The revitalization of the catering industry is still on the way. These food stocks have reached a daily limit.

The revitalization of the catering industry is still on the way. These food stocks have reached a daily limit.

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  The revitalization of the catering industry is still on the way, these food stocks have reached daily limit!

  Wang Qiaoqi’s revitalization policy is still under study, and the capital market has been moving.

  On the afternoon of February 26, the Director of the Ministry of Commerce ‘s Service Trade Division, Guoyi Yi, revealed at the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council that the Ministry of Commerce is studying and introducing targeted policies and measures to support catering enterprises, and is also studying the revitalization of the catering industry after the epidemic is over.Expected.

  According to reports, from the monitoring situation, the catering and accommodation industry is currently resuming work, and corporate income has also rebounded.

The rate of resumption of work of the 20 major chain catering companies that have been contacted has reached 57%.

  Affected by this news, today the food stocks broke out collectively, ending the closing, Twin Tower Foods, Tianwei Foods, Goods Shop, Haixin Foods daily limit, Huangshanghuang, Sanquan Foods rose more than 8%.

  Tianwei Food, as a compound seasoning production company dominated by hot pot base and Sichuan cuisine seasoning, Tianwei Food Company officially resumed production and resumed work on February 10, and has now basically resumed production to ensure supply.

  Today, the relevant person in charge of Tianwei Food stated on the investor interactive platform that the online platform will gradually be updated and supplemented by the Tianwei Food WeChat Mini Program Store this week.

In addition, the company’s direct-operated e-commerce platforms on Taobao, Tmall, and Jingdong Mall also facilitate consumers’ online purchases.

  From February 14th to February 27th, Tianwei Food continued to increase by more than 19%.

  Double Tower Foods rides on the east wind of “artificial meat”, and Double Tower Foods has harvested multiple daily limits.

  On February 25, Twin Towers Foods disclosed that its wholly-owned subsidiary Junbang Trading signed an 85% pea protein sales contract with Beyond Meat. The first batch of pea protein purchases was about 285 tons. Later, the two parties will increase pea protein purchases according to market demand.Quantity.

  Affected by this news, Twin Towers Foods’s sustainable intraday soared to 14 at one time.

76 yuan.

From a minimum of 6 on February 4.

48 yuan, to the highest point 14.

76 yuan, double tower food range rose more than 127%.

Today, the company favorably reproduced the daily limit and closed at 13.

71 yuan.

  Data shows that Beyond Meat is a leading American manufacturer of artificial meat. Its main product is a substitute for plant protein meat with meat texture and texture. When it was listed on the NASDAQ in May last year, it soared 163% on the first day.

  Shuangta Food’s third quarter report shows that the company achieved operating income in the first three quarters.

07 billion, down 10 every year.

35%; net profit achieved 1.

48ppm, an annual increase of 194.


Shuangta Foods mentioned in a recent institution study that the company’s 10 pairs of pea deep processing projects have 南京夜网 been successfully commissioned. After the project is put into production, the company’s annual output of pea protein and market share will further increase.

Shuangta Foods currently has an annual capacity of about 7 pea proteins, of which 4 are high-end protein capacity and 3 are low-end protein capacity, accounting for 30% -40% of the global pea protein capacity.

  Anjing Food, as the leader of the quick-frozen hot pot industry, is up 9 today.

24% at 78.

5 yuan.

From the close on February 3 to the present, Yasui Foods has increased by more than 60%.

  According to the data, Anjing Food’s main business is the production and operation of hot pot materials and frozen rice products.

Currently, it has 7 production bases and 9 factories in Jiangsu, Liaoning and other places.

The company’s main product varieties reach more than 300 kinds.

  On February 21, Yasui Foods released a quick performance report and achieved revenue of 52 in 2019.

6.7 billion, an annual increase of 23.

66%; net profit attributable to mothers3.7.3 billion, an annual increase of 38.


