Depth-Company-Huaxin Cement (600801): Years of Production Capacity Landing + Regional High Economic Performance Released Worry-Free

Depth * Company * Huaxin Cement (600801): Years of production capacity landed + regional high economic performance released

The company released the third quarter report for 2019, with revenue of 80 in the third quarter.

8.5 billion, an increase of 12.

96%; net profit attributable to mother 16.

810,000 yuan, an increase of 25.

15%; EPS0.

80 yuan, an increase of 25.


The third quarter report performed well, and the volume and price of the cement business went up.

The main points of the support level have achieved new highs, and the financial indicators have improved for several years: Q1-Q3 company revenue was 224.

72 trillion, an increase of 18.

02%; net profit attributable to mother 48.

4.4 billion, an increase of 41.


In the third quarter, cement continued to show a good trend of rising volume and price, and the indicators and financial indicators improved simultaneously.

Increased gross profit margin increased by 1.

15pct, each cost rate decreased by 1.

62 points.

The receivables turnover rate and inventory turnover rate continued to increase, the debt rate continued to fall, and the recent expansion of capital expenditures, including Yellowstone Throughput, was about to be put into production and reached historical highs.

In the third quarter, the company’s cement continued to show a rise in volume and price: According to recent research, the batch volume in July was 621 tons, the unit price was 350 yuan, and the gross profit was 149 yuan; in August, the batch volume was 673 tons, the unit price was 347 yuan, and the gross profit was 136 yuan.

About an average price of 330 yuan in the same period last year, the unit price of cement still has a considerable increase.

The year of production capacity declines, the release of performance is worry-free: 2019 is the year of the company’s capacity decline, and Yunnan’s 4,000-ton capacity has been ignited; at the end of the year, the production capacity of yellowstone tungsten carbide and overseas Uzbekistan 北京桑拿洗浴保健 and Nepal have been put into operation, a total of one day.

8 nominal.

Aggregate production capacity will be 450 tons in 2019, with a total production capacity of 2,950 tons and a planned capacity of 2,000 tons.

Industry demand is strong and regional prosperity is rising, and the company has benefited the most: From the perspective of the industry, the recovery of Q4 infrastructure coupled with the construction peak season, cement demand remains protected.

From a regional perspective, the reduction in productivity in Hunan in September led to the best performance of cement prices in central China, and the company may become the biggest beneficiary.

It is estimated that the company’s performance is basically in line with expectations. We maintain our original forecast and expect revenues of 317 in 2019-202南京桑拿网1.

53, 339.

79, 361.

1.3 billion; net profit attributable to mothers was 67.

13, 70.

02, 72.

01 ppm; EPS is 3.

20, 3.

34, 3.

43 yuan.

Maintain company buy rating.

The main risks faced by the rating were that the construction of aggregate production capacity was less than expected, the progress of coordinated disposal was less than expected, and the data in central China dropped.

Monternet Group (002123): 5G Circle Network

Monternet Group (002123): 5G Circle Network

Leading domestic enterprise SMS industry, providing comprehensive information and communication service providers of Fuxin, Video Cloud and IOT Cloud.

The company started with enterprise SMS and is a leading company in this field in China.

By continuously strengthening technology research and development, the company provides Fuxin, video cloud and IoT cloud services respectively for mobile communications, video development and IoT terminals, gradually forming comprehensive information and communication services.

Fuxin is an upgraded version of SMS, which is also valuable compared to SMS. The company is expected to replicate the technical and channel advantages of corporate SMS.

Fuxin is the abbreviation of Rich Media Information, which is an upgraded version of ordinary SMS.

The company’s Fuxin 武汉夜网论坛 can be embedded in the user’s SMS application through the upgrade of the mobile terminal, or pre-installed in the SMS application of the mobile phone, and the content is sent to the mobile terminal through the push method.

From the perspective of the display form, Fuxin can display videos, pictures, and voice, which is valuable relative to SMS from a marketing perspective.

In addition, since Fuxin uses traffic as a carrier, its marginal cost is also reduced, and gross margin is converted into short messages.

Fuxin has huge potential.

With WeChat public account scoring, Fuxin has a unique advantage.

The WeChat public account is a closed operation, and only users can get the content inside.

In fact, the amount of information users accept is limited. When this limit is exceeded, users will cancel some other WeChat pushers.

