Chaohua Technology (002288): Double upgrade of production capacity and structure enters 5G era

Chaohua Technology (002288): Double upgrade of production capacity and structure enters 5G era
Company dynamics The company released its 2019 Interim Report on July 25, which disclosed the company’s operating income for the period7.10ppm, an annual increase of -0.17%, the net profit deducted from non-return to mother 0.$ 3.8 billion, an increase of 21 per year.39%.  Comment on the matter. Upgrade of production capacity and structure. The company entered the 5G era. The company was established in 1991 and went public in 2009. Its main business includes copper foil, copper clad laminates and electronic circuit boards.The report summarizes that the company’s copper foil, copper clad laminate and electronic circuit board business revenue accounted for 39%.7%, 29.5% and 27.3%.The company’s strategy 杭州桑拿 gradually focuses on the upstream of the PCB, and grasps the market potential of 5G and new energy.From the perspective of copper foil business, the company’s existing capacity of 12,000 tons of copper foil, the second half of this year will increase production capacity of 8,000 tons, and rely on 4,000 tons of lithium battery copper foil into the lithium battery business.The company and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly set up a joint research center for electronic materials, focusing on 5-10GHz copper foil and substrate material key process technologies, etc., to provide strong technical support for the subsequent addition of 20,000 tons of high-precision copper foil production capacity.From the perspective of the copper clad laminate production line, the company and Meizhou jointly plan to build an electronic information industry 青岛夜网 base, which includes an additional 20 million high-frequency high-speed copper clad laminate production projects.In addition, the company is optimistic about domestic alternatives to FPC, and through the non-public fundraising projects in 2019, it will deploy 1.2 million square meters of FPC projects, injecting strong momentum into the company’s mid- and long-term development.  Non-recurring profit and loss will affect the short-term performance of the future profitability improvement. From the perspective of profitability, the company’s gross profit margin and net profit margin during the period were 21 respectively.47% and 4.48%, an increase of 4 each year.9 points and -0.63pct; Return on equity (diluted) 2.03%, 0 per year.32pct.The company’s copper foil, copper clad laminate and PCB gross margins were 26.64%, 11.80% and 9.50%. In the first half of the year, the proportion of copper foil and copper clad laminate products increased to 69.15%, an increase of 11 a year.5pct, the product structure improved to improve the company’s gross profit level; the company’s net interest rate fell mainly due to non-recurring profit and loss -576.97 million yuan, compared with 504 in the same period last year.880,000 yuan.The current sales expense ratio, management expense ratio, financial expense ratio and R & D expense ratio are 2 respectively.57%, 4.35%, 4.26% and 4.80%, the total expense ratio during the period is 15.98%, a slight increase of 0 a year.55 points.The company’s inventory turnover days are 200.71, 154 last year.59; accounts receivable turnover days 97.26, same period last year 138.27.From the perspective of the company’s capital structure and debt repayment ability, the company’s asset-liability ratio is 44.24%, basically the same as last year; the company’s current ratio and quick ratio were 1.16 and 0.63. It has decreased every year.The company’s current three major business lines of copper foil, copper clad laminates and PCBs are all in the stage of capacity expansion, product upgrades, new capacity climbs and capital expenditures will have a certain impact on the company’s existing profitability, and the company’s long-term strategic performanceCashing is worth watching.  Profit forecast and estimation We expect the company to achieve operating income in 2019-2021.8.1 billion yuan, 23.5.4 billion, 39.$ 5.5 billion, with annual growth of 20 each.63%, 40.05% and 68.00%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company is 0.7 billion yuan, 1.4.1 billion and 2.USD 4.7 billion, with annual growth of 103.92%, 100.07% and 75.32%; EPS are 0.08 yuan, 0.15 yuan and 0.26 yuan, corresponding to PE is 67.11, 33.54 and 19.13.The first coverage gives an “overweight” rating.