Yangnong Chemical (600486): Volume and price of pyrethroid rose in peak season

Yangnong Chemical (600486): Volume and price of pyrethroid rose in peak season

The company released the first quarter report for 2019, and the gross profit margin increased significantly. The company released the first quarter report for 2019 and achieved revenue of 15.

70 ppm, 10-year average2.

50%; achieve net profit attributable to mother 3.

27 ppm, an increase of 19 years.

43%, net profit after deducting non-recurring3.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.


In terms of profit margin, the company achieved a gross profit margin of 35 due to the increase in volume and price during the peak season of the pyrethroid business.

75%, an increase of 3 over the same period last year.

28 pct, the company’s gross profit margin reached a new high; the net profit margin was 20.

85%, an increase of 2 over the same period last year.


In terms of expense ratios, the company entered a sales expense of zero.

1.7 billion, with revenue accounting for 1.

11%, a year increase of 0.

03pct; Management and R & D expenses 1.

3.1 billion, accounting for 8.

32%, an increase of 1 per year.

18 pct; financial expenses 0.

21 trillion, compared with 0 in the same period last year.

5 billion.

Enter the company to accrue asset impairment losses of 0.

30 trillion, mainly because the increase in the account is greater than the same period of the previous year, the corresponding provision for bad debts increased; the fair value change income was entered as 0.

310,000 yuan, due to foreign exchange hedging.

In the peak season, the quantity and price of pyrethroid rose, and the loss of wheat straw dragged down the herbicide business to 都市夜网 achieve herbicide sales1.

06 for the first time, at least in the short term 42.

5%; average sales price 2.

97,000 yuan / ton, previously temporarily 23.


According to our model calculations, there is a contradiction in the probability of deviation in the sales of wheat straw in Q1. We are cautious about the company’s wheat straw shrinkage in 2019. In the long term, we expect to promote the worldwide wheat straw shrinkage-resistant seeds worldwide.Expected to pick up.

Achieved zero pesticide sales.

41 for the first time, an increase of 52 from the previous month.

2%, an increase of 16 per year.

0%; average sales price 24.

76 million / ton, an increase of 5 from the previous month.

90% increase by 17 per year.


In the coming season, the volume and price of the company’s pyrethroid business rose, contributing to the company’s main profit. Along with the 3-21 Xiangshui Incident fermentation, safety production and environmental protection inspection, the pesticide supply in Jiangsu and the whole country is expected to continue to tighten, and the company’s high profit promotion will continue.

The company’s long-term worry-free company Youjia’s third-phase project has begun construction. We judge that the third-phase project is expected to contribute incremental profits in 2020.

Calculating with reference to the return on investment in the construction of the Yangnong Air Force project, Youjia Phase III is expected to create a profit of nearly US $ 600 million for the company.

In addition, the investment in the fourth phase of Youjia is expected to continue to increase in the third phase, and the company’s long-term growth is worry-free.

Investment suggestion: We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers to be 11 in 19-21.

160,000 yuan, 12.

5 billion and 14.

480,000 yuan, EPS is 3 respectively.

60 yuan, 4.

03 yuan and 4.

67 yuan, PE is 16.

24X, 14.

50X and 12.

52X, maintaining the “highly recommended” level.

Risk reminder: The new project is not up to expectations, the sales of dicamba are not up to expectations, the environmental protection is relaxed, the price of pyrethroids has fallen sharply, and the purchase of Sinochem assets has been too expensive.

Po Laiya (603605) company in-depth report: multi-channel progress Chinese beauty is justified

Po Laiya (603605) company in-depth report: multi-channel progress “Chinese beauty” is justified

A new leader in domestic cosmetics, “multi-brand + multi-category” covers segmented needs: the company is a well-known domestic cosmetics group, and the main brand is Po Laiya, which is positioned as “ocean skin care”, accounting for about 90% of the volume. Other brands also include Youzilai, Youya, Hanya, Maoyu Rose and Yue Fuyu, each brand positioning is different, covering a wider consumer group.

