscles: along the muscle growth direction, slowly and patiently, rhythmically, wrinkles and muscles are at right angles, and hands and wrinkles move at right angles, that is, along the muscleThe trend.

If the wrinkles are horizontal, massage them vertically; if the wrinkles are preliminary, massage them horizontally.

  Fingers used for massage: Gently draw a circle on the skin with the middle finger and ring finger during massage, so light that it can no longer be touched. Finger movement should be rhythmic. Avoid excessive rubbing of the epidermis.

  Massage time should not be too long, generally controlled about 5 minutes.

Massage works best when pores are open, so it is best to massage after bathing or cleansing.

In addition, you can get the same effect with a hot towel.

  Although push and massage rehabilitation is safe, comfortable, and easy to be accepted, if you do not pay attention to the methods and parts of the massage, it will also make the patient suffer some difficulties or cause difficulties in operation.When massaging, it is best to choose a simple muscle relaxation massage method, which is not easy to cause serious injury.