Depth-Company-Yangquan Coal (600348): 14% growth in first three quarters, steady performance and good performance, low estimates

Depth * Company * Yangquan Coal (600348): 14% growth in first three quarters, steady performance and good performance, low estimates

In the first three quarters of 19 years, net profit attributable to mothers was 1.6 billion, an annual increase of 14%.

In the third quarter, the net profit attributable to the mother was 5.

The 3 trillion chain remained flat and performed well, continuing a solid and sound track record.

The cost control is better, the financial structure is optimized, and the yield has increased. Under the environment of falling coal prices, the net profit per ton of coal still increased by 2%.

The company has better potential for endogenous and epitaxial growth, and its earnings have risen steadily. It is estimated to be not expensive (19-year P / E ratio is only 6.

3 times), benefiting from Shanxi’s national reform.

Maintain BUY rating.

Key points to support the rating The 3 quarter report has better results, in line with expectations, optimized financial structure, and improved profitability.

In the first three quarters of 19, net profit attributable to mothers was 1.6 billion, an annual increase of 14%.

The net profit after deduction is 16 trillion, an annual increase of 29%, and it has performed well.

In the third quarter, the net profit attributable to the mother was 5.

300 million yuan remained flat and performed well.

The main business income in the first three quarters was 24.5 billion yuan, a decrease of 3 per year.


Gross profit increases by 7 per year.

7% to 470,000 yuan.

The period expense ratio is from 6.

2% dropped to 5.

7%, mainly due to a substantial decline in financial expenses by 39% to 2.

600 million.

Asset-liability ratio dropped to 50% from 55% in the same period last year.

Operating profit 武汉夜生活网 was US $ 2.2 billion, an increase of 13% per year.

Maximum profit margin improved: gross profit margin increased from 17.

4% increased to 19.

4%, operating margin from 7.

7% increased to 9.

1%, with a net profit margin of 5.

6% increased to 6.


Gearing ratio by 7.

8% dropped to 7.


Production increased by 7%, prices and costs both fell, and net profit per ton of coal increased by 2% to 55 yuan.

In the first three quarters, coal output was 3,056 tons, an increase of 7%, and sales were basically unchanged at 5,452 tons. The price of coal including outsourced coal fell by 5% to 411 yuan / ton, and production costs fell by 7% to 333 yuan, per ton of coalGross profit increased 3% to 78 yuan, and net profit per ton of coal increased 2% to 55 yuan.

Among them, the third quarter cereal output increased by 6.

8% to 1,039 is expected, sales volume growth 9% to 2,021 is expected.
The price per ton of coal, including purchased coal, fell by 7% to 398 yuan / ton, the cost per ton of coal fell by 5%, and the gross profit per ton of coal fell by 14% to 73 yuan.

Advantages: The company has better potential for endogenous and epitaxial growth. Wenjiazhuang Coal Mine’s 90 hole expansion to 500 has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission.
The group has approximately 3,000 tons of capacity under construction.

The company’s own profit is stable and its performance is stable, which is not expensive.

It is estimated that due to increasing downward pressure on the future economy and downward pressure on market coal prices, we will reduce our earnings by 6% and 12% to 0 by 2020 and 2021.

87 yuan and 0.

90 yuan (previous forecast: 0.

92 yuan, 1.

02 yuan).

Estimated to be cheap, with a P / E ratio of 19 in 19

3x, maintain BUY rating.

The main risks faced by the rating were higher than expected; coal prices fell.

High Light Software (002063): Undertaking the Ubiquitous Strategic Platform State Power Commerce Synergy Effect