In order to meet the rapidly changing needs of the emerging population, the company has continuously launched new categories of “high-function, high unit price, and high value” since 2018. Both the unit price is higher and the sales volume of some categories has grown rapidly.

In the first three quarters of 2018, the company achieved revenue of 15.

60 trillion, with an increase of 28.

58%; net profit attributable to mothers1.

8.2 billion, an increase of 44.

57%, the growth rate accelerated compared to the initial and initial expansion. In the fourth quarter, the store expansion was smooth and the growth of e-commerce was considerable. It is expected that the revenue scale will continue to grow rapidly.

The value of the economic space is broad, and the share of domestic brands has increased: (1) Demand side: According to Euromonitor statistics, the annual market size of the beauty and personal care industry in 2017 was 3615.

6.6 billion, an increase of 9 over the previous year.

64%, the industry growth CAGR of 2012-2017 is 7.


Among them, the growth rate of skincare / make-up products is higher than the average level of the beauty and daily care industries, and they increased by 10 in 2017.

27% / 21.


At present, there is still 厦门夜网 much room for improvement in per capita consumption levels, which is about five times different from Japan and South Korea. In the future, the “core consumer group” will continue to expand tolerance, and the industry scale is expected to continue to grow.

The main characteristics of China’s cosmetics consumption include the youth of consumer groups, the rapid growth of low-tier cities, and the rapid growth of e-commerce channels.

(2) Supply side: After 2014, the overall CR50 concentration of beauty care products has shifted slightly, mainly due to the rapid decline in the market share of European and American brands, while the share of domestic brands has continued to increase.

In addition, domestic brands have made rapid progress in the TOP10 rankings of categories and categories, and they are already on par with European and American brands in the popular grades and skincare categories.

In-depth research and marketing promotion, deepening youth, professional image: reorganization, focus on research and development, and create a professional image.

The Hangzhou R & D and Innovation Center has a well-established organization. The core R & D personnel have internationally renowned cosmetics group R & D experience. The company also conducts cooperative research with domestic and foreign universities, research institutes and companies to reduce the rate of R & D expenses among the top domestic comparable companies.

At the same time, efforts were made to diversify marketing methods to deepen the youthful image.

In the case of a decline in the sales expense ratio, the marketing methods are more diversified. The three points of “intermediary, KOL, and fan effect” are closely integrated to convert KOL traffic into brand traffic and reach a wider range of young consumer groups.

Promote the “traditional offline + single brand + e-commerce” troika with stable and stable internal growth: The company’s channel development strategy is clear, including ensuring the stable development of traditional offline channels, and accelerating single-brand stores mainly based on Youzilai.Speed of expansion, and the rapid growth of e-commerce channels.

In particular, e-commerce and single-brand stores are currently the main sources of revenue growth.

Alibaba’s online platform, which accounts for more than 50% of online growth in 2018, has witnessed considerable growth, the ability of the new e-commerce team has been verified, and the growth potential of online platforms in the future is still very broad. In 2018, the goal of expanding single-brand stores has been achieved in advance.Opening stores in 2019 will not slow down.

Based on several factors, it is expected that the company’s internal extended growth will be stable.

Optimize the organizational structure and adequate internal incentives: improve, explore the “Amoeba” model and “partner” mechanism, and optimize the organizational structure.

The “Amoeba” model is conducive to reducing fees and improving efficiency, and has taken the lead in piloting in the Perla brand division and e-commerce division; the “partner” mechanism stimulates team enthusiasm and creativity, and is conducive to achieving new brands in the shortest possible time.For promotion, at present, the Youzilai brand team has implemented a “partner” mechanism.

At the same time, a high-target budget fair incentive plan was launched to establish a long-term incentive mechanism.

The company launched an extended equity incentive plan in July 2018, and established high-level assessment targets, requiring that revenue growth rates for 2018-2020 be no less than 30, respectively.

8% / 74.

24% / 132.

61%, net profit growth rate is not less than 30.

1% / 71.

