Boss Electric (002508): The advantages of refined decoration channels are obvious

Boss Electric (002508): The advantages of refined decoration channels are obvious
The company’s recent situation On December 20th, we 天津夜网 studied the boss’s electrical leaders to understand the company’s recent operations.  Comments on 2H19 retail channel revenue decrease: 1) 1H19 retail channel decreased by more than 15%. The company expects that the 2H19 retail channel decreased by less than 10%, slightly improved, and dealer confidence recovered.2) The boss insists on high-end positioning and continues to push for new sales. The company does not expect a price war and the average retail price will continue to increase slightly.3) AVC data shows that in November 2019, the retail sales of chefs’ electric appliances will increase by +8 each time.2%.Benefiting from the “Double Eleven” promotion in November, the market performance improved.However, the growth rate of cost-effective brands has accelerated.For example, in November of the Midea chef ‘s wire, offline 武汉夜生活网 retail sales were + 31% and + 34% twice.Boss Electric is positioned at the high end, and retail sales growth in November was slower than the industry.4) We expect the speeding up of real estate delivery will be beneficial to the rebound in demand for kitchen appliances after the Spring Festival in 2020.  Engineering channels continue to contribute incremental: 1) 4Q19 bosses continued to maintain a high growth rate in engineering channels.The company estimates that the total sales of range hoods in 2019 will be about 2.8 million units, of which about 900,000 units will be sold in engineering channels, accounting for more than 30%.2) The company expects the engineering channel to maintain 40% in 2020?The 50% growth rate continued to increase as a percentage of the company’s revenue.The company plans to increase the gross profit margin of engineering channels by increasing the unit price of products and the supporting ratio of products in the engineering channels.3) Benefiting from the improvement in the penetration rate of refined decoration assets, Boss Electric’s 1Q-3Q19 engineering channel revenue doubled.Due to the decrease in the gross profit margin of engineering channel sales, there is downward pressure on the company’s gross profit margin.However, the engineering channel cost rate is low, and the company is expected to continue to maintain a high profit margin.  New product growth: 1) Among embedded products, the sales of steaming and baking integrated machines are better, but the supporting rate can still improve space.The company estimates that 150,000 steaming and baking machine sales in 2019, less than 5%.2) In 2020, the boss plans to invest in the refrigerator market, launch more models to seize market share, research and development, and production are done by the company itself.  It is estimated to maintain 2019 / 20e EPS forecast1.70 yuan / 1.92 yuan.Maintain Outperform rating, consider multi-year valuation conversion, raise target price by 11% to 39.00 yuan, corresponding to 23 times the 2019 price-earnings ratio and 20 2020 price-earnings ratio, compared with the current mainstream has 20% of upside.  The current contradiction corresponds to 19x / 17x P / E ratios in 2019/2020.  Risks: Prospects for the market demand for kitchen appliances; market demand instead of the risk of shifting to cost-effectiveness.

China Merchants Shekou (001979) Quarterly Report Review: Settlement Progress Temporarily Interrupts REITS Innovative Financing Model

China Merchants Shekou (001979) Quarterly Report Review: Settlement Progress Temporarily Interrupts REITS Innovative Financing Model

Event: The company achieved operating income of 255 in the first three quarters of 2019.

42 trillion, a decrease of 24 a year.

39%, net profit attributable to mother 50.

9.3 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 38.

46%, the net profit deducted from non-mother 50.

06 million, a decrease of 28 per year.


Opinion: The decrease in revenue is mainly determined by the settlement, and the performance lock-up rate has increased from the previous quarter, which provides room for subsequent settlement.

The company achieved operating income of 255 in the first three quarters of 2019.

42 trillion, a decrease of 24 a year.

39%, net profit attributable to mother 50.

9.3 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 38.

46%, of which net profit attributable to mothers was achieved in the third quarter.

9.5 billion, a decrease of 83 previously.

21%, dragging down the overall performance growth rate, mainly due to the reduction in the carry-over area in the current period.

It is expected that the company’s initial completion and carry-over area will maintain positive growth: 1) The company achieved 1,095 advances in the first three quarters of 2019.

