To longevity, men and women, anti-blocking, female leakage prevention

To longevity, men and women, anti-blocking, female leakage prevention

Everyone knows that smooth stool is one of the health standards. In fact, ensuring urinary patency is normal and an important part of health.

But unlike constipation, the problem of urinating is different between men and women: men must prevent blockages and women should prevent leaks.

  Male dysuria, mainly due to old age caused by insulin capsule atrophy, caused by prostatic hypertrophy.

Frequent urination, dysuria, poor urination and other symptoms of “blocking” are typical manifestations, which seriously lead to a decline in quality of life.

For example, frequent urination will affect sleep; urination is not clean, which will lead to bacterial infection; long-term urination is not smooth, which will affect kidney function.

  In order to prevent “blocking”, you should first avoid urinating and sedentary; secondly, eat less spicy foods such as spicy food, and quit smoking and alcohol; after 60 years of age, check the urinary system every year.

In the event of urinary dysfunction, you can start by adjusting your lifestyle and take medication for treatment if necessary.

  In contrast to men, older women are primarily exposed to urinary incontinence.

Sun Lifang, deputy director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, said that urinating can not be self-controlled to “leak” out of the body, which will bring great embarrassment and inconvenience to life, and it is easy to cause infection.

  There are many causes of urinary incontinence, resulting in coughing, laughing, sneezing, and urinary incontinence when lifting heavy objects, mainly caused by a sudden increase in abdominal pressure.

This may be related to pregnancy, childbirth damage to the pelvic floor muscles, and may be associated with decreased estrogen levels after middle age.

There is also a kind of urinary incontinence caused by urinary tract infection, which is manifested as a sudden want to urinate, and it is too late to go to the toilet to wet the pants.

  People with stress urinary incontinence should pay attention not to mention heavy items often; do not take too long for squatting; eat light foods rich in fiber to prevent abdominal pressure caused by constipation; actively treat high blood pressure, bronchitisDiseases such as obesity are also beneficial to prevent abdominal pressure from being too high.

In addition, it is best to do 45-100 levator exercises every morning and before going to bed.

Count the ten most nutritious foods

Count the ten most nutritious foods


Filling soups are very healthy and inexpensive, and easy to make.

However, canned soup is a “mixture” of very low nutritional value prepared from salt, traces, artificial additives, preservatives, and perhaps some dehydrated carrots.

A can of soup containing 1000 mg of sodium is about half the amount you need every day.

Therefore, prepare your own chicken, beef bones and vegetables, and make a bowl of hot, fragrant soup.


The fried fish fillets are usually made of squid, which is aimed at the health-friendly unsaturated fatty acids (DHA, etc.), and various fish sticks and fish fillets are also used to “nutrition” themselves.s Mark.

However, please note that one or twenty ingredients are often listed on the box/bag of the cod fillet, and the cumbersome processing has made it less healthy – a lot of salt, MSG and fried.Saturated 姨.

Therefore, if you purchase processed fish products, their health risks may exceed the harm they can cause.


Yogurt products Yogurt is converted from fresh milk, which contains protein, calcium and vitamins.

For those who can’t afford milk because of lactose intolerance, yogurt can be a good choice.

But the yoghurt sold in the major supermarkets in the United States has been made into a “dessert” filled with sugar and various processed fruits, and the merchants use these “packaging” to disguise them as healthy food.

Therefore, it is best to choose ordinary fat-free yogurt at the time of purchase, and add some fruit if necessary.


Green tea drinks Asians generally love to drink green tea and even turn it into an art.

Green tea contains antioxidants and other healthful ingredients that can prevent cancer, heart disease, aging and other aging-related diseases.

But most Americans don’t like the taste, so the producers add green tea drinks made from sugar and other additives, and sell them in the same category as healthy drinks.

In fact, any ingredient on the “green tea” bottle, such as saccharin, preservatives, etc., makes it farther away from us in terms of health.


Popcorn Now, people no longer regard popcorn as a healthy food as before.

In fact, popcorn is made from corn. It is blended with fiber and has very low conversion. There are almost no sugar, salt and traces.

However, the current microwave popcorn is no longer a healthy nutritious food for the purpose of improving the taste and adding extra accessories.