Under the ranking, Fuxin is an open operation, which is actively pushed to users by enterprises, and there is no limit on the number.

At present, WeChat public accounts have appeared with an estimated hundreds of millions of US dollars of companies. In 2018, Hanye plans to purchase Quantum Cloud Technology for 3.8 billion shares.

Quantum Cloud participates in the operation of 981 WeChat public accounts and owns users 2.

400 million people, the average user price is 16 yuan.

As a reference at first, we believe that Fuxin is of great value.

Investment suggestion: The advent of the 5G era will bring lower traffic costs, which will drive the rapid growth of Fuxin’s business with traffic as its carrier. The reduction of costs will also cause Fuxin’s gross margin to replace corporate SMS.

The company’s EPS is expected to be 0 in 2018-2020.

10 yuan, 0.

62 yuan, 0.

87 yuan, maintain Buy-A rating, raise 12-month target price to 18.

6 yuan, corresponding to 30 times PE in 2019.

Risk warning: Fuxin’s promotion is less than expected; industry competition is intensifying.

Wuliangye (000858) first coverage: significant progress in marketing reform and digital transformation

Wuliangye (000858) first coverage: significant progress in marketing reform and digital transformation

Wuliangye, as the king of Luzhou-flavor liquor, has a rich history and has obvious advantages in production areas and production capacity.

Wuliangye Yibin is located in the core area of “Chinese Liquor Golden Triangle” and is known as the “Hometown of Famous Liquor”.

Wuliangye owns China’s largest liquor production base “Shili Wine City”, the ancient cellar of the Ming Dynasty with a history of more than 600 years, and ancient secret recipe crafts. It also has the leading in scale expansion.Second to Maotai.

With the lifting of the ban on the liquor production line by the policy, the Matthew effect of the industry will be further highlighted, which will bring better development opportunities to advantageous production areas and famous wine companies.

The high-end liquor has a solid texture and ample price and space.

The liquor industry has gradually transitioned from a stage of rising volume and price to a stage of structural growth, entering a long cycle of structural prosperity.

The competition pattern of high-end liquor is stable, and 深圳桑拿网 the proportion of sales is still rising. At the same time, it is scarce and there is still room for rising rigid prices.

It is estimated that the CAGR of high-end liquor consumption in 19-21 is about 10%, and the average CAGR of high-end liquor is about 5%.

The development potential energy has been enhanced, and the power storage group has been in the “post-100 billion” era.

19 years as the marketing reform year, the full introduction of the control panel distribution model, the use of digital empowerment to promote the conversion, from the high-level structure to the channel staff have made corresponding optimization adjustments, which will effectively guarantee the company’s future reform measures.

We believe that the company has started to transform from “incremental reform” to “inventory reform”. The continuous reform reform measures will greatly strengthen the company ‘s development momentum. Conservatively forecast that the sales volume of Wuliangye premium wines will be 11% CAGR and CAGR 6% in the next three years.Faster than the industry growth rate, and promoted the company’s profit margin increase, contributing to the Group’s goal of sprinting the world’s top 500.

Investment suggestion: It is estimated that the company’s operating income for 19-21 will be US $ 503.5 / 596 / 68.3 billion, net profit attributable to the mother will be US $ 17.21 / 214.8 billion and EPS will be 4.



39 yuan.

We believe that the company’s marketing reform progress in 19 years has made a significant landing. The merger of product upgrades, management efficiency enhancement effects and digital empowerment transformation. It is estimated that the company’s net profit compound annual growth rate in 19-21 will be 23%.The average PE28X estimate corresponds to a target price of 152.

04 yuan, covering for the first time, giving an “overweight” rating.

Risk warning: downward pressure on the macro economy intensifies; adjustment in pricing policy of the liquor industry, price increase is less than expected

Promoting Men’s Love

Promoting Men’s Love

Women have a masculine relationship. Generally speaking, they can be divided into two categories: one is a heterosexual relationship that is a friend, and the other is a peach relationship that is pursued by a man. Which type of masculinity do you want to have?

Why are there no shortage of bees and butterflies around some women, and there is always someone to pick up and drop off at work, loneliness can rely on people, do not have to lick the wound alone, always like a thousand pets set together?

And why are you always alone?

The so-called no man relationship, many times the problem lies with himself.

