Dahua Shares (002236): Results in line with expectations rebound in overseas gross profit margin

Dahua Shares (002236): Results in line with expectations rebound in overseas gross profit margin

Performance is in line with expectations.

The company achieved operating income of 236 in 2018.

70,000 yuan, an annual increase of 25.

58%; net profit 25.

2.9 billion, an annual increase of 6.

34%; deduct non-net profit 24.

95 ppm, a ten-year increase6.

61%, 2018 net profit is near the median of 0% to 15% of the baseline forecast change, in line with expectations.

Overseas gross margins rebounded month-on-month, and the fourth-quarter sales expense ratio increased to save the future.

In 2018, the company’s overseas business gross margin was 41.

15%, an increase of 0 compared with the same period last year.

The 68 averages were mainly due to an increase of 7 in the second half of the year.

5 up to 44.

2%, mainly due to the company’s strengthening of overseas channel management and product structure optimization, while benefiting from the stabilization of the exchange rate.

It is worth noting that the company’s sales expense ratio in the fourth quarter 杭州桑拿 was 14.

9%, an increase of 3 per year.

The three singles show that the company is vigorously promoting business expansion, and it is worth looking forward to in the future.

A number of AI technologies took the first place.

In 2018, the company was included in KITTI VISION’s 2D human detection, 2D / 3D vehicle detection, scene flow, optical flow, road segmentation in driveable areas, instance segmentation (cars, pedestrians, etc.), MOT multi-target tracking (vehicles, human bodies), The PRCV2018 large-scale pedestrian search competition (pictures, system test) and other 13 items ranked first, face recognition algorithm in the NIST face recognition competition natural scenes ranked first domestic manufacturers.

In the “Road Vehicle Image Feature Artificial Intelligence Recognition Contest” organized by the Ministry of Public Security, it achieved the best results in the detection of dirt vehicle features, the driver’s face recognition first, the video event detection second, and the vehicle carrying people third.

The R & D of artificial intelligence chips has achieved initial results.

Based on self-developed artificial intelligence chips, the company successfully launched a series of artificial intelligence front-end devices such as the “Smart” series of economical face detection cameras and the “Hui” series of AI entrance and exit snap cameras.

In 2018, the company’s artificial intelligence chip research and development project was supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s major science and technology project and the Hangzhou integrated circuit industry development project, which made up a good foundation for subsequent sustainable development.

Investment suggestion: As one of the world’s leading security companies, the company will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this round of “AI + security” dividends. Its accumulated artificial intelligence technology and market channel capabilities will enable the company to replicate horizontally to multiple emerging industriesThe advantages.

The company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is expected to be 1.

02, 1.

31 yuan, maintain “Buy-A” investment rating, 6-month target price of 20 yuan.

Risk reminder: The development of the intelligent security market is less than expected.

Luxi Chemical (000830): Product price drop and performance caused by maintenance in the park are optimistic about the competitive advantages of large chemical parks

Luxi Chemical (000830北京体验网): Product price drop and performance caused by maintenance in the park are optimistic about the competitive advantages of large chemical parks
Investment Highlights: Company Announcement: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and the company achieved operating income of 136 from January to September 2019.4.2 billion (YOY-13.50%), realizing net profit attributable to mother 8.6.4 billion (YoY -63.25%), the performance is in line with expectations.Among them, Q3 achieved 37 revenue in a single quarter.810,000 yuan (-26% year-on-year.80% in the second quarter.73%), net profit attributable to mother 1.10,000 yuan (YoY-84.02%, -74.88%). The impact of additional maintenance and trimming on the main product’s falling prices, Q3 performance indicators.Affected by the market, at least some of the products reported 淡水桑拿网 as major products have overlapping degraded margins. According to the annual maintenance plan, the production units (coal chemical industry, salt chemical industry, and new chemical materials in the park) in the park will be inspected for parking for 8 months.profit.According to our trace, it is reported to contain 32% ion membrane caustic soda, formic acid, urea, caprolactam, 27.The average prices of 5% hydrogen peroxide and polycarbonate Q2 were 706, 2440, 1861, 12394, 1138, and 16179 yuan / ton, respectively, a change of +6 from 19Q2.2%, -9.5%, -7.3%, -5.0%, -1.3%, -4.7%; coal prices of main raw materials remained stable, and the chain changes of pure benzene, propylene, and bisphenol A were +21.6%, + 89%, -13.1%. Q3’s sales gross margin was 16.91%, ring-on-epoxy 4.31 averages, at least a ten-year average.64 units.In terms of period expenses, the company’s financial expenses in the third quarter increased by about 0 from the previous month.65 ppm with a total cost of 5 during the period.1.4 billion, an increase of 0 from Q2.2.2 billion, affecting current profits. The large chemical industry parks have high competition barriers, and MTO, PC, and fluorine materials projects continue to improve the layout of the industrial chain.After years of development, the company has basically realized the transformation from a traditional coal chemical enterprise to a leader in new chemical materials. The integration, intelligentization and intensiveness of the industrial park have led the industry.The company has strictly controlled safety and environmental protection for a long period of time to ensure production safety, and basically achieve zero discharge of wastewater and ultra-low emissions of flue gas treatment. In the context of long-term severe environmental safety supervision and management in the industry, high-quality chemical parks have become an important moat for the company.This year, the company has successively put into operation a cycloalkyl ketone production project and some second-phase nylon 6 projects. The company will continue to advance the polyol raw material route optimization project (30 tons of MTO), the integration of 100 tons of polycarbonate projects and high-end fluorine materialsProject, the above new chemical materials and new coal chemical products will further improve the company’s industrial chain layout, enhance the company’s industry status, and become a new driving force for the company’s future performance growth. Profit forecast and investment rating: Due to the staggered changes in the price of the company’s products, the company’s profit forecast for 19-21 is reduced to 11.00, 13.84, 16.03 (14 before adjustment.50, 15.46, 16.48 ppm), corresponding to 13/11/9 times PE in 19-21. This profit forecast is based on product prices in alternative locations. We are optimistic about the development space of integrated enterprises in the park for a long time and maintain an “overweight” rating.