High Light Software (002063): Undertaking the “Ubiquitous” Strategic Platform State Power Commerce Synergy Effect
Investment Highlights The company released its 2019 Interim Report: 2019H1 to achieve operating income6.32 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.52%; net profit attributable to mother is 0.80 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.50%; deduct non-attributed net profit 0.79 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.63%; gross profit margin 67.01%, a decrease of 0 per year.87 points; net interest rate 10.80%, falling by 1 every year.67 points.Single quarter view: 2019Q2 achieved revenue 3.31 ppm, an increase of 1 per year.75%; net profit attributable to mother 0.7.3 billion, an increase of 4 previously.85%; gross margin 75.58%, an increase of 2 per year.67 points; net interest rate 22.17%, a year up 0.66 points.Performance is in line with market expectations. The Group’s resource management has grown steadily and emerging businesses have grown rapidly.2019H1 power industry revenue5.USD 8.9 billion, an annual increase of 11.64%, revenue share increased to 93.19%.Among them, the core business group’s resource management business grew steadily (+17 year-on-year.85%), consulting and customized services, diversified energy cloud services, blockchain and AI, smart organization business growth trend, business development progress smoothly; corporate big data and cloud services, financial management, group risk control management, etc.The decrease in the 成都桑拿网 business year was due to the delay in order rhythm and fluctuations in demand. Undertaking the “ubiquitous” strategic platform, the synergy effect of the State Grid e-commerce has been prominent.Under the background of the construction of the Internet of Things in the power grid, the State Grid e-commerce entered and signed an in-depth cooperation agreement with the company, making the company a strategic platform for the construction of “three types and two networks”; in the first half of the year, the company actively deployed regional energy management, power market transactions, and comprehensive energyIn areas such as services, we have launched cooperative projects such as distributed generation market-oriented trading technology and “State Grid Small” financial robots. The company’s core technology has been deeply integrated 杭州桑拿 with the State Grid e-commerce data platform to work together to promote the ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things construction. Advantages of electric power informationization, multi-point efforts to deploy the energy Internet.The company has deeply cultivated power informatization for many years, and has participated in large-scale informatization engineering construction for many times. The power industry has a deep understanding and accumulation, and its share and advantages are obvious. It has replaced the company to actively lay out the upstream and downstream industrial chains of the energy industry, relying on “cloud, large, physical, intellectualNew technologies such as mobile, mobile and blockchain support digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and grasp the dividends of power reform and energy Internet development. Expenses were properly controlled during the period, and accounts receivable increased for many years.In 2019H1, the company’s management / sales / financial expenses decreased by 0.02/0.45/0.13pct, during which the rate of expense fell to 0.60pct to 52.42%, proper cost control; accounts receivable increased by 57.93%, due to the regular impact of payment settlement in the power industry. Investment suggestion: The company has focused on electric power automation and informatization for many years, actively promoted the integration of “two industrializations”, and promoted the full use of domestic intelligence and informatization investments under the background of the layout of the entire electric power industrial chain and the smart city solution platformGoing up, we expect the company’s net profit attributable to its mothers to be 2 in 2019-2021.28/2.87/3.61 trillion, EPS is 0.27/0.34/0.43 yuan, corresponding to the closing price of PE on August 30, 2019 were 33.5/26.6/21.1x, maintain BUY rating. Risk reminder: Electricity reform advances less than expected, ubiquitous electric power Internet of Things construction fails

Eating lemon to moisturize the skin and prevent premature aging


Eating lemon to moisturize the skin and prevent premature aging

Citron has a strong antioxidant effect and is generally not consumed directly, but it is widely accepted as a flavoring agent for cooking or beverages in daily life.

  The nutrition doctor of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical College said that it is rich in organic acids such as citric acid, malic acid, and flavonoids such as citrate, naringen compounds, and coumarin, sterol, and other essential oils.Very strong antioxidant effect.

  In addition, it contains 5 times more vitamin C than apples.

  Has special cosmetic and anti-premature aging effects.

  Lemon juice can also reduce blood lipids, increase the secretion of gastric acid and pepsin, increase serum peristalsis, help digestion and absorption, and also have a strong bactericidal effect and inhibit uterine contraction.

  Recommended usage: Lemon honey cream Ingredients: 500 grams of fresh lemon, 300 ml of honey.

  Method: Wash the lemon and peel the juice first; add honey, boil and condense with gentle heat, cease the fire when it is thick, and wait for the cold bottle to take appropriate amount at any time.