21% / 131.

A high goal of 99% demonstrates the company’s leaders’ confidence in future development.

Investment suggestion: The company is a local high-quality cosmetics company. It builds a multi-brand matrix mainly based on Polaia. CS, the growth rate of the commercial supermarket channel resumes, the single-brand store channel expands faster, and the e-commerce tracking data is more eye-catching.

The company’s EPS for 2018-2020 is predicted to be 1.35, 1.

76, 2.

32 yuan, corresponding PE is 40X, 30X, 23X, the first time coverage is given a “recommended” level.

Risk reminders: The industry’s business climate is worse than expected; industry competition is intensified; channel operating costs are rising too fast; product quality risks; channel expansion is less than expected.

The effect of roasted banana on constipation

The effect of roasted banana on constipation

Few people eat roasted fruits, but in recent years, nutritionists have found that a lot of healthy nutrients in fruits exist on the skin.

  When most fruits are eaten, the skin is removed, and the local ingredients are thrown away for nothing.

If you can roast the peel with fire when you eat the fruit, you can roast the skin with wholesome health into the pulp.

The most typical fruit is banana.

  Eating bananas can clear stools, but eating two or three roots is effective. The reason is that many ingredients that are beneficial to laxatives are on the banana skin, and eating banana pulp alone often fails to achieve the purpose.

If the skinned bananas are roasted on the fire before eating the bananas (do not burn).

Then, a large amount of low fat on the peel can enter the pulp, so eating a lot of pulp with a low melting point can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body and enhance the ability to defecate. It also has a cosmetic effect.

What is good for the eyes?

What is good for the eyes?

Myopia should avoid vision loss and eat more fish, citrus fruits and red fruits. This is an effective method to prevent myopia; but do not eat foods that aggravate myopia, especially a variety of sweets, sweets, full-fat cheese, etc.

  Hyperopia should eat more garlic, onions, dairy products, animal liver.

  Too much glaucoma can lead to glaucoma. To reduce intraocular pressure, drink one and a half liters of water a day.

Eat less greasy things, avoid tea, coffee and alcohol, and quit smoking completely.

If you often use a computer at work; your eyes are dry, bloodshot, afraid of light, tears, and even red and swollen, it means that your eyes have been hurt.

The cause of eye fatigue is generally related to the secretion of tears. This requires awareness and doubles eye protection; and if you can add some nutritious food to your diet, it is the most convenient and effective way:

Needless to say, vitamin A, known as “necessary for eye protection”, is a good way to prevent dry eyes, vision loss, and night blindness. Carrots, green and yellow vegetables, and red dates are the most abundant.


Vitamin B Vitamin B is one of the nutritional sources of the visual nerves. Vitamin B1 deficiency is easy to fatigue the eyes; Vitamin B2 deficiency is easy to cause keratitis.

You can eat more sesame, soybeans, fresh milk, wheat germ and other foods.


Lycium barbarum Lycium barbarum’s clear liver-clearing effect has been known for a long time, because it is rich in carotene, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron, etc., which are essential nutrients for healthy eyes.

  Three dietary formulas of wolfberry fruit: ① wolfberry fruit + rice: after cooking porridge, add a little sugar to treat blurred vision and tearing.

  ② Medlar + Chrysanthemum: Brewing with hot water for a period of time can make eyes easy and bright.

  ③ Medlar + Pork Liver: The soup has clearing heat, eliminating astringent eyes and dark circles appearing due to staying up late.


Cassia seed Cassia seed has the effect of clearing the liver and clearing eyes and moisturizing the intestines. It can improve eye swelling, redness and tears, and prevent vision loss.

  In addition, care should be taken to ensure adequate sleep.

Ancient Law and Current Use-Indian Natural Therapy

Ancient Law and Current Use-Indian Natural Therapy

“Ayurveda” means “science of life” and is a traditional treatment in India.

This 5,000-year-old medical treatment technology has always advocated a natural method to restore the balance and health of the human body, and today it has become the mainstream of Indian medicine again.