4 ‰, 124% of the 18-year performance lock-in rate, providing a certain basis for subsequent performance settlement; 2) the company’s sales still maintain high growth, expected to push the momentum in the fourth quarter breakthrough.

Sales achieved rapid value-added growth, with an initial high probability of 200 billion yuan.

On January 9, 19, the company gradually expanded its sales area to 833.

30,000 square meters, an increase of 49 each year.

71%, sales amount 1620.

4 ‰, an increase of 39 per year.

38%, gradually selling average price 1.

950,000 yuan / square meter, relatively stable.

According to the 2018 report, the company’s saleable value is expected to be 350 billion yuan in 2019. According to the company’s 夜来香体验网 existing sales growth rate, the 19-year target of 200 billion yuan will be gradually achieved.

In the third quarter, the enthusiasm for land acquisition increased, and land rights gradually increased.

From January to September, the company gradually replenished the building surface 830.

660,000 cubic meters, which gradually reduced by 14%, increased by 35PCT from the first half of the month, and took the total land price of 367.

5.9 billion, a decrease of 27% every year, an increase of 12PCT from the first half of the month, and an average transitional floor price of 7,200 yuan / square meter.

From January to September, the accumulated land sales area ratio and the amount ratio were 1.

00, 0.

37, both lower than the same period of last year, but improved from the first half of the previous month, indicating that 苏州桑拿网 the company’s enthusiasm has increased, mainly due to the general addition of 153, 152, 143 in July and September.

In terms of land acquisition rights, from January to September, the company gradually increased its construction equity ratio by 51.

3%, a decrease of 8 PCT from the end of the previous year.

After the consolidation of the property sector, AVIC Sunda consolidated and helped boost the company’s valuation.

After AVIC Sunda restructures its investment properties, the company will directly and indirectly hold AVIC Sunda5.

4.3 billion shares (by then 51.

16%), becoming a subsidiary of AVIC Sunda Holdings, realizing an area under management of nearly 1.At 500 million square meters, the company and AVIC Sunda Property Services support each other and coordinate with each other to promote the company’s comprehensive competitiveness.

According to the company’s announcement, the reorganization has been reviewed and approved by the CSRC, and the reorganization is expected to be completed within the year.

The merger of the property sector has given the company a certain boost.

REITs seeks to go public and innovate financing channels.

The company established the China Merchants Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust (CMC REITS) in Hong Kong to submit a listing application to the Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. The company plans to include New Times Square, Science and Technology Building, Science and Technology Building Phase II and Digital Building, as well as certain shopping mall properties, namely ShekouThe “five property assets” of Garden City Center are injected into the real estate investment trust fund. The listing of the trust fund will promote the company’s capital operation and management capabilities of commercial properties and provide the company with new financing channels.

Investment suggestion: The company’s performance growth has been dragged down by the settlement rhythm in the first three quarters, and its performance has fallen short of expectations. However, the company is optimistic about the company’s resource value and subsequent growth.

The company is expected to have a saleable value of 350 billion yuan in 2019, and is expected to achieve a sales target of 200 billion yuan in 2019, and its performance will continue to grow rapidly.

The land surface area was relatively high for half a year, but the enthusiasm increased significantly from July to September. The company has a lot of land resources in the core area of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which will benefit the medium and long-term with the advancement of the construction of the Greater Bay Area.

The integration of the property sector and AVIC Sunda is progressing smoothly, and the future business synergy effect will be significant, which will help boost the company’s valuation.

In addition, the company’s REITs are seeking listing in Hong Kong, which is expected to open up new funding channels and obtain investment income.

Based on this, we set the company’s net profit for 2019-2020 to be approximately 195, respectively.

0 billion, 239.

300 million adjusted to 178.

4 billion, 214.

300 million, corresponding to EPS of 2.

25, 2.

71 yuan, corresponding to PE is 8.

59X, 7.

15 times, maintaining “Buy” rating risk warning: policy changes are less than expected, and house sales have increased significantly.

Why is it easy to be troubled in spring to ease the spring sleep?

Why is it easy to be troubled in spring to ease the spring sleep?

Why is spring trapped?