  Role: Relieve cough and phlegm, regenerate spleen, promote blood circulation, maintain skin elasticity, slow down, reduce cholesterol, and neutralize toxins in inhalation; eat regularly to prevent cancer, diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, boneDiseases such as osteoporosis play a role.

Using four schisandra to make medicated diet to promote sleep

Using four schisandra to make medicated diet to promote sleep

Click to buy There are many people in life with insomnia, so many people feel extremely distressed. So what are the ways to prevent insomnia accurately in life, now let ‘s learn together to effectively prevent it through diet.Insomnia . Sour food Schisandra chinensis-alleviates insomnia schisandra, commonly known as mountain pepper, scale scale, schisandra, noodles, five plums, etc. “New Revised Materia Medica” in Tang and other “Schisandra saccharum, bitter in the core, has salty”So it has the name Schisandra.

The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is to nourish and strengthen, tonic and soothe the nerves, and its medicinal value is extremely high.

  Wuwei yam longan porridge practices: 100 grams of fresh raw yam, 15 grams of longan meat, 3 grams of schisandra, moderate sugar, 50 grams of rice.

Peel the yam, cut into thin slices, put it in the pot with longan and schisandra, add the washed rice, add the right amount of water, cook the porridge, and season with white sugar.

1 dose daily for breakfast or dinner.

  Schisandra chinensis is crushed into powder for sieving, 10 grams at a time, and 100 grams of glutinous rice flour. After fermentation, add the medicinal powder and mix well, steam it on the cage, and eat it hot before bedtime, once a day.

This formula is more effective for nocturnal emission and palpitations and insomnia.

  Wuwei wolfberry water is very suitable for people who have no time to cook the therapeutic soup.

Just add some wolfberry and schisandra to the thermos cup every day, and you can drink as much as you like until the taste is completely gone.

This tea is good for nourishing the mind and brain, insisting on incorporating it, and insomnia can be greatly improved.

Material: Schisandra chinensis, lycium barbarum, three dollars.

Method: Wash and chop medlar; Schisandra chinensis is processed with vinegar and washed; put the material in a thermos cup, pour in boiling water, and put it in a little cooler.

  Schisandra chinensis Tang Dihuang 12 grams, lily 30 grams, jujube kernels 20 grams, Polygala 10 grams, Schisandra 10 grams, Ligustrum lucidum 10 grams, Eclipta prostrata 20 grams, dragon teeth 10 grams, mother of pearl 30 grams.

Decoction, one dose daily, twice daily.

Indications: Insomnia due to yin deficiency and insomnia.

Keep practicing lips exercises to effectively reduce small wrinkles

Keep practicing lips exercises to effectively reduce small wrinkles

Although human aging starts from internal organs, it is most obvious in the end face.

Daily practice of lip exercises can effectively reduce facial wrinkles and keep your complexion ruddy.

  Open and close the lips to open the mouth in a straight line, make an “ah” sound or breath, and then close again, one by one, rhythmically, 100 consecutive times each time, or 2?
3 minutes.

Say 30 every morning and evening?
40 “European” sounds.

  Wipe the lips to close the lips, use two fingers of one hand to gently rub or rub outside the lips, until the rubbing place becomes red and feels fever, and then stop.

This method can effectively maintain the shape of the mouth and improve the blood circulation in the mouth or gums.

  Close the lips and bulge the cheeks to bulge the left cheek, blow hard, and let the air flow out through the corner of the left mouth.

Raise the right cheek again, and blow hard to let the air flow out through the corner of the right mouth, and repeat it several times; close the lips, bulge the cheeks firmly, insert the corner of the mouth with the index finger, and then repeat, repeatedly.

Prevents atrophy of gill muscles.