It is a good choice to choose cheap bulk products when buying popcorn, and you have to control the amount of salt and flour.


Yellow-brown potato The proportion of yellow-brown potatoes from Iowa to common potatoes is cheap and easy to grow.

However, after the potatoes are eaten, the starch they contain will quickly turn into blood sugar, increasing the risk of diabetes and obesity.

Because its taste is not very good, many people have to take measures to make them taste more delicious: cook it, then pour it into the mud, stuff it into the paste, or peel it and fry it, then sprinkle it on the surface.Layer salt.

The food produced in this way is even more unhealthy.


Breakfast cereals, corn flakes, barley, rice and oats have always been the most important food for humans.

The proteins, precipitated fibers and vitamins they contain are unmatched by other foods.

However, food producers use the word “cereal” big oyster sauce, which combines a small amount of cereal with a lot of starch, white sugar, corn syrup, salt, food coloring and preservatives to produce “alternatives” – and suffers from children.Like the breakfast cereals, the nutrients of these cereals are greatly reduced.


The most common bread in the United States, the white round bales that are produced in large quantities.

Quality bread is really made from flour, water, and a small amount of salt and yeast.

However, the finished white packaging now contains sugar, corn syrup and many other ingredients. The food processed through these procedures will quickly turn into sugar once you swallow it.

Even now, many mass-produced whole-grain breads are also harmful to health because they improve the taste through some “hazardous substances”: sugar, salt, and softeners.
It is best to choose raisin oatmeal bread or barley bread coated with pure jam.

Pizza In Italy, pizza is even protected by law, which must be shaped from whole wheat flour, ketchup, white cheese, olive oil, basil and other spices.

The pizza was originally very nutritious.

Many fast-food chains now sell pizzas with preservatives, cheap artificial oysters, unnutritive canned fruits, long-term frozen meats, and lots of salt. these pizzas and sodium are very high, but the nutritional value is notThe value is mentioned.


Commercial organic foods Organic foods are naturally cultivated and do not involve any pesticides or fertilizers. They are almost regarded as the “savior” of the age of food contamination.

For 30 years, we have been pursuing this goal.

But driven by the interests, its nutritional value system began to crise.

We now sinter organic milk from captive cows that are forced to feed organic grains.

There are also a variety of “junk foods” labeled “with organic ingredients”, which are disguised as organic foods through organic labels, and there are many organic ingredients inside, only the manufacturer knows.

Create a comfortable bedroom to sleep

Create a comfortable bedroom to sleep

There is plenty of time in your life to spend in your sleep.

Therefore, it is really important to create a bedroom environment that is good for sleep.

  1: The bedroom is good for sleeping south or southwest.

The brain in sleep still needs a lot of oxygen, while the south or southwest is sunny and airy, and at night it is very comfortable.

  2: The space for sleep should be small and not large.

Without affecting the use, the smaller the sleeping space, the more intimate and safe it is because of the prevalence of a private psychological relationship.

  3: The width of the bed is more than 70 cm.

The width is too narrow, it is not easy to make people fall asleep. This is because when people are sleeping, there are still warning points in the brain, and the activities are constant, lest they fall out of bed when they turn over.

  4: The bed is placed on the side of the bed against the wall, and the double passage is better.

This not only helps to get out of bed, go to bed, but also makes people full of spaciousness, causing air circulation.

  5: It is soft, easy, warm, dry and clean; pajamas should be wide, bed pillowcases, mosquito nets, etc.

  6: Keep the bedroom, the bedding is clean, and no debris is accumulated under the bed, so as to avoid the dirt and dirt, causing the breeding and breeding of mosquitoes and squirrels, and disturbing sleep.

Beware of 3 people, hurt your eyes

Beware of 3 people, hurt your eyes

The eye is the most important part of the human sensory organ. About half of the brain’s knowledge and memory are acquired through the eyes.

Therefore, the protection of the eyes is especially important.

However, in normal life, people only pay attention to the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, staying up late and other factors, but they do not know that some household chores actually hurt the eyes.

Recently, the US “Health Day” website wrote an article reminding you to protect your eyes when doing housework.