Zhonghuan (002129) Matters Comment: Silicon wafer leader continues to grow and technology leads expected cross cycle

Zhonghuan (002129) Matters Comment: Silicon wafer leader continues to grow and technology leads expected cross cycle

Events: 1. The company recently released its semi-annual report for 2019. In the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 79.

42 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.

91%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

52 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.

69%, return to the net profit of non-recurring gains and losses.

54 ppm, an increase of 58 in ten years.

57%, basic profit income is 0.

1623 yuan / share, an increase of 43 in ten years.


2. The shareholders of the company’s controlling subsidiary, Central Leadership, intend to increase the capital contribution to Central Leadership by 2.7 billion yuan in the same proportion, of which the company’s shareholding ratio is 30% and the capital increase is 8.

10,000 yuan.

After the capital increase is completed, Central’s leading registered capital will be changed from US $ 5 billion to US $ 7.7 billion, providing capital guarantee for the company’s smooth implementation of large-diameter silicon wafer projects and ensuring the steady progress of the overall semiconductor strategy.

Opinion: The large amount of silicon wafer capacity promotes performance growth and will continue to benefit from the upward cycle of photovoltaics in the future.

The company’s main business revolves around monocrystalline silicon materials, and photovoltaic new energy wafers and semiconductor wafers are driven by two wheels.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s new energy materials business realized revenue of 70 due to the increase in new wafer capacity.

0.6 million yuan, an increase of 21 in ten years.

6%; semiconductor materials business achieved revenue 5.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 21 in ten years.

1%; promote the company’s overall revenue 79.

42 ppm, an increase of 22 in ten years.


Affected by the increase in the price of photovoltaic silicon wafers, the company’s overall gross profit margin rose.

56 up to 17.


Due to the decrease in sales costs caused by the decrease in the sales of components and the decrease in transportation costs and the decrease in management costs caused by the decline in labor costs, the company’s overall period rate fell by more than 3.

44 single to 9.

81%, in the end the company realized net profit attributable to the mother4.

52 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.


We believe that through the production capacity of the company in the first half of the year, and the photovoltaic industry is still in a better upward cycle, the company’s performance trend in the next 2-3 quarters will remain a good trend.

The release of photovoltaic wafer capacity has accelerated, and the deployment of large silicon wafer products has promoted the technological progress of the industry.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s Inner Mongolia PV Phase IV and Phase IV transformation projects have all reached production. Through process optimization, the company has promoted the overall annual production capacity of photovoltaic wafers to reach 30GW.

At the same time, the company’s planned fifth-phase photovoltaic project has begun construction, which will form a 25GW capacity after it is put into operation, further consolidating the company’s leading position in the silicon wafer industry.

Recently, the company released a new product “QuaFather” series of M12, 12-inch monocrystalline silicon cubes. The area of monolithic wafers has increased by 85% compared to existing mainstream products in the industry. The corresponding module power of M12 wafers can reach 600W.It is expected to significantly improve the price-performance ratio of photovoltaic power generation in the future.

We believe that the company’s new products are expected to accelerate the technological progress of the entire industry chain, accelerate the industrialization of new technologies for cell and module switching, accelerate the pace of parity on-line access in the photovoltaic industry, and grow across industry cycles.

