Platinum (688333): the leading domestic industrial leader in metal additive manufacturing

Platinum (688333): the leading domestic industrial leader in metal additive manufacturing
Leading domestic metal additive manufacturing with business covering the entire industry chain.Polytech is an emerging enterprise specializing in industrial-grade metal additive 天津夜网 manufacturing (3D printing). It is currently the largest metal additive manufacturing technology provider with the largest installed capacity of metal 3D printing equipment in China.And other national-level additive manufacturing research projects, won the first and second prizes for national defense science and technology progress, and the first OEM award of the first global 3D printing award.The company’s main business involves R & D and production of 3D printers, custom production of 3D products, R & D and production of 3D printed powders, and agency sales of imported 3D equipment and accessories. At present, it has integrated a variety of complete metal 3D printing industry service chains, and custom production of 3D printed products in 2018.And the production of printing equipment accounted for 55% and 28% of the company’成都桑拿网s gross profit, respectively. The upstream and downstream businesses are working together, and the rapid growth of the additive manufacturing industry has guaranteed the company’s performance.According to Wohlers Associates, Inc.And IDC statistics, the global additive manufacturing output value from 22 in 2012.800 million US dollars increased to 73 in 2017.US $ 3.6 billion, with an annual compound strength of 26.20%, and it is expected that by 2020, the annual compound strength of the global additive manufacturing industry will try to remain at 22.30%, the global additive manufacturing output value will reach 28.9 billion US dollars by 2020.At present, the upstream and upstream raw material supply end of the additive manufacturing industry continues to innovate in terms of material types and production technologies, and is full of flowers; gradually expand the application field in downstream applications, and increase the proportion of direct manufacturing applications.Benefiting from the rapid development and innovation drive of the industry, the company, as a full-industry chain technology provider with a breakthrough in the field of additive manufacturing, achieved sustained high growth. Domestic competition is still in the blue ocean, and the company’s competitive advantages help the market share continue to increase.At present, the main competitors in the global additive manufacturing market are from Europe and the United States and other regions and regions. Domestic companies are in the follow-up stage, and the domestic market is still in the blue ocean.The company expands its competitive advantages in the field of additive manufacturing. First, the team has strong R & D capabilities and has been focusing on additive manufacturing since 1995. Second, it has advanced technology and is committed to and participates in the construction of domestic additive manufacturing standard systems., Long-term service for large domestic aerospace and other enterprises, and provide overseas companies such as Airbus 3D printing equipment and parts, and gradually develop the rapid development of the domestic market, the company’s competitive advantages continue to expand, market share continues to increase. Give a reasonable and reasonable target interval of 30.22-38.07 yuan.Benefiting from the rapid growth of the additive manufacturing market, the company’s corresponding EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.95, 1.25, 1.67.Combining the absolute estimation method and the relative estimation method, we believe that the reasonable estimation interval of the secondary market is a breakthrough.22-38.07 yuan, take the price center 34.15 yuan, corresponding to the PE of 2019-2021 is estimated to be 36x, 27x and 20x. risk warning.1) The growth of the additive manufacturing industry was less than expected; 2) The company’s technology research and development progress was less than expected; 3) The company’s project production was less than expected.

ZTE (000063): Why we are optimistic about ZTE’s market value of 300 billion

ZTE (000063): Why we are optimistic about ZTE’s market value of 300 billion

The investment logic epidemic affects the company’s revenue rhythm and does not affect the scale. Five-year 5G investment may exceed the expectations.

We believe that the recovery of the communications industry chain in the 2019-Ncov epidemic released this time will be better than during the SARS period, and production and operation activities will fully return to normal in the second quarter.

The company’s performance will show a clear trend from low to high, but the expected long-term size will not be affected.

5G is the core of science and technology infrastructure. It is expected that after the epidemic, it will continue to introduce 5G to enable economic development and improve people’s livelihood and welfare.

About 5G investment may exceed the expectations, and the capital expansion intensity of the three major operators in 20 years is expected to increase by about 5pp compared to 19 years.

  It is expected to become the biggest beneficiary of global equipment manufacturers’ market share rebalancing.

1. Looking at the industry, from 9-1 mode to 1-9 mode, the attributes of the 5G investment cycle have weakened.

After the first wave of operator investment, the spending on key 5G equipment such as power, manufacturing, automotive, medical, etc. will become a new source of company revenue growth.

2. Look at customers, look at China in global 5G, and China ‘s global market share of 5G resets from 25% in 19 to 60% in 20 years.

