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There is no left.。

But the meaning is obvious。 The power of the Hidden family is indeed strong,But how can I have to win?。 Lushan failed,He doesn’t think the other party can succeed。 “Hum!” Wu Shao Lao naturally clears the meaning of Hui Huihui,Snort,“Lushan can’t do something,It will not be able to do it.。” Toned,His look is revealed with […]

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On his tragic,But see the summer body flashing,Bronk dances in half air。 Bamboo。 The residual shadow is like a ghost,It’s so can’t capture it.。 Several bodyguards only felt a cold strike,Want to protect the protection,The hand knife is already in the wrist of their hands.。 “Cap……” A clarise of crispy sound。 Be in the […]

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If you don’t hand over the respected ring,He has many ways,Let the friends around the summer disappeared in this world。

Certainty。 If you don’t have a lot of cases,Liuhe Mountain is actually unwilling to take this step。 Don’t want to tear your face with your summer。 He is very clear about how the summer is character.。 Once he is forced to the desperate situation,The guy is very likely to fall into crazy,Even with your own […]

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“Notice,I want to take it.。”

Drink,She reloaded like a gun.,Calling wind,Continuous ten boxes。 This time is different from before,Every time you shoot is a fatal move,Lock throat,撩 阴,Harsh,Swittering and other moving。 “What is wrong?,Remind each other before the trick。” Summer laughter。 But it is also very surprised,At least the other party is now really let go。 “kill!” Su Lingjiao,Her […]

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Higher five degrees Dan,It is already the fourth place.。

Summer is the last test。 He is rare,Some expectations。 “Maybe I am different,After all, I am also a genilian teacher.,Dan should be similar to the fire……” With this thought,Summer walks forward,Put the hand in the bottom of the spark。 Whent stone,He feels that its contains a special energy,It seems to extract some of his body […]

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“Ok!Everyone is talking about cooperation,Talking about business。As the so-called harmony makes money,It’s best not to use hands or feet,If this bastard doesn’t know current affairs,Should I move or move,Otherwise he really thinks we’http://www.mjcj168.cnre so bully”Xia Jian whispered to Heiwa。

Heiwa nodded。At this time,Zhang Teng came quickly。He walked to Xia Jian,Whisper:“Du Sanniu is here,This guy seems to have just drunk,A bit punchy,You have to pay attention” “Nothing!You lead us over”Xia Jian said calmly。 In a box on the second floor,There was loud laughter of mixed men and women。Zhang Teng gently opened the door,Xia Jian walked […]

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You know that the situation is serious.。

Gao Boyi has secretly spitted in his heart.。 This black hand has a strategy and method,Rhythmic,Even the high ocean is pressed to breathe。what is has been confirmed is,The other party must have a backhand,Tall,Just starting,Instead of being the end of things。 After leaving Gao Yang Wangfu,Gao Bao is full of cold,I feel that this big […]

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There is not a saying,Birds of Dongshan will not work if they fly to Xishan。In Bucheon,Xiao Xiao, the CEO of a startup group,Also counted as the number http://www.kskcsc.cnone person。But she reached the provincial capital,Became an ordinary woman。If not for the two of them to run into Xia Jian tonight,The ending is really hard to say。

A man,Couple of women,The beer bottles around you are piled like a hill。Xia Jian feels that he can’t hold it anymore。But Jones and the two women she brought,Like a wine barrel,Drink after drink。 Xiao Xiao and Dragon Ball are obviously inferior,But they can stay with me till the end,I did my best。The music in the […]

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“Is the relationship between the front desk and everyone relaxed??”It’s not easy to think of Chen Dan,Xia Shuyue asked。

“same as usual,River water does not violate well water,Now everyone is not late,Morning meeting,Just listen to her nagging,No one disagrees。” “Ok,That’s good,There are more people taking pictures now,You have to check,Pay attention to quality,Especially the photographer,More customers,They are also tired from taking pictures,It is inevitable that I will be lazy and shoot,If I have […]

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The more so,In fact, it looks like Wang Teng,In itself,I’m already a little eager to try。

only,Just sweep straight in front of you,The more so,Actually Wang Teng himself,I feel,I should do something next。 “All right,Now words,I think,Withdraw temporarily。” “Even if they occupy here,What can they do?” When Wang Teng finished,Those around,I can’t believe it。 But then think again,But suddenly found,From this scene,Caught people off guard。 But just these,These people have completely […]

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