  The report quoted a survey in the 2008 American Eye Trauma Report that 45% of eye injuries came from everyday family life.

A survey of 801 American adults conducted by the American Eye Association showed that 3/4 of eye injuries occurred during housework.

Among them, an American named Thomas was supplementing the flowers and plants in the house, and a twig was accidentally swept into his eyelids, causing intraocular bleeding and temporary blindness.

  According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the most common family eye injuries include the following categories: scissors, shovel and other tools used to squash flowers and plants, and splashed grass clippings may be eye killers.

Therefore, both the person using the tool and the people around you should be extra careful.

  Home repairs More and more people are keen to do things by themselves, which is a good thing, but the hidden dangers of using power tools unsafely are worthy of attention.

In the use of chainsaws, tools such as drills can splash debris, and once they enter the eyes, they can even hurt the eyeballs, and the bacteria carried can cause eye infections.

  When cooking in the kitchen, hot steam will irritate the eyeballs, while the fragile skin around the eyes is more likely to be burned by hot air. When you cut onions, garlic and other irritating foods, it will shed tears. In the long run, it will also affect your vision.

Therefore, while cutting onions and garlic, the range hood can be turned on.

Wearing a pair of eyes while doing housework can avoid these three injuries at the same time.

  The American Academy of Ophthalmology also pointed out that once foreign bodies in the eye are splashed or scratched, don’t lick, rub your eyes, or drop your eye drops. The most sensible way is to close your eyes and go to the hospital immediately.

If chemicals such as washing powder enter the eyes, rinse them with plenty of water. If there is eye wash, it is better.

Another way is to bury your head in the water and open your eyes, allowing the water to slowly replace the chemicals in your eyes.

Cooking rice, steaming and cooking

Cooking rice, steaming and cooking

Everyone knows that green vegetables should be fried quickly to preserve vitamins. The soup should not be more than one and a half hours to avoid nutrient loss.

Similarly, choosing the method of making rice can also help you retain the vitamin B1 and other nutrients in the “precious” rice.

  People usually use rice to cook or steam, and steamed rice is divided into bowls of steamed rice and steamed rice.

So, which method can better preserve vitamins?

Cooking rice is to add rice to clear water, first boil it with high heat, then boil it with warm fire.

At this time, the water has a dissolution effect, so there are quite a lot of doping substances in the rice soup, such as vitamin B1, vitamin C and minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

However, due to the long cooking time, the vitamin B1 in the degraded water will partially escape through the increase of water temperature and evaporation of water, which leads to the loss of nutrients in the rice.

  Steamed rice can provide double insurance for nutrients.

Using a bowl with a lid and steaming with a water pot can ensure that the water vapor in the pot is only “circling” around the bowl, and it is impossible to take away the nutrients in the bowl. This is an insurance.

Or cook the rice until it is half-cooked, then remove the steamed water and then drink the rice soup alone.

This rice soup is not heated for a long time, and more nutritious preservation is also an insurance.

But if you abandon the rice soup and not drink it (fishing), it is a big waste.

  In addition, the white rice tastes monotonous, we do not hinder the addition of “patterns” inside, to create a special flavor of rice.

Such as the fragrant green tea rice, both color and aroma are good, and have the effect of greasy, cleansing, food and prevent diseases; add a few chopped hawthorn, taste both fragrant, and prevent nutrients from being destroyed; add some vinegarRice can be easily stored and smashed, and the rice is more fragrant; half-baked raw rice can be added with a few drops of white wine, and then steamed for a while with simmer, can be eaten; if added peas, carrots and corn, it is colorful and attractive.It also provides vitamins and antioxidants.

Old people should focus on protecting these three important parts if they want to live longer.

Old people should focus on protecting these three important parts if they want to live longer.

Scientists have found that the normal life expectancy of the human body can reach more than 100 years old.

If we can’t reach the age of 100, it’s usually because we don’t properly protect our bodies.

After the age of 50, the functions of the organs and tissues of the body have declined to varying degrees.

At this time, whether we can live long or not depends on whether our body is healthy or not.

  For the elderly to live longer, they should focus on protecting these three important parts!