In 2020, both the wireless and transmission markets in China will usher in large-scale network construction. At the same time, the 5G networking of the three major operators will change from NSA to SA, which will help the company gain more market share.

3. Looking at the competition, the major trend of communication equipment vendors’ rising from the east to the west remains unchanged, 佛山桑拿网 and the company’s competitiveness in the 5G era has significantly improved.

Whether any Huawei embargo is lifted or not, the upward trend of ZTE’s global market share will not change, and the global wireless market share is expected to reach 15% within 3 years.

4. Look at yourself, the adverse effects of the embargo are eliminated, and core competitive advantages are consolidated.

Recently, the company has successively won a large number of bids in the operator’s collection, and the internal market share of wireless and transmission has steadily increased. Long-term government enterprises are striving to become the second S-curve outside the operator’s management business.

  Enter the new growth cycle, usher in performance, it is estimated that Davis double-clicked.

By reviewing the performance of equipment vendors at home and abroad during the 2G to 4G period, we translate into: equipment vendors reflect growth under the cycle, and leading ownership is estimated to have a premium.

We predict that from 20 to 21, the company’s consumer business revenue will remain stable after a slight reduction, and government and corporate revenue will accelerate growth; operator business is expected to maintain a compound growth of 26%, and operator revenue is expected to exceed 100 billion in 21 years.

  Investment recommendations and estimates estimate that the company’s overall revenue for the years 19-21 will be US $ 885.090 / 1277 billion, and the net profit attributable to the parent will be US $ 53/71/11 billion, corresponding to EPS 1.



39 yuan.

We are optimistic that the company will become the biggest beneficiary of the rebalancing of equipment vendors in the 5G era. We will give a 30-year PE estimate for 21 years, corresponding to a target price of 72 yuan and a target market value of 331.1 billion.

  Risks indicate that there is uncertainty in the development of the epidemic, which may cause significant changes in the company ‘s 20-year operating performance; the company ‘s internal collection and recruitment proposal did not meet expectations, and the overseas market expansion did not meet expectations; 5G investment fell short of expectations, and operatorsCapital expenditure did not meet expectations.

Two delicious and tasty vegetable soups for dinner

Two delicious and tasty vegetable soups for dinner

Burdock radish and bean soup cooking method: burdock 100g, white radish 100g, carrot 100g, edamame 50g.

Divide burdock, white radish and carrot, and add 4-5 bowls of boiled with edamame, add appropriate seasoning or broth.

  A bowl of rice is served with a few bowls of soup, chewed slowly, the rich nutrition of carrots and white radishes, and a low content of beef. The mellow taste will not let you MM take many aunts.

  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Deliciousness index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Cooking difficulty: ★ ★ ★ Shiitake mushroom cabbage cooking method: 50 grams of onion, 100 grams of cabbage, shredded mushrooms 100 grams, parsley 100 grams cut into pieces orBar, plus 4?
Boil in 5 bowls and add appropriate seasoning.

  Mushroom pigment protein, crude fiber of carbohydrates, and calcium and iron can promote calcium absorption.

At first, soup with rice was delicious and delicious, and the burden on the stomach was small.

It is the most simple and simple weight loss soup.

  Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ Delicious index: ★ ★ ★ ★ Cooking difficulty: ★ ★

Successful man, if you are not a virgin, I have no sex!

Successful man, if you are not a virgin, I have no sex!

Deputy general manager and shareholder of a well-known cosmetics brand company.

  MBA, outstanding writing, previously well-known talents.

  35 years old, 183cm tall, bladder is slightly vicissitudes, but has an artist temperament.

  The first time he met was in a coffee shop outside. He could n’t stick to the slightly acidic club, and I must take a photo of a girl I thought was a good prescription to show him, which fully showed a marketing expert.shrewd.

  Why should I come to the slightly acidic salon? To be honest, it is because my ideal for a happy life has not been destroyed.

When people arrive at this time, they always insist on something, do n’t want to compromise, even if they often suffer their losses, they do n’t want to turn back, and sometimes they think about it, and they feel ridiculous.a lot of.

  To put it plainly, I want a pure tall girl with a pure white heart and body, so that I can give my love to her with complete peace of mind.

The requirement for a taller person is, of course, because I am taller, so that there is external harmony.

As pure, yes, I hope she’d better be a virgin.

  In fact, before, there was never a concept of virginity.

I think, objective fact, this is the sequelae and toxins left by living after hurting me.