Three disaster moments for single women

Three “disaster” moments for single women

A Single Girl Disaster Playback Disaster Case 1: Malnutrition Victim 25-year-old radio announcer I have lived with my father since my parents divorced.
They say that her daughter was a father’s lover in the past, and it really makes sense.
I depended on my father’s care for me, and I never thought I would have to live alone.
  In June 2006, his father died in a car accident while traveling abroad.
My life was in a state of chaos, and I didn’t know how to accept the fact that I was left alone in the room.
  I already had a boyfriend who had been with him for 3 years.
He is two months younger than me. We are like a pair of children who are always fighting for toys, but because of the death of his father, he has become a cohabiting man and woman.
  In just two months, he fled from my house in a hurry.
How can a 24-year-old man bear the responsibilities that a 46-year-old man can bear?
  All I know is that my loved ones have left me, and my loved ones have betrayed me.
  After finishing the last show every night at home, I will make a bowl of instant noodles as usual.
This is almost my ration for the day.
I also want to try to stew a pot of soup for myself, but I can’t walk to the supermarket. The place with bright lights and bubbly sounds has been my forbidden area since I fell in love.
  One day, I finally passed out during an broadcast.
  The doctor said that your blood sugar is too low for weight loss?
It’s too exaggerated.
  I only smiled bitterly.
  Disaster situation 2: Lack of safety. Victim Miao Miao. 29 Staff. After divorce, I moved to an old apartment in the old town.
Without an elevator, I dare not return home late, otherwise I can only use my cell phone as a flashlight to guide my way up.
One time when I was touching the door to open the door, I heard two dry coughs from the side, and my hair suddenly turned upside down. As a result, Aber next door dumped garbage.
  Sometimes after they entertained with customers, they would take me home actively. If someone who was too enthusiastic said that they would send me upstairs, they would scare me up and say okay, my husband waited for me.
  In fact, I also want to show my single status, but I am afraid that single women living alone will have more trouble than waiting.
  One weekend at home, the landlord called and said that he would rush to copy the electricity meter, so he was wearing pajamas and slippers and followed the instructions to copy the electricity meter outside the door.
Before I walked to the meter, I heard the door “mouth” behind me, and I said it was miserable.
  It’s half a kilometer from the residence to a vegetable market with locksmiths.
In my pajamas, my face turned red with the eyes of passersby, and I quickly took a locksmith home.
He wasn’t in a hurry. He rushed to me for a long time and asked, “Do you live alone?”
I said, my husband is on a business trip.
  He stared at my lock again for a long time and said that it was troublesome.
I’m anxious, what should I do?
  He said, you get 50.
As soon as I promised to come down, he pulled out a small piece of plastic on the other side and inserted it into my door. It clicked and opened.
  I went into the house to get the money, but he even followed and looked at him.
I struck out money for him and sent him out.
For several nights after that, I locked the door and pushed on the bench, but I still didn’t fall asleep.
  Disaster situation three: Isolation and helplessness. The victim’s 28-year-old planning manager. Being single requires a certain sense of security.
For girls, a shelter from the wind and rain is not necessarily worse than a man.
But when I paid the down payment with confidence, I found sadly that I had no money for the decoration.  For the first time in my life, I borrowed money from people.

I dare not go back and tell my parents that they will feel that you are really so miserable without your boyfriend, and then both of you will fall in love with you.

I dare not borrow from men for fear of robbery.

The girlfriends are either poorer than me, or they are married to other women, and everything is not up to the shot.

  After all it took to get enough money, the decoration war for one person began.

On a hot day, I was carrying a pack of hardware to squeeze the bus.

At that time, I suddenly remembered my last boyfriend. If he was still alive, using his Geely car was really good.

  The contractor introduced by my friend is not reliable. Seeing that my girl has no sympathy for the decoration, I still have to increase the price midway.

Who told me that I hadn’t drafted a decoration contract with him before?

  Later, the contractor simply played tricks with me. Not only did some basic items become price increases, but even the security deposit that should be paid for a month to live must be immediately available.

They also made a noise with the police station.

What a shame you say a girl.

  So quickly get the money, it seems that I really lied to his account.

  People finally moved into a new house, but at that moment, the determination to be single suddenly shook.

It’s better to find a boyfriend to buy a house by yourself.