Supply and demand for silicon wafers are tightening, and prices are expected to remain firm in the short to medium term.

In the first half of 2019, affected by the strong domestic manufacturing end demand driven by overseas photovoltaic installations and the accelerated expansion of downstream cell production, the supply of silicon wafers became tighter and prices were firm. According to Pvinfolink data, 180 μm single crystal silicon wafers in the first half of 2019 were allThe price rose by 2.

3%.With the domestic photovoltaic installation starting in August and the gradual off-season of overseas demand ending in the off-season, domestic and foreign resonance will further increase the demand for manufacturing-side products. The shape of the alternating silicon oligarchs is clear.Expected to rise and remain strong.
The non-public issuance plan was approved, and the large-scale semiconductor wafer project continued to advance.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s non-public offering plan was reviewed and approved by the CSRC.

The company plans to raise US $ 50 million for Yixing Central’s leading 8-12-inch semiconductor wafer production line construction project.

The company’s current Tianjin 8-inch wafer expansion project has achieved design capacity. Through this fixed increase, the company will form a capacity of 1.05 million wafers / month 8-inch and 150,000 wafers / month 12-inch polished wafers, of which Yixing plant is expected to be 2019H2One 8-inch line was put into production, and the 12-inch project was gradually put into operation in 2020Q1. The large-scale semiconductor wafer project continued to advance, accelerating the pace of import substitution.

At present, the shareholders of Central Lead have increased their capital to Central Lead. In the current downturn of the industry, the release of high-end and high-end production capacity is just at the right time, and it will enjoy the upward cycle of the semiconductor industry in the future.

Earnings forecast and rating: We expect the company to achieve 180 revenue in 2019-2021.

11, 243.

60 and 309.

950,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

93%, 35.

25% and 27.

24%, net profit attributable to shareholders 南京桑拿网 of the parent company.

48, 17.

20 and 22.

34 ppm, an increase of 81 in ten years.

61%, 49.

77% and 29.

94%, diluted EPS are 0.

41, 0.

62 and 0.

80 yuan, based on the closing price on September 6, the corresponding PE for 2019-2021 is 28x, 19x and 15x.

At present, the company has grown into a leader in photovoltaic single crystal silicon wafers, and continued to expand production to further consolidate its competitive advantage. At the same time, it has released transformative new products to promote the technological progress of the industry; semiconductor large-sized silicon wafers will accelerate the import of alternatives.”Buy” rating for the company.

Risk factors: the risk of changes in the supporting policies of the photovoltaic industry; less-than-expected risks in increasing production capacity; less-than-expected demand in overseas markets; increased market competition risks; less-than-expected risks in large-scale semiconductor wafer customer development.

Beauty computer beauty products

Beauty computer beauty products

Click to buy experts say long-term use of computers.

In addition to making appropriate adjustments at work, you can also make several additional health drinks that are very effective in preventing computer radiation damage.

  Chinese wolfberry tea Chinese wolfberry is rich in carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium, iron, etc. It has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, and has obvious effects. For two consecutive months, it can make eyesight, strengthen bones and bones and improve fatigue.

Especially for people who have problems with sore eyes, fatigue, and vision loss caused by long-term computer use.

And the brewing method is very simple: take an appropriate amount of wolfberry into the cup, brew with boiling water and absorb.

  Chrysanthemum tea is similar to wolfberry, chrysanthemum also has a clearing effect on the liver, and also has a certain therapeutic effect on eye strain, headache and hypertension.

Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemums are cool, sweet and bitter, and have the effects of evacuation of wind and heat, eyesight, and detoxification.

  After lunch every day, put 5-6 chrysanthemums into the cup and brew with boiling water.

If you add plasma honey, the taste will be better when you can.

  The ancients of whitening and green tea used “skin as gel” as the highest state of beauty, and the modern women’s pursuit of whitening is no less than the ancients.

In particular, women who often face computers are more pursuing healthy whitening and want to reduce the damage to the skin caused by computer radiation.

Traditional Chinese medicine recommends green tea to typical women.

  Green tea contains powerful antioxidants, catechol and vitamin C. It not only removes excess free radicals from the body, but also causes the spleen to secrete hormones that fight stress.

Take it regularly to make the skin shiny, delicate and white and tender.

However, it is important to note that the small amount of caffeine contained in green tea can stimulate the central nervous system and invigorate the spirit.

Therefore, it is best to allow during the day and not to participate at night, so as not to affect sleep.

  Due to the particularity of women’s physiological structure, green tea cannot be consumed every day.

Chinese medicine reminds you to pay special attention to 5 periods to prevent your body from getting worse: 1. physiological period; 2. pregnancy period; 3. labor period; 4. lactation period; 5. menopause period.