  From now on, make some changes and be bold in your pursuit of happiness!


The basic shape of a man with good looks must meet the following requirements: that is, long straight hair, easy-going personality, and often smile sweetly, looking at people makes people feel very gentle,, The face looks good and belongs to the sweet type, usually such girls and men will be better.

  Because boys are generally afraid of being hurt, they usually start as friends first. If this girl is less likely to refuse, it is certainly ideal, so it is not difficult to find that the iceberg beauty type girl is moreMore and more can not eat.

  According to more observations and experiences, there are many heterosexual suitors and girls with good male relationships are very feminine. For example, they are dressed and dressed, or their appearance is brighter, and they speak softly.People feel very soft and graceful. For boys, girls like this will not be stressed, which makes them feel very comfortable.


To release more feminine traits to create a man’s fate, first of all, do not set limits, do not think that there is no opportunity to be with this man, because it is impossible to stop being a boy and girl friend, but still be a friend.

  I have always felt that increasing the chance to get along with each other is also a kind of learning, and I suggest that you do not prevent you from releasing more of your female characteristics in the process of getting along.

  do you know?

I have observed that girls wearing thin straps in summer are most likely to attract the attention of boys, because they look more sexy.

The combination of clothing is very interesting, and it will also draw closer to each other.

  Of course, I do n’t want you to dress hot and hot every day, just do n’t wear dark clothes at all. Moderately bright clothes will also make you different. Remember the principle is to let others know you, andNot thinking of you as a shadow.


Women who want to make their relationships better need a pursuer anytime, anywhere, no matter how old they are, because it can not only increase a woman’s self-confidence, but also affirmation for women.

Just as men like to be verbally affirmed and praised by women, it is the same reason.

  To increase the heterosexual relationship is actually a modest improvement in people’s interpersonal relationships. Too much or less is not good. It is recommended that you do n’t disturb. You can first observe friends with good interpersonal relationships around you and learn from them.What is important is a respect for people.

  It is moral to show a little woman’s posture in front of the boys appropriately.

You should know that you are not stubborn and try to take everything by yourself. When your ability is unbearable, ask a boy to bear it. This is not bad.


Body language is contagious. Regarding the method of creating masculinity, girls whose body language is more relaxed and natural are more likely to be favored by boys. Because body language is contagious, if you do not speak well or are nervous, feelIf you are restrained, you will also convey this feeling to the other party, so when your body language is natural, it will attract people to want to get along with you.


Don’t reject people thousands of miles away. Here we warmly remind you, if you are strict with others, will others treat you?

The relationship between people is actually relative. If you reject others from the beginning, how can others come to you?

  This is a very interesting question. It is simple and practical. It is provided as a reference for you who are still looking for an object. Sometimes when you are happy, the opportunity comes.

  Manhood diagnosis room as an independent new age woman From the perspective of healthy gender relations, a new age new woman with excellent manhood relationship should have different characteristics from the past. These qualities are independent, independent, broad-minded, bright and positive.Thinking, acting, etc. In today’s society, women who are able to accomplish things independently and who are confident in themselves are easy for men.

  Comparatively speaking, girls who have a poor relationship with men may be dependent on their hearts, unable to be independent, have no self-confidence in themselves, and are jealous of others.

  Here I remind you to pay attention to a trap. Men and women usually have complementary situations. If you like to rely on him today, he also wants to depend on people. When a woman can make him depend on one day, will he leave?Where are you going?

  A better constellation for men: Sagittarius, Libra, Scorpio Sagittarius girls are very much in line with the traits of independence and independent thinking mentioned above, and have a high degree of identification with their own bodies, and have strong self-confidence.In addition, they also like sports, make friends, and have strong activity, so male fate is second to none in the 12 constellations.

  The second place is Libra. Everyone knows that this is a handsome and beautiful constellation. Usually Libra girls often have high-quality artistic temperament and emit harmonious beauty in the crowd.

Not only can they relate to their personalities, they even have a lot of ideological stimuli. They are not grass-covered beauties.

  Next is the Scorpio woman, who has a fatal attraction without opening her mouth, often because of their own mystery, and once she speaks, she can often hit the point in a sentence, giving men a desire to find out.