Some people may want to say that the spring sleepy summer is lacking in autumn and winter. Every season is very sleepy.

But if the body is in a healthy state, this is also a normal season.

Especially in the spring, many people are prone to sleepiness. After all, the spring weather is getting warmer and more comfortable. When the spring breeze blows the whole person is infinitely comfortable, why is spring easy to sleep?

Why spring is easy to make trouble with climate change Human physiological function will transform a physiological phenomenon that occurs in natural climate change, so this is also the phenomenon that many people are trapped in the spring.

With the change of climate, the capillaries and pores of the human body will obviously relax, and the blood circulation in the body will be more vigorous. The decrease of the oxygen supply of the brain will lead to the decrease of the excitability of the brain nerve cells, which will lead to the phenomenon of listlessness and dizziness.

Lack of exercise because of work reasons, sitting for a long time every day, long-term exposure to electronic products such as computers can also cause spring sleep.

Therefore, if there is a phenomenon of spring sleep that does not prevent the work from getting up every two hours, it will be better to ease the fatigue of work, and will drive away the sleeping insects.

Poor eating habits, like to eat spicy and greasy fried foods, such as dog meat, lamb and other hot pot is easy to cause the body to get angry, severe cases of eye swelling, face swelling and other fires rise, internal fire is also affecting the human spiritThe state and the mood of work are the first.

“Eating sleep” is a normal physiological phenomenon, but it can also be alleviated by daily living habits.

Because the lack of blood supply to the brain and gastrointestinal tract can also cause spring sleep.

Therefore, spring diet therapy is very important, try not to eat too much to avoid affecting the burden of the stomach caused by “eaten sleep.”

The spring diet is recommended to be light, and more fruits and vegetables are eaten to ensure a balanced diet.

Wearing too thick is generally the same after the Ching Ming Festival.

The weather is gradually warming up, and the clothes should be increased or decreased with the weather. The clothes should not be worn too thick, so that sweating is easy to damage the yang and fatigue.

Appropriate reduction of food will also make the whole person more refreshed and run away from sleepiness.

There are coups to deal with spring sleep. 1 Eat more alkaline foods alkaline foods can neutralize acidic metabolites in the body, eliminating fatigue.

Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits every day can significantly improve the spring sleep.

It should be noted that the acidity and alkalinity of food is not determined by the taste of food in nature. Some foods are sour and taste alkaline.

  Commonly weak alkaline foods are red beans, radishes, apples, kale, onions, tofu, etc.; alkaline foods are dried radish, soybeans, carrots, tomatoes, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, papayas, strawberries, egg whites, lemons,Spinach, etc.; strong alkaline foods include grapes, tea, wine, kelp and so on.

2 increase vitamin intake Vitamin is a good wake agent.

Carrots, Chinese cabbage, leeks, potatoes, citrus, cauliflower, cabbage, sweet pepper, celery, malan, spring bamboo shoots and other vitamins, red-yellow and dark green vegetables such as carrots, pumpkin, tomato, green pepper, celery, etc., to rejuvenate,It is good to eliminate the spring storm.

3 People who have excessive potassium and potassium deficiency are tired and weak, so in the spring, you should pay attention to supplement foods with higher potassium content, such as soybeans, leeks and citrus.

4 zinc-enriched seafood such as seaweed, kelp, rich in zinc, can be eaten 1-2 times a week.

5 breakfast to eat too much transient nutrients, daily breakfast to supplement most of the food habits, brakes to supplement the body’s large amount of calories, the ideal diet is: the most intake of breakfast, followed by Chinese food, the least dinner.

6 diet should be light and greasy to increase fatigue after a meal, manifested as body temperature, lower blood sugar, low mood, work efficiency, so the spring is easy to light and palatable.

7 Ingestion of sufficient protein protein is composed of various amino acids, of which glutamic acid is the main component of the brain’s vigilant chemicals, so the protein absorbed from lean meat, chicken, fish and rouge dairy products helpsImprove the power of people.

8 Eat fruit and drink fruit juice is rich in potassium, which is one of the main minerals that help maintain cell moisture.

The lack of potassium in the alkaline people feels weak and weak, and it also affects the concentration of attention. The raisins, oranges, bananas, and apples are called the minerals.