Snail love

Snail love

(1) I grew up in a small county when I was a kid, and lived in a very lively residential area with my parents. That residential area has a very interesting name, “Zhaigongtang”.

  In the second year of the second year, we moved to a new house next door. The neighbors of “Zhaigongtang” were invited to dinner on the day of the house move. The uncle, aunt, and father and mother were of similar age. The aunt saw me very happy.Pulling a boy taller than me, I stumbled, “Wow, there will be such a tall person next door.

“I ignored him proudly, and he didn’t even say hello to me.

The aunt said, “You can play together in the future.

“I kept my head down and ate the rice in the bowl, pretending I didn’t hear it.

  Since that day we have known each other, and our neighbors have called him clearly.

I called him like this, “Ming Ming!



“He looked at me.” What?




  We read a grade. I was in the best school in the county. His grades were not good. The school he attended was not famous.

Every time my auntie saw me, she said, “Lele, you have to help more clearly. He doesn’t like studying.

“Every time, I have a sense of superiority, and my heart is so beautiful, I will say in front of him:” If he does not want to read, I will not teach him. ”

  On summer evenings, every family likes to set the table for dinner. They are always shirtless, and they wear a pair of blue striped beach pants to eat outside. Auntie and my mother said, “Our family obviously loves meat.A person can eat several pounds!

“I’ll hold it for a while. How can I have enough money to support it?

I raised my head curiously to see him eat. He was eating far less rudely than I thought. He chewed slowly and bite until his fingers held the chopsticks. He ate and ate and said to his mother;Height, I have grown two centimeters, and now it is one meter seven four.

“I’m choking again, how can I grow so long?

Cut it a little for me.

  When I was in junior high school, I studied very hard. He moved the desk out to do his homework as soon as he was out of school. He often turned around my desk and occasionally flipped through my books. I said disdainfully; “Do you understand?

“He didn’t care about me, he said heely,” I don’t understand. ”

I ignored him. I continued to write my words. He patted the table and said, “Did you become a certain body when you wrote?”

Also, how do you always love to write a pen? The country of China has to write the inside first and then the outside horizontal. How do you read in elementary school?

“I looked at him, and he was furious, and threw his pen to write, and when he lifted the pen, he wrote a phrase” Spring Rain Runs like a rush “on my book.

The work is neat and beautiful, I asked him wonderingly, “Have you ever practiced the post?

“He raised his head and ignored me and left.

  (2) Less than a year after neighbours, we ushered in our respective entrance examinations.

I went directly to the high school of our school with excellent grades. I felt very fresh in a new class. In the face of many children who were admitted by foreign schools, our children ‘s superiority filled the whole heart like cotton.Already.
My friend Yingying and I started talking about interesting things in their respective classes. Yingying said, “There is a guy in our class sitting in the last row and wearing blue striped beach pants to school every day. It looks cool.

“”is it?

Take me there someday, what’s your name?

“” When the teacher ordered the roster, he seemed to call him Guo Ziming.

“I almost fell off the bike instead.

Guo Ziming?

This guy, Mingming and I are now a school, I don’t know yet.

  Next, I will always see him in different places in the school. He is always followed by a bunch of messy boys. Whenever I do, I pretended not to see him. He always called “Lele, Lele”.I, everyone around me looked at him curiously, wondering that he gave me such an intimate title.He sometimes walks with the girls, and often changes to different girls. I ring the bell all the way and call him hard; “Ming Ming, Ming Ming”.

He turned back and grinned at me, smiling so cute.

  The high school has grown a few centimeters. I am standing in front of him and he is almost a dwarf. He rides a beautiful car to school. We often start together in the morning and ride to a place where we buy breakfast.He is good at buns. He can eat the buns while riding. I have to wait until the school to stop the car before eating. At this time, the buns are also cold.

He joked a little; “After you go to school on my bike, you can sit back and have breakfast.

“I told my mother, and my mother said;” After that, it will rain, and you will go to school by bike.

“After many years, whenever I encountered this incident, I was so touched that I remembered riding his bike for the first time. He rode in a raincoat and I sat on the back with an umbrella.

What a young two children, dare not touch him with their hands, hold tightly under the seat, heartbeat beating constantly.

  I found out that he was such a disobedient child at a school with him. Every day I can see the teacher take him to the office. I sit at the window and watch him pass by me slowly. He will smile at me.I’m not embarrassed at all, I feel embarrassed at this moment, I wish I didn’t know him.

Later, you will hear the criticism of the teacher in the next office, and then there is an excuse that is louder than the teacher’s voice. That is clear, and then the teacher swells out. He follows slowly and still.

Because he was so bold, he suddenly became a celebrity in school. I am next door to the celebrity, and many people know me.