  Corana, whose name means “Hometown of Coconuts”, is a small city in the southwestern part of the Indian subcontinent, located between the Cardamom Mountains and the Arabian Sea.

Although this small area is only a few percent of the subcontinent, the coconut products produced account for 70% of the total coconut production in India.

Coconut oil squeezed from dried coconut bells is the traditional massage oil used extensively in “Ayouweida” natural therapy.

  The doctor used my sensitive fingertips to check the pulse for me, to check the functions of the lungs, liver and kidneys, as well as the balance of various secretions and blood.

The physician said, “Kaffa is weak, and Wit is high.

“” Ayouweida “is the most prominent unity of form and spirit, and believes that there are three kinds of natural energy in the human body.

“Witt” controls various functions and physical activities; “Bit” controls digestion, metabolism and body temperature; “Kafa” provides the body structure and regulates body fluid secretion and energy of the immune system.

  According to the “Ayouweida” therapy, the human body can usually self-regulate and balance these three energies.

However, if life is too upside down, problems will still occur, and once an energy is too large, the disease will run out.

Therefore, “Ayouweida” uses a variety of natural medicines, combined with unique massage, diet, and even yoga, to increase the body’s ability to self-renew, thereby correcting the lost balance and harmony.

  The doctor solemnly wrote a prescription for me: what medicine to use from 7 am to 10 am, and then reuse it from 2 to 4 pm, receive different treatments every day, eat a variety of healthy meals, and so on.

Do not smoke, drink less beer, drink more ginger tea.

  The masseuse is preparing for my first treatment.

I saw that the clean towel had been spread, a bottle of coconut oil was being heated on the oil stove, and a copper oil lamp was lit under a statue.

  Today, the herbal medicine of “Ayouweida” is still used in ancient prescriptions centuries ago.

There are as many as one thousand of these formulas, and there are claims at least in terms of treatment, at least in terms of alternatives.

  The first step of my treatment was to receive “Iinger”
massage, using vegetable oil and vanilla to eliminate oily toxins in the polymer for many years.

In the next few days, a “jaw-to-solar” massage with corn and vegetable oil will be used, as well as a “Inner Asia” therapy that cleanses the nasal cavity and throat and enhances the body’s function by discharging waste.

During these physical therapies, the left and right sides of the body will be performed simultaneously.

This is said to balance the functioning of the left and right halves of the brain.

  For half an hour, the entire person was suspended.

The therapist is very skilled and agile fingers are gently inserted into both sides of the body to slide and pinch, pinch to the arms, palms, legs and feet are almost light.

Then the thighs and abdomen, and then reach up to the destination, chin, two clips and forehead before turning back to massage the back.

Next door, the bathtub was already filled with warm herbal water.

The body was rubbed with both hands, washed with coconut soap, and brought back to the carefree childhood.

At ten o’clock noon, the last drop of massage oil was finally clean.

  It’s time for lunch. On the balcony, the dining table is lined with banana leaves.

Sorry, cutlery and dishes are not provided.

The housekeeper scooped out a variety of authentic dishes from the bright bottles.

One of the simple cooking dishes, which is mainly made from local rice and bean paste, is the basic food for “Ayouweida” diet.

I heard that this food is easy to digest and can remove toxins from the body. You can also add a variety of different spices, herbs and vegetables to cook.

  For a few days, I received a series of massages and dietary treatments in a quiet environment.

After a deep sleep every night, I feel more refreshed.

In less than a week, ten liters of coconut oil had penetrated into the skin and a little redness had developed.

The doctor said that this is the time for the treatment to take effect, and it is time to do the “Ovirasso” massage.

This time, the therapist did not apply a sticky hot paste.The next day, the skin became much softer and smoother.

Finally, there is the “Nea” treatment, which cleans the nasal cavity with a light vegetable oil.

After doing this, the clear and unobstructed feeling of the mind is really not experienced for many years.