When I graduated from undergraduate school, I was assigned to work in the relevant departments of the provincial government. Fenghua Zhengmao had a bright future, and many people, including my immediate supervisor and the daughter of a minister, were turned down by me.

Until one day, Ganoderma lucidum appeared in my life like a painting.

That day I went to play basketball. A girl was holding a basketball and was walking off the court. She was standing tall and wearing a red jersey, and wiped her face with a towel while walking. The blushing sweaty, Yun Xia Wei, Gan XiangPleasant, it really looks like a red apple dripping with dew.

All of a sudden, my heart was bumping around like a deer. When she got out of the stadium, I shouted, “Let’s play together.”

Now thinking of this scene, my heart still trembles. This seems to be a certain plot in the movie. The immature chasing wind boy suddenly opened his love. Since then, has youth encountered sweetness or surrounded the tragedy, who can control it?

Getting Started with Yoga Starts with Yoga Stretching Exercises

Getting Started with Yoga Starts with Yoga Stretching Exercises

Nowadays, fitness is becoming more and more common. Naturally, everyone is familiar with yoga, but yoga stretching exercises are still rarely heard.

Let ‘s follow along with the editor to learn about yoga stretching exercises.

  This yoga pose is very simple, it mainly stretches the muscles of our whole body, arms, hips, thighs, and calves can be moved, and it is very soft.

Do it for 5 minutes a day and stick to it for 2 months. Your figure will no longer be horizontal and your body shape will improve.

  Step1 Your body should be upright, your hips should be straight, your whole body muscles should be tightened, and your hands should be held horizontally. Inhale slowly and then exhale.

  Step2 keep breathing rhythm, slowly raise your hands, close your ears.

Hold for 1 minute, thinking that our arm muscles are stretching again.

  Step3 maintain balance and breathing, raise the thighs, contract the calves, and let the soles of the feet close to the body.

This process is difficult. It may not work well at first. After a week, balance and breathing can be mastered.

  Step 4 Arms should be as straight as possible against the ears, not bent, otherwise stretching the upper limbs will have no effect.

Secret psychological reaction of newlyweds

Secret psychological reaction of newlyweds

Core tip: Some women believe that sexual intercourse is only routine, and even just to satisfy male behavior.

With this concept, when women want to go to bed with a sexual partner, they will naturally have a feeling of fear and disgust, and they will certainly not have a satisfactory and happy sexual behavior.

  For men, you should use indirect stimulation. Do n’t touch or show directly. You can use sexy underwear and ear-talking to make him happy. Indirect sensual stimulation will make it easier for him who has failed.You can fully express your joy when you are in the house, see your satisfied expression, and hear your happy voice, which should be the best treatment for him.

  Have doubts about your sexual ability and worry about the pressure of your dissatisfaction. According to the survey, Taiwanese men generally think that it takes a long time to get an erection before women can be satisfied, and that they must have a strong reaction from women to show that he is “very good and strongTherefore, the subconscious is worried that the other party will have an affair because of their dissatisfaction, and as a result they will soften after doing it, and they will not be able to get up even if they are stimulated.

  If the relief method fails many times, you don’t have to rush to help him recover.

Take a break from both sides to give him a chance to breathe; you can use other methods to express intimacy, let him know that you are really satisfied with your relationship, and rebuild his confidence.

  Females, don’t think that as long as the other person is enthusiastic, and you try hard to tease, they can enjoy sex through.

In fact, a woman who likes to be kissed and caressed does not mean that she can definitely enjoy each other’s sexual relationship.

How much pressure she had before unbuttoning it might be something you haven’t experienced before.

  Therefore, if you can learn more about her feelings before undressing, I believe that your relationship will be closer!

  The pressure caused by the “expectation” of the fear of sexual intercourse “Sex is not at all beautiful, only uncomfortable.

“This is a topic often mentioned when many handkerchiefs talk about boudoir secrets.

Due to the lack of sex education, many people have sex knowledge from movies, TV or fiction.

In those worlds, sex is beautiful, but in fact, not everyone has the same experience; therefore, when people pass word of mouth, sex will not only be unromantic, but even bring pain.

  Others believe that sexual intercourse is only routine, and even just to satisfy male behavior.

With this concept, when women want to go to bed with a sexual partner, they will naturally have a feeling of fear and disgust, and they will certainly not have a satisfactory and happy sexual behavior.

  Another similar fact is the aversion to sexual organs.