  Single female survival investigation shot 1 Helpless 22: I remember that I was sick once, went to the hospital for a needle, went to the bathroom halfway, and took a bottle in one hand and a bottle in the other. As a result, the blood returned a little.”I was still struggling. When I heard this, tears almost seized the rope and came out . Shot 2 Fear Straw: Once at night, walking on the road without street lights, a man suddenly came out behind him, and he was also walking alongI tried to find out if there was a family member to pick me up . I hurriedly shouted “husband, mom” in front of me, and then started running.

Running all the way home, when I was lying in bed, I was afraid, and tears began to flow.

  Lens 3 Lonely JANCH: On weekends, I often have to sleep on the cat alone.

No one can text or chat for a long night.

The hardest part is the holidays. When staying at home, parents will worry. If they don’t go home, they will feel worse.

  Camera 4 Danger Hang Hang: A person spends less time cooking, so he is completely inexperienced in cooking.

On a weekend without a date, I bought some spare ribs and prepared a pot of tomato spare rib soup to comfort myself.

After simmering, I ran to the study room and played games. When I smelled something wrong, I ran to the kitchen, and as soon as I removed the lid, I was burnt to the ground.

The fragments splashed and scratched my feet.

Later, my mother said that if the soup overflows and drenches the fire, depending on how miserable you are, you will scare me and never dare to cook alone.

  Lens 5 Accidental Rose: For 3 years of being single, I had a hangover and I had been ambivalent about the one-night stand.

Unfortunately, I won the prize.

When I called the man, I just wanted him to accompany me to the doctor, lest a single woman would be too awkward.

I never thought he thought I was blackmailing him and would never answer the phone again.

Lying alone in the cold ward, I really want to cry without tears.

  Lens 6 Tragic Little Blue: In the memory of singles, the worst is moving.

For example, I just found a new residence and packed up my two big pockets, which weighed more than 80 pounds.

After finally dragging downstairs, I wanted to take a taxi, but I found that the Amway company had a lot of antique running activities that day, the road was completely blocked, and there was no bicycle.

There are 6 stops to my new residence. I sighed while dragging my baggage and staggering forward, sighing at my miserable situation.

  Shot 7 was pitiful: a year ago, I broke up with him.

The two quarreled together and I wanted to be free.

The way he was waiting for you to die at the time made me feel a little soft, thinking that after this period of mental weakness, he might accept him again.

Unexpectedly, 7 months later, I accepted his wedding invitation.

At that time, I even found a friend of the opposite sex who could take me to a wedding banquet.

Watching the man who was given up at the wedding smiled so happily, he suddenly felt pitiful, shot 8 Desolate Xiaoxi: Spring Festival from Kunming back to Chongqing.In just a few days, I was eating hot meals and hot dishes made by my mother, but my tears couldn’t help falling.

When I lived in Kunming, I wanted to cook a meal for myself, but I didn’t even want to join the crowd.

On the weekend, I walked through all the nearby attractions alone, but I was boring, just to pass the time.

As soon as I got back to Kunming, when I entered my darkly aligned cabin, I realized that the days of being single were so bleak.

  Shot 9 Awkward Yin Yin: When I was in school, many boys chased me.

After many years, we had a class reunion together, and we brought relatives and friends to dinner.

Those male classmates who did not succeed in the past looked at me in a shadow, and most of them asked with bad intentions, why, so picky, don’t miss the great time.

And those female classmates, the expression is the pleasure after revenge.

I was always proud. I was really like a clown then, surrounded by people.

  The single-woman survival reminder to find a man who can change the light bulb saw a photo interview about single women’s concept of courtship that day, and the girl was talking about the boy he wanted to find.

But there was only one that impressed me. She said she wanted to find a man who would change the light bulb.

  If you think about it, changing the light bulb seems like a small gesture, but it includes three things that girls are usually afraid of: fear of heights, electricity, and repairs.

No matter how tough a modern girl is in the workplace, some things are born from birth.

Like strength.

  Maybe in the men you know, you can’t find anything that can be connected with love or even marriage, but at least they will definitely have the power you have.

