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Changping Long Zeyuan Street Community Universal Residents First Time to register for volunteers

Original title: You have worked hard, I also want to come to the community volunteers to measure the residents at the entrance of the community. This reporter Deng Wei took yesterday, when Changping Long Zeyuan Street was removed from the six communities outside the Longyueyuan 2nd District, the residents’ work life returned to normal, and the residents of the house were praised by the community, and the residents were the first Time registration community volunteers, prevention and control for epidemic.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, the reporter saw in the southwestern gate of Long Yueyuan District, there have been many residents to enter and leave the community. The sign in front of the door plays disinfectant, check in the table, posted health code, trip code, and volunteers , Security, strict implementation of evacuation, test, verification, and registration and other epidemic prevention and control measures. After the residents Yang Zhanjiang ended the home, the first time I registered the community volunteers. Just 6 o’clock in the morning, he received a community notice, at 7 o’clock, he went to the position of the job, supervising the scanning code temperature measure, and inspected the entry certificate, meticulous. "During the Isolation of Home, I am looking at the hard work of the community service staff. They help our five people buy dishes, send express, special timely.

After the unsators, I registered in the first time, and I have to share my own community.

"Yang Zhanjiang said.

Not only after Yang Zhanjiang, the community is released, and there are constant residents to sign up for the prevention and control of community epidemic. "At 7 o’clock in the morning, I went to Wenhua early market. I bought some watermelon, green vegetables, garlic, pork, ready to go back to do lunch, a family celebrate the community universal." Ms. Lu, Ms. Lu, Ms. Lu, Ms. Lu, Ms. Luoliang Luo Luo returned to bicycle Community, happy, "During the community-sealing management period, the service of community workers is particularly in place, and the vehicle is sent to the goods, the staff also helps adjust the video, take insurance, less than a week, I will solve it. question.

"Residents are praised by the community, and community workers will also thank the residents of the majority." During the community-sealing period, we have worked more than 16 hours a day, and they also have to answer the phone, listen to the demand, and the body and mind are very tired. " However, our residents specially cooperate, support us, True Qin security to send us a mineral water, full box of fruit, etc. null. Ma Chongqi, Party Secretary of Long Yueyuan District 4th District.

Long Zeyuan Sub-district Office also issued a letter to the community residents, to understand, with residents who participate in the epidemic prevention and control, thank you, "We have gone through the most difficult moments together, and have experienced unforgettable days. At night, I deeply feel that ‘restart’ is not easy.

Let us continue to join hands, and further show the responsibility of returning to the day ‘.

"Our reporter Sun Yunke (Editor: Li Bo, Baoongying) Share more people to see.