  On the last day, the doctor gave me another pulse with confidence, purportedly “to restore balance and physiological harmony.

Love starts from the internet

Love starts from the internet

Days are hurried forward, not in the slightest for those who miss it, and no longer attached to the glorious days of the past.

“Zi on the river said: The deceased is like a husband”, one day, two days; January, two months; one year, two years.

In a panic, it was another fall, and another group of birds quietly crossed the sky. Occasionally, a few feathers flew from the sky . I sigh, sigh life is short, sigh Shaohua is easy to die, and sigh everythingHurrying and scattered like clouds.

Even the love in that dream is slowly changing from red to green, from bright to dark, and slowly, slowly losing its own temperature and luster.

So, I was a little scared, a little lost, and at a loss, and I started to get lost . In a blink of an eye, I entered the autumn of 2004, the season that made me sleepy.

In the autumn of the north this year, the sky is still a touch of blue, a pleasing scene of plentiful harvest and love, except that from time to time, there will be a few raindrops, and there will be a cold wind, wind and rain, and some hit people.

For a time, people were armed all over, and wrapped in stringency.

And after the storm, people hurriedly replaced all the heavy to ease.


Qiufengqiuyuqiusha people!

I smiled bitterly: It turned out that the weather didn’t make fun of people, not to mention the new era of human beings with a lot of changes, emotions, and brains.

  Holding the tired body, carrying simple baggage again, returned to the familiar city and the almost tired school.

Finally, there is still a final year to say goodbye to all the sad surroundings and enough lives.

“Where will I leave after leaving this place?” I often think about this simple and complicated question, the closer I am to graduation, the more I think about it.

My torture was almost crazy, almost demented, I was stupid, I was timid.

Who can really help me at this time?

I do n’t have a close friend around me. Maybe only you can break me out of the middle layer at the moment, give me happiness, and give me comfort.

  The scenes of the past reappeared in my mind, everything was only yesterday, and it was as real as the dream.

That night, we were facing Xiaoxiao Qiuyu, and Xiao Xiaoqiufeng quietly walked in the season full of harvest and loss.

A friend said such a sentence: “Although the snowflakes fall from the same sky, they fall to the ground in order to find different targets. No two snowflakes will really condense together.

The so-called fate is just their encounter in the air.

“That night we talked a lot, the most beautiful and most memorable of this life was this night-facing the computer, silently expressing emotions.

I began to indulge in your fascination, missing the whispers and laughter that made your tender fracture make me sweet.

If I don’t meet you in a few days, I will care about you in my dreams, miss you and hug you.

I know, I have fallen in love with you deeply, and the girl who makes me happy and worry me.

  The beauty of autumn is that it has a blurred sadness, a quiet loneliness, and a moving joy.

At the beginning of sadness, in the loneliness, after the joy, everything has replaced your shadow, in the dream, in the heart, on that unforgettable autumn night.

In order to find a lost and happy mood, I stood in the misty autumn wind, knowing that you could not return as scheduled, and I was still craving for a sorrowful and sad story to continue, the rain was wetMy clothes got wet with my hair.

  On the Internet, your ghost calls me “big stupid donkey”. In the letter, you call me “darling” intimately. On the phone, you call me “old ghost” funny and witty . no matter what you callI accept it with joy, because this title is full of a beautiful feeling that can never be heard.

In the same way, I also give you back with my most affectionate title.

“Wife” cried every day, how many times you touched almost tears, and then you always expressed gratitude to me, the rest nothing.

  The e-card was filled with the e-mails I applied for you, and the net name was changed to “I love Cher”. Even so, you still smiled and echoed “Thank you”.

Such a title persisted for a year without reservation. During this year, I believe we are all happy.

Until one time, an email broke my beautiful dream.

It turned out that you have always had a boyfriend, but why have you kept concealing and not telling me for so many consecutive times, even if you carry him and me “Qing Qing Me I”, why is that?

Why is it so cruel to deceive a boy who likes you, don’t you know that the boy’s heart is sometimes fragile?

