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“Summer,Do you believe in fate?。”

Junlun did not look up,Sound low,“Destiny is not violating,Can’t break away,Just as I am now,Eventually dispel。” “What do you want to say??” Summer relying on a tree rod,God is calm。 Jun Lin finally looked up,“If I tell you,In fact, I have many opportunities to kill you many times.,But I will eventually give up.,Do you believe??” […]

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Sun Wuki greeted boxing and coughing,A pace that does not give up the lung cough。 “Liao Show,Although I don’t know what happened in the middle.,It can be seen that Wukong miserable call can also guess one or two。this is not good,You have a fairy with identity,Will be abused by the government。”Tang San Tibet, I have […]

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