Recommended to sleep tea drink rock sugar mint tea production: prepare the amount of mint leaves, talk about it, wash it into the cup, pour in the right amount of boiling water, then cover the filling until the fragrance is scented, wait for the coolWhen you add rock sugar, honey or juice according to your personal preference, the taste of the converted tea is improved.

  Efficacy: It can stimulate the movement of food in the digestive tract, help digestion, relieve the pressure of office workers, and help refresh the mind.

Hawthorn Tea Mountain Tea not only helps us to lower blood sugar, blood lipids, but also helps digestion and dilate blood vessels.

The effect of dilating blood vessels is the same as that described above, which can overcome the effects of spring sleepiness.

The method of making hawthorn tea is also very simple. It is to take a hawthorn fruit and wash it directly, then use boiling water to brew it.

Ginseng tea Guangdong old Chinese medicine ginseng tea, using artificially cultivated five-year ginseng, combined with traditional tidal formula, the longevity health-care tea made by modern technology, without any additives, retains the original flavor of the herb, golden soup,The smell is fragrant.

It has the effect of anti-fatigue and soothing wisdom.

It is especially suitable for people who often feel tired and tired, lose their appetite, and have short-term qi and shortness. It is recommended that office workers, people who travel frequently can be kept.

Mung bean lily previous rice porridge

Mung bean lily previous rice porridge

The weather is hot, the body sweats a lot, and its fluids and righteousness are all worn out.

  At this time, we must root out our own constitution, weakness, and replace the corresponding drugs to carry out targeted tonics.

  In the precipitation of heat and heat, those with qi deficiency should replenish qi, those with yin deficiency should replenish yin, and those with spleen deficiency should replenish spleen.

  The following introduces a few summer food supplement recipes. The medicines used are best when taken at three volts.


Due to the hot weather and a lot of sweating, the hot summer injury is prone to heat injury, which is manifested in thirst, less urine, less yellow urine, body heat is not high, red tongue floating, and upset.

In this case, Qingshu Yangyin, Shengjinzhike can be adjusted.

  [Food side]mung bean lily previous rice porridge.

100 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of fresh lilies, 100 grams of previous rice, rinse the green beans and the previous rice, put them in a casserole, add 1200 ml of water to cook the porridge, wash the lilies separately and put them into the casserole, thenCook together into a crispy shape, add a small amount of white sugar to taste, take three times in the morning, middle and late.

  This product has the effect of clearing away heat and refreshing Jin, eliminating heat and removing annoyance.


In the hot summer season of qi deficiency and weakness, people like to be greedy and cold. If you feel cold, overeating and cold, which will cause vomiting and diarrhea, although it has improved after treatment, it will appear qi deficiency, fatigue, weakness and low voice.

  [Eating side]10 grams of Codonopsis, 10 grams of Astragalus, 10 grams of red dates, 6 grams of lotus seeds (soaked first, and contains lotus heart), wash them, add them to the casserole, add appropriate amount of water to cook, take one dose daily, once in the morning and evening.One course every three days.

This side has the effect of replenishing and replenishing qi, refreshing.


Spleen and stomach weakness Some people have symptoms of loss of appetite and anorexia as soon as they arrive in the summer, commonly known as “summer summer” transformation; some people suffer from cold food, damage the spleen and stomach, and do not think about diet, resulting in weight loss.

Spleen appetizers need to be adjusted.

  [Eating side]15 grams of Huoxiang, 3 grams of Amomum villosum, 15 grams of stir-fried malt, 9 grams of charcoal atractylodes, add 10 grams of codonopsis to those with qi deficiency symptoms, put them into a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, cook for one day, three daysTake one course in the morning and evening.

  This recipe has the effect of strengthening the spleen and replenishing qi, clearing the heat and appetizing.

For lactating women, remove malt to prevent lactation.

Spinach can nourish blood and nourish yin

Spinach can nourish blood and nourish yin


Hypertension, headache, dizziness, constipation: 100 grams of fresh spinach and roots, boil for 3 minutes in boiling water, remove and mix with sesame oil.

Eat 2 times a day.