  That is, since then, I confessed my sincerity to you, and from then on, my title to you has changed since then. I call your name very seriously. There are no more words in my heart that are numb.It started to make me feel sick, but I didn’t want to deceive myself anymore.

I no longer like the fantasy romance, I learn to fall in love with that reality forever.For the first time, a girl was completely deceived emotionally. Although you said that you were not sincere, everything was too late. Who told me to fall in love with you early?

At that time, the mood was extremely low, and the silent heart lake no longer had the depth and tranquility, everything had become a bubble.

  Maybe I am passionate about myself, but I ca n’t forget the little things that I once had with you. Maybe I am so stupid that I believe in fate too much, and believe that we were born in the same month, belong to the same constellation, and have the same sexualitySame dreams, meet people in the same season.

But I was wrong, so wronged, I started to believe in love no longer.

  Autumn wind and autumn rain to resolve feelings.

After that, I gradually started to wake up from intoxication, and time was slowly diluting everything.

You tell me, “Are we good friends?

“What more can I expect?

Although you are unwilling, you tell me how much you love him, but what I want to ask is, does he love you as much as you do?

Many times you have always been reluctant to say the answer.

As a good friend, I have been worried for you, afraid that he will do something to sorry for you, what should you do?

I know that you once had a relationship crisis and almost broke up. You also cried on the Internet and let me find a way for you. Later, I don’t know what the reason is, you are miraculously reconciled.

Although you didn’t tell me why, I really worry about you, just as a friend, as a confidant.

  Many times, you told me from your heart: “Having a confidant like you is my greatest happiness in this life!

“I should have been very happy and happy to hear this, but this time I was really not happy at all.

Every time I see your letter, there is always a faint pain in my heart.

It is not my cowardice to give you up, and even now I clearly realize that loving someone is to make her happy forever without having to take her for granted.

  You are happy now, and I am happy because of you.

In my reply to you, I often add the following sentence to the end of the letter: You are happy so I am happy.

In fact, I was comforting myself. Since I met with you, I have changed a lot. The silly and cute little boy who used to be gone is long gone.

For two years, our relationship as a good friend has maintained this relationship to the present, and the communication between heart and heart has not been interrupted, although we have not become lovers.

  The other day, you called and asked me to meet. I rejected you because I was busy.

Actually, there are only two lessons in a day. I don’t know how to spend the rest of the time.

I said that I would definitely see you there if I had the chance, because my mood is not very calm now, I will see you when I feel cheerful.

At that time, you must take me to climb Mount Tai. This is what you promised me, and you have to treat.

  There are so many stories going on in the fall, just because in the fall we quietly stunned . Relentlessness is not like passionate suffering.

When the ends of the earth are infinite, only Acacia is endless.

Eight notes in the workplace

Eight notes in the workplace

1.Don’t confuse your work with your personal life.

If you have to deal with personal matters at work, stay until lunchtime and don’t arrange for friends to visit you in your office while you work.

  2.Don’t abuse what you have the right to use.

For example, fax machines, letterhead and other office supplies.

Your expense account is for office expenses only, not for household and personal expenses.

Don’t bring all emotions into the office.

Especially when you are in a bad mood, you can’t control and conflict with others.

Everyone has bad moods, but it’s permanent in the office.

  4.Don’t bring vulgar words into the office.

  5.Don’t cry, yell or do anything emotional in the office.

If you can’t help sorrow, close the door and leave the office or go to a temporary place, and wait until the mood is better.

If you can’t control your anger, take this approach, take a deep breath or do something else to relax.

  6.Don’t break into someone’s office without saying hello.

Call or meet face to face.

It is impolite to interrupt someone’s personality, hoping that he can stop and pay attention to himself.

  7.Don’t reject, grumble or tell stories that shouldn’t be told.

  8.Don’t mess up the office.

Hurry up and sort out what you can do before you get off work every day, or at least put aside the work that you want to put aside.