  In the following days, every three or two days I could hear the aunt’s lesson clearly next door, often the aunt said something, he wanted to say two or three sentences, and once he found 40 brothers and gave a boy who was one of usHe hit him, and the school almost fired him. The aunt was so angry that he had to hit him. My mother and neighbors went to persuade him and said, “I never hit anyone who shouldn’t be hit. He repeatedly messed with me.of.

“Turn around and leave.”

My mother immediately pushed me, and I dropped the bowl and chased the car.

When I caught up, he had gone a long way, and I didn’t speak. Following him, he saw me and said to me softly; “You go home for dinner.

I said; “I won’t go back if you don’t go back.

“Yu came back again obediently.

So later, many students at the school asked me: “Guo Ziming is so sloppy and untamed, why do you play so well?

I said; “I can’t feel it, I feel he’s a very reasonable boy.”

“Because he was always obedient in front of me, I couldn’t hook the boy who could summon more than 40 people to fight with the boy who rode my bike to school every day.

  Soon after reading the senior year, Ming Ming and I both grew up slowly in the eyes of each other. The classmates knew that I was Ming Ming’s best friend. Those girls who secretly love Ming Ming even secretly eat my vinegar.

He often waited for me on the dark road home after self-study late. When he saw me coming, I rang the bell softly. I would also send him a letter. It was a rejection letter addressed to the girl.”There are many girls chasing you.

He said; “I’m so bad, I love fighting so much, who would like me?”

Do you know?

“I won’t.

“The two laughed.

  (3) Then we all went to college. He went to Guiyang. I came to Guangzhou. The interesting thing is that we all chose to study medicine.

When I was a freshman, my family moved out of the county with my father’s work.

University life is colorful. When I was used to sending emails and text messages to friends for quick contact, I suddenly received an ordinary post with a red stamp, which was sent from Guiyang.

Then he next wrote me a letter about his boring life at university, told me he didn’t talk about his girlfriend, asked me if he was in love, and then the last sentence of the letter told me that he missed me very much.

I took his letter and looked slowly, and in my head came the naughty look of his smile at me.

He occasionally calls me and asks if I am doing well.

I told him: “I must go to see Huangguoshu Falls. You have to save more and entertain me when that happens.

“He said;” I play cards at school every day to win money and wait for you.

I said; “If you play cards again, I won’t play with you.

He said hurriedly; “I will never fight again, you play with me.

“Later, he really gave up.

  The year I graduated from the fifth year, I successfully passed the postgraduate examination. I told him that I had received the admission letter. He was so happy. He said it was good. I forgot to ask him about his work.

After entering, he called me and said he found a job. I asked him where he said that he was overtime for one and a half hours from my school. I was stuck for a while, thinking about how I could meet with Mingming often as a teenagerSo happy.

Obviously asked me, “Are you happy?

“I said;” Very happy.It’s winter time to meet again. It’s as if I haven’t been in a hurry to see each other after so long, but I miss you so much.

After an overpass, he saw me from a distance. He came slowly from the overpass and smiled at me from afar.

I remembered when he was taken by my teacher to the office in front of my window in high school, nothing changed.

Suddenly I wanted to rush over to give him a British hug, and I was startled by this idea myself.

When they came to the front, they said nothing. They looked at each other and smirked for a long time. Then he said suddenly, “It’s cold, I’ll hold your hand.

“After finishing talking, I pulled up my right hand and left.

I was startled, and a word came out, “Would you hold my left hand?

The left hand is more ice.

“He looked at me and laughed.

  In this way, I and I began to fall in love in the 10th year I knew each other.

Properly dry your hands after washing to prevent the spread of bacteria

Properly dry your hands after washing to prevent the spread of bacteria

People often wash their hands to suppress the spread of bacteria, but many people often ignore the step of drying hands after washing, so the effect of hand washing is weakened.

A new British study shows that choosing the right way to dry your hands can help prevent the spread of germs left on your hands elsewhere.

  Researchers at institutions such as the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom report in a new issue of the Journal of Applied Microbiology that hand washing is an effective way to remove bacteria, but it can’t destroy all bacteria.Dry, residual bacteria can easily spread in a humid environment, so letting your hands dry is also an important step.

  Because the main purpose of maintaining hand hygiene is to prevent the spread of bacteria from the hands to items such as food they carry, researchers have designed experiments to evaluate the effects of various methods of drying hands on the spread of bacteria.

That is, first ask volunteers to touch the raw meat with bacteria, then wash your hands and take different methods to dry your hands. At each stage of the process, press your hand on the petri dish, and then check how much bacteria will be left.