Unclear vision, dizziness and limb tremor: spinach, 200 grams each.

Simmer the spinach into boiling water; peel and slice the fresh scallions, simmer in boiling water, add salt, sesame oil, and MSG and mix well.

This dish has the effect of clearing the liver.


Vision blurred and dry eyes: 500 grams each of fresh spinach and goat liver.

Boil the water into the sheep’s liver, roll the spinach slightly, add the appropriate amount of salt, sesame oil, monosodium glutamate.

This soup has the effect of nourishing the liver.


Iron deficiency anemia, diarrhea, stool blood, scurvy: fresh spinach, cooked pig blood 500 grams each.

Stir-fry pork blood, cook into cooking wine, add broth, salt, pepper, and spinach when the water is dry. After boiling, put in a soup pot.

This soup has the functions of nourishing yin and blood, and astringent yin and dryness.

  However, spinach contains oxalic acid, which prevents the body from absorbing calcium.

Therefore, when eating spinach, it should be scalded with boiling water, removed and fried.

Infants and young children need calcium supplements urgently, and some still have tuberculosis calcium deficiency, spinal disease, kidney stones, diarrhea, etc., they should eat less or temporarily quit spinach.

  [Slimming food]Detailed explanation of spinach stewed fish ingredients: 1 catfish, 100 grams of spinach, 15 grams of red dates, 10 grams of ginger.

  Seasoning: 5 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, a little pepper, and 2 grams of rice wine.

  System of law: 1.

After the fish is washed and washed, cut a few knives across the spine, wash the spinach to remove the old leaves, peel the carrots and slice them, peel the ginger and shred, and soak the red dates.


Add oil to the skillet, add ginger, dried fish, fry over low heat, stir in rice wine, pour in water, and simmer over medium heat for about 20 minutes.


Add spinach, red dates, add salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, and simmer for 15 minutes to serve in the soup bowl.

  Efficacy: Anchovies contain unsaturated fatty acids, which can lower blood lipids, soften blood vessels, and reduce blood viscosity. Spinach is good for water and digestion, can promote gastrointestinal and pancreatic secretions, and is even nutrient-rich, and has obvious weight loss effects.

Ten good habits to make love stronger

Ten good habits to make love stronger

Preview you walking on the way to work. Pedestrians pass by in a hurry. You suddenly see a pair of lovers full of happiness coming together. The hands of the two people are clasped tightly, and their sweetness and beauty are scattered in the air.

What do you feel?

Have a quick glance past?

Still scornful but scornful but resentful all night: Why are they so lucky?

If your response is normal, then you should reflect on your heart: facing a stable and happy couple, it is difficult for you to force yourself not to insult. Are you being burned in order to maintain your relationship?

  Encouraging and praising the most important men and women when they first join in love, they will commend each other’s merits to each other, the transformation relationship is fixed, and after the initial temperature drops slightly, people do less of this kind of thing, even two people stillVery devoted to each other, but no longer claiming praise and encouragement.

  If there is no sincere praise and encouragement, the wonderful feelings and gratitude that the initial praise brings to each other will be greatly reduced, and the direct result will be that the relationship between the two becomes weak.

  Therefore, we must encourage each other, treat him as a respectable object, and tell him that he is very fascinated with a certain characteristic of him, especially men who are proud but rarely understand what others think.That is, his good social ability, unknown habit, even his fit body.

  For example: Kailin of 27 is very experienced in this regard: “Every time I see my boyfriend put on a suit, I will tell him that the suit suits him best, and the shape of his lips is very sexy.

When I say this, it can obviously polish his whole body to rejuvenate.

“Another wonderful thing about praise is that it can be contagious, often cheering on the other side, and he will also get used to looking for the flashes in you and giving encouragement and appreciation.

  If you want something, you can say imitation: Nana hates her husband before going to bed without going to bed.

In this way, when he forgets, she will be angry, don’t sleep well, and even pretend to be sick.

And her inexplicable husband will only keep asking her: Where are you uncomfortable?

  I believe you are no stranger to this dramatic scene.