In the comic “Shiratori Reiko”, the heroine Shiratori Shirai is first-class in both face and body. When she falls in love, she also has a beautiful fantasy.The appearance of a big beauty is totally unworthy, so she is disillusioned with sex.

Although the plot is funny, it is very vivid that young women are full of contradictions about sexual intercourse.

This belief that the sexual organs are ugly is just like the notion that sexual behavior is painful, which prevents many women from enjoying sex with ease.

  Remedies If women’s preconceptions or stereotypes about sex are deep-rooted, they will still cause psychological obstacles.

At this time, the other half’s thoughtfulness and understanding, and communication with both parties, have become the key to the solution.

  Before inferiority, the pressure to unbutton the body Before facing sex, the first pressure women face is worrying about being in bad shape, unable to satisfy their sexual partners, and even destroying the inevitable relationship.

But in real life, there are not many people who can be as good as a star, so you must build up your self-confidence in your figure and accept yourself.

  Relief methods For women’s concerns and pressure, men must give positive evaluation and encouragement.

Men must understand that sex is not only physical and sensory desires, but also emotional communication; if you are not satisfied with your figure, you can replace the mood with the female and compare the heart to the heart to relieve the pressure brought by the appearance.

Many benefits of massage massage these matters need attention

Many benefits of massage massage these matters need attention

Massage is a very good way to prevent and cure diseases. If you often do massage to your body, it will relax your body, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, and make the meridians more open.

So can anyone do a massage?

Here we come to understand: the benefits of massage massage to promote blood circulation and pain, and clear the meridians.

We often say that it doesn’t make sense to hurt.

When our qi and blood are not running smoothly and the meridians are obstructed, there will be swelling or pain in parts of the body?

At this time, massage and massage can be used to make qi and blood run normally, improve blood circulation of the body, unblock meridians, and reduce body pain.

If it is a traumatic disease caused by trauma, the fluid can correct the anatomical position by orthopedic methods.

  Adjust function to reconcile Yin and Yang.

The body surface points are the same as our internal organs.

Therefore, we can use massage to stimulate acupoints on the surface of the body, which can achieve the effect of conditioning viscera and organs and keeping the balance of yin and yang?

If we stimulate the area of our feet that corresponds to the internal organs or the areas that are reflected by various glands, we can improve the functions of the various internal organs and the secretion of the glands. The functions of our internal organs will have corresponding points on our feet.

Therefore, by stimulating the pituitary reflex area of the foot, we can improve the pituitary’s ability and keep us healthy.

You can also adjust the secretion disorders that occur during menopause.

  Eliminate fatigue and relieve stress.

Now more and more young people are already in a state of sub-health, easily feeling tired, feeling common, and lacking energy throughout their bodies.

Groups of people can also perform massage massage.

Eliminate physical and mental fatigue by stimulating some points in the body?

For example, if you overuse your eyes and feel your eyesight become tired, you can do some health massage by yourself, which can improve the sense of visual fatigue and improve your work efficiency.

  Improper massage massage affects many important organs of healthy people, such as the heart, liver, eyes, kidneys, etc., which have corresponding reflection areas on the feet.

It is precisely because the reflective area on the sole of the foot corresponds to some important organs, so an experienced massage therapist can observe and touch these areas to grasp whether these organs have recently been properly. During the massage process, they will consciously pass the correctImproved massage techniques.

Conversely, if the strength is not properly grasped during massage, it may also affect the health of the corresponding organs.

  Some precautions for massage should be consistent with the direction of the muscles: along the muscle growth direction, slowly and patiently, rhythmically, wrinkles and muscles are at right angles, and hands and wrinkles move at right angles, that is, along the muscleThe trend.

If the wrinkles are horizontal, massage them vertically; if the wrinkles are preliminary, massage them horizontally.

  Fingers used for massage: Gently draw a circle on the skin with the middle finger and ring finger during massage, so light that it can no longer be touched. Finger movement should be rhythmic. Avoid excessive rubbing of the epidermis.

  Massage time should not be too long, generally controlled about 5 minutes.

Massage works best when pores are open, so it is best to massage after bathing or cleansing.

In addition, you can get the same effect with a hot towel.

  Although push and massage rehabilitation is safe, comfortable, and easy to be accepted, if you do not pay attention to the methods and parts of the massage, it will also make the patient suffer some difficulties or cause difficulties in operation.When massaging, it is best to choose a simple muscle relaxation massage method, which is not easy to cause serious injury.