Stressful alert to emotional body

Stressful alert to “emotional” body

Ms. Wang is a sales manager of a company. When the sales target “sprints” at the end of the year, she will experience symptoms such as “dizziness”, “muscle beating”, “chest tightness”, “weakness”, and “sleep disorder”.Film, CT, and various organ examinations did not reveal any problems, but various discomfort symptoms remained.
When she heard that there might be a lot of work pressure, she went directly to the Mental Health Center of Wuhan University for treatment.
  Tang Shiming, a psychological consultant at the Mental Health Center of the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, said that clinically there are many people like Ms. Wang.
They have no physical problems, but they have a lot of discomfort. This is a physical transformation or manifestation of mental and psychological problems, commonly known as psychogenic diseases.
This is a type of physical and mental symptoms that are caused by psychological factors and have no basis for organic diseases. They can appear symptoms such as rigidity, rigidity, repetitive movements, shortness of breath, paralysis, and convulsions, which are more common in women.
  Tang Shiming said that mental illness can be reflected in both the mental and physical aspects, and the two affect each other.
The “emotional” manifestation of the body is not a physical illness, but a refraction of various stresses such as relationships, family roles, and work.
He suggested that on the one hand, professionals in the workplace should set scientific goals and reduce stress for themselves. On the other hand, they should relieve stress by participating in physical exercises and communicating with family, relatives and friends.
If you still can’t decompress well, seek help from a psychologist in time.

Top ten mysteries of hair

Top ten mysteries of hair

Who doesn’t want to have a hair?

What’s more, if your hair “grows well” also indicates that your body is healthy.

However, do you know that some of our usual statements about hair are actually correct and some are wrong?


Question 1: Often hairdressers gradually grow roots and become stronger. Hair grows again.

  Answer: This is absolutely wrong, after all, the scalp is not a lawn.

No one knows how people think this way. Maybe it is the misunderstanding that men must have beards.

However, the hair on the human skull is very different from the hair on the head.

Hair grows only 1 per month.

5 cm, growth rate has nothing to do with the number of haircuts.


Question 2: Split ends can be treated.

  Answer: This statement is also incorrect.

The best way is to go for a haircut immediately to avoid unnecessary trouble.


Question 3: Combing your hair is good for hair.

  Answer: Combing your hair often is not good for your hair.

Comb hair has more split ends, and hair is easily replaced from the scalp.

Therefore, do not comb your hair too often.


Question 4: If the hat is tight, it may cause hair loss.

  Answer: This statement is correct.

Especially for men, this is one of the causes of hair loss.

If the hat is too tight, it will speed up hair loss.


Question 5: People will bald overnight.

  Answer: This is just a literary statement.

The difference in hair color comes from the genes of the human body, and the change of hair color is a long-term process.


Question 6: If you pull out a white hair, two black hairs will grow from the place where the hair was pulled out.

  Answer: Nonsense.

If this is the case, there will be no white-haired people in the world.


Question 7: The cause of hair loss is due to maternal inheritance.

  Answer: Although there is no evidence that this inheritance will last for several generations, the cause of hair loss is indeed due to genetic inheritance.

The results show that men start losing hair when they are 18-20 years old, while women start losing hair when they are 45-55 years old.


Question 8: Dandruff makes the scalp dry.  Answer: Dandruff is completely different from dry scalp.

There are many ways to cure these two diseases. If a person has dandruff, it means that he or she has a problem with the functioning of the body.


Question 9: Dandruff is contagious.

  Answer: This is absolutely wrong.

Everyone has microbes on their heads, and it is these microbes that cause the appearance of dandruff.

But you should keep in mind that it is best not to use other people’s combs, as these combs can spread some serious skin diseases.

Three TCM health care methods to prevent super bacteria

Three TCM health care methods to prevent super bacteria

Although the super bacteria are currently “no cure”, experts have said that the super bacteria will only infect those who have been hospitalized for a long time and have poor health and will not spread.

In this case, we must strengthen our physique.

Traditional Chinese medicine has great advantages in enhancing people’s physical fitness. The following introduces a few effective ways to avoid them. Although super bacteria are currently “no cure”, experts have said that super bacteria will only infect those who have been hospitalized for a long time.People with very poor constitutions will not spread.
In this case, we must strengthen our physique.
Traditional Chinese medicine has great advantages in enhancing people’s physical fitness. Here are some methods to effectively improve immunity.