  Or, you have more wisdom than power, but you often lose the opportunity for men to serve you.

Maybe in your eyes, your ability or strength becomes an obstacle for them to pursue you.

  There is a girlfriend with a thick voice and a strong body, which is not what we mean in the traditional sense, but you will always unintentionally find her feminine.

She said, I was so stupid that I often lost myself.

Then call her boyfriend to rescue her.

Don’t talk about men, even as a woman, I also feel her cute.

  Why do some women always receive the attention and welcome of men?

Not because they are beautiful, not because they are competent, or because they can arouse the love and attention of men in a timely manner.

11 practical strategies to deal with baby rebellion

11 practical strategies to deal with baby rebellion

Treating a baby who is in the rebellious phase cannot adopt a hard-to-reach approach. This can only make his rebellious mentality stronger.

The overly violent reaction of the parents will give him a wrong feeling that when he says no, he can get more attention from the parents, so he will use this method more to attract the attention of the parents.

Rebellion is a process that every baby goes through. To cope with a rebellious baby, parents need some strategies.

Try the following: 1. Have a little humor to make the atmosphere less tense and serious.

For example, you want your baby to take a bath in the bathtub, but he just refuses to go. If you forcibly hold him in the bathtub, or reprimand him and let him go to the bath, things will definitely get worse.

At this time, you might as well give your baby a little humor: “The bath water is poured. See who’s calf runs fast, tell your little butt and let him sit in the bathtub.

“A language that is different from usual will give the baby a sense of freshness, so he will be happy to accept parents’ suggestions.

  2. Let your baby relax.

If the baby says no to anything, it does not prevent him from giving him some particularly ridiculous choices, and he has been guided to keep correcting “no”. At this time, he will relax his vigilance and focus on those ridiculous issues.Then you can find the opportunity to drag him to where you want him to go, or let him do what you want him to do.

  3. Turn tasks into fun games.

Babies love games. If you turn tasks into games, I believe he will be more willing to accept them.

For example, he always doesn’t want to go to the toilet, and therefore always wet his pants. Parents can carry him up when he estimates he is going to the toilet: “Now I want to carry this gun and let him fire bullets in the toilet.

“Suggestions like this will make your baby forget his quickly and follow you obediently.

So the task of going to the toilet became a fun game, and he couldn’t say it.

  4. Let your baby accept the task voluntarily.

Prepare some books for your baby, or write some interesting stories for him, so that his task becomes his expectations.

Or the parents make demonstration actions, but they are not required to do it at all, he will have the desire to imitate because of curiosity.

  5, using your baby’s rebellious psychology, when you want your baby to do something, say the tasks that he wants to complete, at this time, he may do it according to your actual requirements.

  6, sometimes, the baby does not understand the true intentions of the parents, he will not hesitate to turn to no.

Therefore, when explaining the task to the baby, look at the baby with eyes and give the task to him very seriously, so that he will understand that you are not joking with him, and he will not just say anything.

  7. Take turns with your baby.

Because the parents do the same thing, and everyone has the opportunity to do this kind of thing, and must do it according to certain rules, so he will find it very interesting, and will generally be willing to accept the parents’ suggestions.

  8. Leave the baby alone.

If the baby does not listen to his parents’ advice, ignore him, and cancel his parents’ attention to him, which makes him feel boring. After a while, he will understand that this is not a good way to attract parents’ attention, so he will try to change.

  Babies around the age of 9 or 2 generally like to come by themselves. Therefore, when the baby says no, parents can find ways to encourage him to use this opportunity to show his ability, and he will be happy to come by himself.

  10. If there is a younger brother and younger sister at home, encourage the baby to be a good role model for the younger brother and younger sister, he will try to play this role.

When the mother said, “Can you show your little brother how to eat yourself?

“The baby must be happy to give a demonstration to guide the younger brother to eat by himself.

  11. When you want your baby to do something, it is best to give him two choices. One is what you want him to do, and the other is something he doesn’t like to do. Usually the baby will choose what you want him to do.That thing.