  The results show that in the use of paper towels, various “dry phones” and other methods, the use of paper towels to wipe the hands is the most effective. After drying the hands in this way, the number of bacteria transmitted to the Petri dish is reduced by contact.

  The effect of the “dry cell phone” determines how to use it. Some “dry cell phones” use warm air to dry their hands and often require rubbing their hands to speed up the evaporation of water. Other machines use high-speed air to dry the water.

Researchers have found that, unlike rubbing hands during washing, it has a better sterilization effect. If you rub your hands during drying, it will become hidden in the skin to remove the bacteria that were washed away and brought to the surface of your hands.When such hands touch the culture dish after drying, more bacteria will be left behind.

  But if the hand is still in the “dryer”, the amount of bacteria left on the petri dish after the hand is dry is not much different from the use of paper towels.

Yoga practice does not cause energy loss

Yoga practice does not cause energy loss

In fact, you gain energy by stimulating your brain to absorb more oxygen.

Western sports can potentially consume a lot of energy, especially physical exhaustion, especially when in poor health.

  Yoga is an extra balanced exercise system.

In this sense, weightlifting exercises only a certain muscle group, but yoga exercises all the major muscle groups at the same time, which can avoid joint and muscle fatigue that often occurs when lifting objects.

  Some people conflict that sports like jogging can breathe deeply, so there is no need to force a special breathing exercise.

But in fact, these Western movements only make us short of breath, which is a kind of rapid vibration that is broken and perforated, and the increased absorption of oxygen is consumed by the energy lost in military movement.

Therefore, Western sports cannot make people simply increase energy and oxygen.

In fact, you might lose everything.

This is why you get tired after exercising.

Military yoga, energy and oxygen absorption are considerable.

  One of the criticisms of bodybuilding experts about yoga is that yoga has not paid attention to the health care of the blood vessels.

In other words, yoga is not good for the heart and blood vessels.

This statement is completely wrong.

Ancient yoga practitioners designed this kind of excellent exercise with less effort to make people exercise the brain, spine, glands and other internal organs, while also straining the heart and blood vessels.

Yoga strengthens the function of the heart and blood vessels through the following two ways: First, during forced breathing exercises, each time you inhale, you push forward across, providing a gentle massage for the heart, tightening the internal blood vessels of the heart and increasing nutrition.

  Second, the inverted position helps the leg veins.

Due to the antigravity, the venous valve rests for a while, which can avoid the occurrence of venous tumors and correct the venous tumors that have already appeared.

  You may find yoga fun and fearful.

But remember, you have to do it to be effective.

Theories can only provide an understanding of the intention of implementation-the theory of air is not as good as implementation.

  Due to the depth and variety of yoga content, you can start at any stage and complete it at any level.

It helps you realize your physical, mental or spiritual full potential. Don’t forget that yoga is a wise investment in time.

After each month, if you practice half an hour of yoga a day, you can save half an hour of sleep time.

In other words, yoga will not consume you at all, but also provide you with vitality and rejuvenation effect.

  First, yoga is a natural practice system of body and mind culture, the purpose of which is to increase inverse vitality and create rejuvenating effects.

  Second, yoga is unparalleled in terms of self-improvement and development potential.

No other physical or mental exercise system brings more than yoga.

Yoga exercises both the body and the mind.

  Third, the philosophy of yoga states that all human beings are seeking happiness, but seeking short-lived entertainment through the sense palace is the wrong way to pursue happiness.

  Yoga believes that by developing advanced self through yoga practice, you will find deep and long-lasting happiness, and even more enjoy the fun outside.

The process of implementing the advanced self spans many lives, and the motivation at the initial stage is pain.

  Fourth, one of the main purposes of yoga is to increase the supply of “qi” in the body.

  Qi is an important basic energy of the universe.

The place where qi is most concentrated is air, so yogis are breathing very correctly and correctly, and devising special breathing methods to increase the amount of qi in the body.

  Fifth, the way yoga works is to dramatically improve the health of the brain, spine, glands, and internal organs, and then create a state of high vitality and rejuvenation.

  6. The benefits of yoga include: increased energy, youthful appearance and sensation, longevity, increased disease resistance, improved vision and hearing, deep sleep, weight loss, mental and emotional health, and sharper intuition.

  Seventh, yoga’s view of sexual behavior is modest, and believes that normal sexual function occurs only when the reproductive system is highly healthy.

Yoga asanas and breathing exercises work best.   Eight, the main principle of yoga nutrition is to eat less high-quality food.

Yoga practitioners recommend eating many fruits, vegetables, whole shells, and raw nuts. Because of their vitality, meat must be eaten less or not eaten at all; you can also eat fresh and raw foods and not eat too hot or cold.

Alcohol is considered to be detrimental to health and hinder yoga progress.