Many women are like Nana, hoping that their husband or boyfriend is a super-perceived person, and they can make the romantic behavior they like without any explanation.Don’t put ** in your heart and decipher your voice at any time.

If they knew you were waiting for him to decipher, they would just make them cry.

  In a good couple relationship, this guessing game is resolutely discarded, and the most solid and deep love needs to be based on communication without obstacles.

What you need, what you are upset with, and what you want the other person to say or do, it ‘s better to say it directly.

If you do not say anything, you will make the other person feel uncomfortable and depressed, which will easily lead to contradictions and conflicts.

  An innocuous hobby can ignore the spouses or couples who have lived together for a long time. Individual habits and hobbies will show up in front of each other. No matter how he makes you dazzle, living together is a beginning to test your patience and tolerance.

He may whistle and tie to work every morning, or he may always put used towels on the floor.

No matter how weird weirdness is, wise women should choose to ignore it all.

You will soon find that opening one eye and closing one eye on these little things is definitely more beneficial than bad.

Since it has been a habit that has been formed for many years, it is absolutely unnecessary to waste time in such matters, and not to be too small.

  This is manifested as: Zhang Dandan ‘s boyfriend is used to driving on the steering wheel while listening to the music of the radio. At the beginning, this habit did not attract her attention, but she felt unbearable for a long time and could not wait to hit the window with her head.

“But I’m used to looking at this issue a little bit. He has so many advantages I like. How can it be covered up by this little ridiculous quirk?

The entanglement in this matter is worthless.

“Intimacy should not be in the form. In love, the beginning of expressing each other’s love begins with a kiss. It should be noted that do n’t treat kisses as a routine business before making love because you have been in contact for a long time. Be aware of your everyA kiss, every time you kiss, be sincere and gentle, and always feel as excited and joyful as when you first kissed.

A kiss is a wonderful behavior, which can well express a feeling of “I can’t let go of you”. The other party will feel that you are deeply attracted to him, and his love is what you desire.

  In addition, the method of enhancing emotions is not limited to kissing. When two people are together, they should use touch or other physical contact to express emotions.

Some couples are accustomed to holding hands at any time, even after the two have fallen asleep. This is a habit worth inheriting, which can keep the tacit understanding and tenderness between you at a steady level of long flow.

  Contact at least once a day If you receive a text message from your partner every afternoon, will you feel happy?

Maybe you will meet at night, but you will keep this habit anyway, even if it is only a few words.

This text message has become a bond between you, letting you know that he is still thinking about you in his busy center. What could be more moving to you than this?

This practice is very common among strong lovers, they will not let each other lose contact, even for a day.

The pace of life in modern society is tense and the work pressure is heavy. It is likely that two people will not be able to meet for several days in a row. Whether it is a phone message, email, or even a small note near the pillow, it is nothing more than to express: Although we cannot meet,Our hearts are always together.

  Happiness can create couples who often shuttle to various parties or parties. They are often not favored by people. Those who have the potential to last forever are those who are used to the two-person world.They don’t need to find a sense of security in the relationship network. In the two-person world, they are just as happy.

A truly happy partner cherishes every ordinary moment when two people are opposite each other. They are just fine together. They don’t need others to bother and don’t let any activity or game be satisfied.

  Can it really be done?

Maybe you don’t believe that a tacit couple can sit on the sofa and read each book for several hours, or talk about their daydreams, or even sit in silent thinking together, and do not need to create a topic, norWhat background music is needed, because for them, being with each other is enough.

  In the days when bold pursuit of passion is immutable, people are boring, sex is easier, and active partners will not ignore this problem.

Happy sex is especially helpful to promote the relationship, and both people have the obligation to develop new tastes so that their passion will never fade.

  Frequent pattern changes will make each other more entertaining, and at the same time make each other more aware of each other’s needs, so that the two can truly achieve physical unity.

In this aspect, the communication between the two people is more important. We should let go of our shyness and pursue the wonderful and fresh feelings frankly and positively, so as to help love last forever and be strong.

  Love also needs to check the progress. It is not required that two people hold a regular meeting every week to discuss whether the recent love expenditures have been completed on time and amount. Nor is it to say that when insecurities or frictions arise, criticism is required.And self-criticism, it is necessary for two people to be able to discuss and grasp the progress frankly and honestly.