Changping Yupingfeng San Yupingfeng San is composed of three medicines, namely Fengfang, Astragalus and Atractylodes.

Astragalus Yiqi solid table antiperspirant as the king, Baizhu nourishing qi and spleen as the minister, supplemented by preventing wind from walking the table and dispersing the wind evil, the combination of three medicines can strengthen the qi and solidify the table, and nourish the spleen.

This “Wei” refers to Wei Qi, which is one of the barriers against external evils. Therefore, if the Wei Qi is full, then the external evils cannot be committed.

Therefore, the prescription of this side is not solid, and it shows that it is self-sweating and susceptible to wind and evil, that is, we usually talk about strengthening resistance and preventing colds.

This prescription has always prevented or reduced the number of sudden outbreaks in patients with allergic rhinitis and hypertension.

  Specific usage: In a pharmacy, mix according to 30 grams of windproof, 60 grams of astragalus and 60 grams of atractylodes, then let the pharmacy research the medicine into powder, taking 6-9 grams of powder each time, twice a day. If you are not afraid of trouble, it is bestServe with jujube soup.

If you take it for a long time, your resistance will definitely be good.


Changsanli Zusanli Zusanli is an acupuncture point in acupuncture and is one of the main points of the “Fuyangming Stomach Meridian”.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the source of the day after tomorrow, and the Foot-Yangming Stomach Meridian is “multiple qi and blood”, so massaging Zusanli can regulate the body’s immunity, enhance disease resistance, condition the spleen and stomach, replenish the qi and strengthen qi, and pass through, The role of righteousness and dispel evil.

  Zusanli positioning: touch the outside of the calf from bottom to top, and touch the bump (lateral lateral condyle) below the tibia at the upper right.

From this point, there is another bump (small fibula head) a little below the diagonal.

The two convex bones are connected by a line, and the line in turn makes a regular triangle downward.

The top of this regular triangle is exactly Zusanli Point.

The Zusanli Point is 3 inches below the eyes of the outer knee, and 1 horizontal finger from several anterior condyles, when it is on the tibialis anterior muscle.

When taking the acupuncture point, measure 4 horizontal fingers downward from the outer knee eye, between the fibula and tibia, and 1 horizontal finger from the upper side of the bone, which is the place.


The moxibustion Baihui Baihui acupoint is located at the intersection of the midline of the top of the head and the line connecting the tips of the two ears.

According to the theory of Chinese medicine, the head is the meeting of Zhuyang and the ancestor of Baimai, and the point of Baihui is where the meridian qi converges.

The acupoint belongs to yang, and it contains yin in the yang, so it can access the yin and yang veins and connect the body meridian points, which is important for regulating the body’s yin and yang balance.

  Moxibustion is the use of moxa or other drugs to burn on the body’s acupuncture points, warm irons, and use the heat of moxibustion fire and the role of drugs. Through meridian replacement, it can penetrate Wentongqi blood, correcting evils, and achieving diseaseA cure for treatment.

  Therefore, the moxibustion Baihui can reconcile the yin and yang of the body, reach the 100 pulses, expel the disease with warmth, and improve the skin’s immunity and prevent disease.

Jade Bird Yoga Mat Outfit (Pink Lotus)

Jade Bird Yoga Mat Outfit (Pink Lotus)

Market price: ¥ 138.

00 Brand Name: Beijing Bluebird Specifications: Length: 173cm Width: 61cm Thickness: 6mm Origin: Beijing Color: Pink Indian Lotus Material: PVC foam, PVC 93%, plasticizer 7%, middle layer of yoga mat has latitude and longitude distributionTear layer.

  Material introduction: non-toxic, non-chloride; foam is closed air bubbles; soft, good elasticity; strong grip, tile application; good anti-slip effect, high resilience, waterproof, cold resistance; recyclable and remanufacturableNatural oxidation cracking characteristics.

  Instructions for use: 1. Yoga mats are auxiliary supplies for doing yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground and do yoga exercises on it to prevent injuries to the spine, feet, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

After doing the exercises, you can roll up the yoga mat, lock it with a hair button, put it in a backpack, and keep it hygienic.

  2. The ground should be flat and clean to avoid friction with sharp and hard objects, so as not to scratch the surface of the mat; 3. Please use a soft fabric dipped in some detergent to clean.