  Nine, yoga is more beneficial to the body than Western exercise, because yoga is aimed at the entire physiological system-especially the brain, spine and glands that are the center of physical vitality and rejuvenation.

Why do children become strange children?

Why do children become strange children?

Among severe psychiatric disorders, schizophrenia has the highest complication.

The most common mental illness is between the ages of 15 and 25 years.

However, there are also a small number of patients who develop the disease earlier and develop it in childhood, which is called childhood schizophrenia.

Because of its latent onset, it is often considered by parents and teachers as a child’s “temporary change”, or it is mistaken for a child’s “character” problem and misses the timing of treatment.

  The onset of childhood schizophrenia is generally slow and latent, and only older children have acute or subacute onset.

At the beginning, children who have always been clever and lovable will gradually become estranged from one another, causing affection to their loved ones, being lonely, out of touch, being quiet, living lazily, paying attention to distraction, and falling academic performance.

In other words, a good child, a good child, and a motivated child have become a “lazy child” and a “blame child.”

Some contradictory children with schizophrenia can be mischievous, misbehaving, undisciplined, and mistaken for “stubborn children.”

Other sick children will appear emotionally nervous, fearful, or do strange behaviors for no reason, adding a bit of “strangeness” to them.

  Because children’s brain development is not yet mature, and their knowledge and social experience are insufficient, their clinical manifestations are simpler than adults, such as monotonic, repetitive, and unorganized in language.

Some sick children are more likely to ask strange questions, and the older ones may have delusions or even delusions.

But these delusions are not systematic, and they are often just top thoughts, such as thinking that the mother is fake, and having “bad people” to frame him.

  Half of the children have hallucinations, and more are hallucinations and hallucinations.

Too many children with schizophrenia have impulsive behavior, destroy things or hurt themselves and others.

At the same time, they may do weird and incomprehensible moves.

  In general, the prognosis of childhood schizophrenia is poor, and the earlier the age of onset, the worse the prognosis.

However, if the treatment is normal and appropriate, there are still too many children who may get different degrees of improvement, and the earlier the treatment, the better the effect.

In treatment, antipsychotic drugs are mainly used.

However, when using it, the dosage should be adjusted according to the child’s age, physical condition, and individual differences.

In addition to medication, children with schizophrenia also need to make arrangements for cultural knowledge and cultural and sports activities.

As long as the condition allows, you can continue to study in the original school.

  It should be reminded that children who are lonely, unkind, emotionally indifferent, and even unable to build relationships with their loved ones, as well as mental retardation, simple speech, rigid behavior, and even some children with bizarre behavior may not be full of schizophrenia, Children with autism can also have this manifestation.

In terms of treatment, free radicals are different from schizophrenia. They are mainly targeted care training, supplemented by small doses of drugs.

How to eat vegetarian health is healthier

How to eat vegetarian health is healthier

At present, more and more people in the world are choosing vegetarian food.

Telling others that they are vegetarians seems to be a very fashionable thing.

According to statistics, about 5% to 9% of American adults are vegetarians.

In addition, the retail sales of vegetarian foods in the United States have also increased significantly by 20%-40% per year.

The reason for vegetarianism is that in addition to religion, environmental protection, and weight loss, what most people admire is health.

  Since ancient times, people have been convinced that vegetarian diet is healthy and healthy.

Following the ancient traditions of China, people should not excessively pursue a strong and thick diet, and “easy and bleak” is the basic principle of health.

“Lv’s Spring and Autumn”‘s “Heavy Self” article pointed out that people who are good at maintaining health are “not cherished by the public,” because “the taste of Zhongzhen is filled by the stomach, the stomach is full of nausea, and the boring is not good.”Zhongzhen “mainly refers to animal food such as fish, birds, and beasts.

  What is vegetarian food?

Vegetarian food mainly refers to the eating habits of plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, seeds and nuts.

  Regarding the question of whether or not to be vegetarian, the American Dietetic Association has published their views that vegetarian diet is healthy.

Because a large number of studies of vegetarians in the United States have shown that they are significantly lower than those of meat eaters in cardiovascular diseases such as obesity, diabetes, colon cancer and hypertension.

The main reason for this result is that vegetarian diet increases the body’s absorption of plant fiber and recombination, reduces the absorption of completely trace, saturated traces, calcium carbonate, and improves the metabolic process of vegetarians.

  In addition, vegetarianism does not mean that the body is thin.

Many studies have confirmed that vegetarians are stronger, more agile and endurable than meat eaters.

Dr. Irving Fisher of Yale University of the United States has convened 32 vegetarians and 15 non-vegetarians to participate in the arm training test. It was found that only 2 of the non-vegetarians raised their arms for more than 15 minutes, and 22 of the vegetarians.Exceed this standard.