Frequently summarizing your performance and inner thoughts can help you find the small injustices on the road to love and solve them at will. This is a method often adopted by many close partners and worth learning.

  For example: Jasmine is used to having a small personality when two people are very relaxed. She and her husband call this a “Democratic Alliance.” They talk about the feelings and ideas that have been gathered recently, especially the unpleasant ones.All unhappiness that may affect the feelings of two people can be vented and eliminated. This is a positive way to prevent the crisis caused by the two people closing their hearts.

 Always respect each other. If you want to know whether a couple is deep or has a red light, just look at the expression and tone of their personality to trim the clue.

If any one of them turns their eyes, sneers, or satirical words, they can declare that it is unlikely that they will last long.

If one person always dominates another person, it shows that they lack the most basic respect. This is a bad habit that every couple should try to overcome.

  Although many times you need a lot of power to restrain yourself from speaking out, a good lover should not show contempt or sarcasm to a partner.

Sometimes your partner really behaves stupidly, so don’t prevent changing your position. If you encounter the other party’s robbing or ridicule, you must feel hurt. This kind of power will be the same to the opponent.

You should learn to exercise restraint. Keeping the other person’s self-esteem is important to your relationship.

  There is no need to be completely transparent. Honesty is the character that should be observed when two people get along, but this does not mean that you must be too real in all things, because the truth is often not so good, and it may make youDamage caused by partner.

For example, Weiwei ‘s boyfriend asked her to rate her figure. On a scale of 1 to 10, Weiwei bluntly did n’t doubt that she could score 7 points. Although she did n’t mean it, her boyfriend had a sense of failure.It is the greatest harm of the truth that is hard to accept.

  How can we achieve a good scale between true and well-intentioned unreality?

When should I tell the truth and when should I understate it?

The most effective way is to predict before you speak. If you use it to ask questions, you will want him to say some kind of answer. If it is the same as the answer you intend to say, will you feel happy or hurt?

If it is above, then it is clear that you must not answer this way.

  Another thing to pay attention to is not to ask questions about what your partner doesn’t want to say. You may feel uncomfortable if you don’t create it, but don’t forget that the reason they don’t want to say is that they also know that the truth is not necessarily all good.

The most healthy sleeping position is lying on the side

The most healthy sleeping position is lying on the side

Studies have shown that the best sleeping position is good for health, especially for pregnant women.

The latest foreign research shows that to ensure the quality of sleep, we must first choose a reasonable sleeping position, so that we can not only sleep peacefully, but also protect the body and prevent diseases.

So what are the best and worst sleeping positions?

  Few people care about their sleeping position. They feel bad when they fall asleep.

So, what is the best sleeping position?

What’s the worst sleeping position?

The latest foreign research shows that to ensure the quality of sleep, we must first choose a reasonable sleeping position, so that we can not only sleep peacefully, but also protect the body and prevent diseases.

Let’s take a look at the best sleeping position and the worst sleeping position together!

  Some people say that the best sleeping position is supine.

But studies have found that pregnant women should not sleep on their backs.

  Recently published a list of healthy sleeping positions that the best sleeping position is supine, because it helps prevent complications and head pain, reduces gastric acid reflux, reduces wrinkles, and prevents fractures and sagging.

As a result, gynecologists point out that pregnant women who are accustomed to sleeping on their backs should pay attention to the “supine hypotension syndrome”, which is a series of symptoms that cause a rapid drop in blood pressure in a specific supine position. In severe cases, it can lead to shock.The clinical symptoms of the pregnant mother with mild symptoms disappear quickly, and the severe symptoms can continue until the position is changed.

  As blood pressure continues to increase, the pregnant woman’s enlarged uterus compresses the inferior vena cava when supine, causing blood flow to the pelvic cavity and inferior vena cava to be blocked, and the blood reaching the heart plummets, leading to a rapid decrease in cardiac output and blood pressure; The resulting uterus is about to compress the diaphragm, causing vagus nerve excitement, slowing the heartbeat, and dilating the blood vessels in the heart, which also causes blood pressure to drop.