  People who are vegetarian are often not easily fatigued.

This is because normal body fluids are weakly alkaline, and aunts, proteins, etc. in meat are decomposed to produce acidic substances, which stimulate human tissues and organs and are easily tired.

However, vegetables and fruits are mostly alkaline foods, which helps maintain the body’s pH balance and eliminate fatigue.

  However, nutritionists also reminded that you should not be considered vegetarian to be able to achieve weight loss goals.

Many fruits in vegetarian foods have higher sugar content, while nuts are high-micro foods. If you eat them, they will make you fat.

  It is acceptable to be vegetarian in a step-by-step manner.

Because beans, eggs, and milk provide enough high-quality protein, they also contain other vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Even if you don’t eat meat, you can achieve the desired balance.

However, a narrow vegetarian diet can lead to undernutrition, which can lead to metabolic disorders and a series of diseases.

Studies have shown that lack of a nutrient will lead to a disease, such as vitamin C deficiency leading to scurvy, essential fatty acid deficiency leading to dermatitis, iodine deficiency leading to goiter, and the vegetarian diet is not enough to eat the staple food,Eventually it will lead to insufficient energy, and in the long run there may be anorexia.

  The most important thing for vegetarians to pay attention to is nutritional balance.

American medical scientists point out that simple vegetarian diets can not obtain vitamin B12, which can only be obtained from foraging, which can lead to adverse effects such as memory loss.

Ms. Sharon said that her doctor did not support her to completely reject the blasphemy. She believed that only by adhering to the principle of eating and drinking would make nutrition more comprehensive.

If you choose a vegetarian diet, you should take regular body nutrition tests and take some necessary supplements.

  In addition, nutritionists should remind vegetarians that they should eat more unprocessed or unrefined cereals.

For newcomers who want to join the vegetarian team, the transformation process should be gradual and gradually reduce the meat to prevent malnutrition.

  At the International Vegetarian Recipe Conference in November 1997, Professor Klinburg of Cornell University announced a “Vegetable Recipe for Pyramids”.

This is a nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet that helps people reduce the chances of contracting many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis and some chronic degeneration.

  “Pyramid-style vegetarian recipes” definitely require a variety of basic foods for each meal, namely the pyramids, including: fruits, vegetables, cereals, oats, wheat, rye, barley, noodles, flour andcorn.

In the middle layer, you also need to eat every day, including: fruit, seeds, protein, dairy products, soy cheese, milk and vegetable oil.

The tip of the top is some “not necessary” food, which can be eaten in small quantities, such as eggs and desserts.

  In addition to eating according to the above recipes, you also need to do the right amount of exercise and drink plenty of water every day.

Is diarrhea colitis?

Five ways to prevent

Is diarrhea colitis?
Five ways to prevent

Is diarrhea colitis?

Colitis This is a relatively common disease, but have you learned about colitis?

Do you know how to prevent it better?

Let’s take a look together.

Is diarrhea colitis?

Colitis abdominal pain is usually pain or cramping, often located in the left lower abdomen or lower abdomen.

Other manifestations of colitis include loss of appetite, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and large liver. The left lower abdomen may have tenderness and sometimes reach the blocked colon.

Common systemic symptoms of colitis include weight loss, fatigue, fever, and anemia.

A small number of patients in the chronic course of disease, the condition suddenly deteriorated or the initial onset is fulminant, showing severe diarrhea, so usually must do a good job of prevention.

Prevention of colitis 1, eat spicy ice, cold food, quit smoking and alcohol.

Pre-clinical prevention (prognosis): mild, moderate patients with better prognosis, severe, violent patients with gastrointestinal bleeding and shock, especially acute colon expansion, high mortality, poor prognosis.

Chronic persistent, long-term diarrhea, extensive expansion should pay attention to the occurrence of colon cancer.

2, proper rest has a good effect on the prevention of colitis, adequate rest, can reduce the mental and physical burden, to avoid the occurrence of disease.

3, multi-exercise exercise can not be excessive, and can not drink immediately after exercise, exercise is best to exercise in an aerobic way, can improve the body’s resistance and immunity, thus preventing the occurrence of colitis.

4, sleep When people are in sleep, they can make people’s brain and body rest, rest and recovery.

Ample sleep helps people to work and study on a daily basis.

Scientifically improving the quality of sleep is the guarantee for people to work and study.

5, adjust the pressure of life to overcome the rapid acceleration of social rhythm, more and more people bear the pressure of work and life, so that the body is in a sub-health state, in order to avoid this phenomenon, we should cultivate more life, you can practice someRelaxing physiological techniques, such as meditation, have a good effect on preventing colitis.

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