  1. Protect the various bones, joints and muscles in the skeletal muscles.

If it is not used correctly, there will be a degenerative change.

Some surveys have found that the average height of the 80-year-old population will be reduced by 5 cm, and the muscle volume of the elderly will be smaller, which is often caused by their slow metabolism and circulation, and is also prone to back pain and leg pain.

  Therefore, in daily life, the elderly still need to adhere to certain sports in order to effectively slow down the decline of skeletal muscles, such as more alignment and leg movements to lift the muscles of the legs.

Among them, walking is the simplest and most feasible way to exercise.

Walking can not only cultivate the balance of the human body, but also coordinate all aspects of the human body to achieve effective exercise without damaging the body of the elderly.

  2, cardiovascular system cardiovascular disease is the health killer of the elderly.

Cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and atherosclerosis are often the first line of defense against older people.

In order to maintain a healthy blood circulation and improve blood vessel quality, we can effectively prevent and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in daily diet and exercise.

In the diet, the elderly should strictly control the intake of sugar and adults, avoid diabetes and obesity, and become weight-controlled in a healthy range.

  In life, we must pay attention to our physical indicators. We need to pay close attention to whether the blood sugar, blood pressure and blood pressure of the elderly are at normal levels.

Once we exceed the warning line, we need to find a doctor to adjust in time.

  3, brain health Under normal circumstances, the old friend gave me the feeling that the memory is particularly poor, it is easy to forget this or that.

Many activities require the brain to be incapable, and most people think this is a normal aging phenomenon, and the elderly use less brain.

But in fact, if the brain is not used for a long time, it may be degraded.

Many studies have shown that the brains of older people are affected by many factors, but as long as they are properly maintained, it can delay brain degeneration and keep the brain young.

  In order to make the brain younger, enough sleep is the key, so that the brain can get enough rest time to do more mental work; secondly, more people, let their brains busy, is also a good way to keep the brain active.

It is often said that 50 years old is a hurdle for life.

In fact, after the age of 50, better protection of all organs and tissues of the body, especially in these three places, is often the key to longevity.

Violent weight loss food powerful stovepipe

Violent weight loss food powerful stovepipe

On a hot summer day, every girl wants to wear a high heel and put on a mini skirt to show off the slender legs.

Many women are sedentary and lack of exercise, and the elephant legs naturally go up.

How to do?

Don’t worry, Xiao Bian introduces several stovepipe foods to you. You don’t need to exercise, you can slim your legs when you eat.


hzh {display: none; }  瘦腿食物必备的营养素:维他命A ,维他命E、钾、钙 、 维他命B群、纤维素.
These nutrients and ingredients, or those that promote detoxification and promote burning, have a stovepipe effect.

Now, let’s take a look at some foods that are well-deserved “legs”: 1.

Tomato tomatoes Vitamin A, C, B1, B2 and elements such as carotene and calcium.

It has the effect of diuresis and the effect of removing soreness, prolonging complications, and eating more tomatoes to remove leg fatigue.

It is recommended that tomatoes be eaten as much as possible, made into salads, juices or directly eaten. After cooking, the tomatoes will lose a lot of nutrients.


Sesame provides the vitamin E, B1, calcium, and sesame in the body. The linseed oleic acid can eliminate the cholesterol attached to the blood vessels, making the metabolism better. It is easier to lose weight and stovepipe.

It is helpful to eat some sesame seeds every day to improve your legs.

Grind the sesame into powder, or buy the sesame paste directly to better absorb the effect.


Banana banana potassium carbonate, can be stovepipe, but the calorie is higher than other fruits, you can eat more grapefruit, eat two or three bananas.

If you eat less staple food, you can see the effect of stovepipe.

However, it is precisely because of potassium ions that patients with obvious edema and need to ban salt should not eat more.


Red bean red beans cause vitamin B1, B2, protein and a variety of minerals, have blood, diuretic, swelling, and promote heart activation.

Eat more can prevent and treat foot swelling, and have the effect of losing weight.

Its stone base component increases gastrointestinal motility, reduces constipation and promotes urination, and eliminates edema caused by heart or kidney disease.

  In addition, its fiber helps to excrete salt, traces and other wastes, which has a great effect on the stovepipe.

Although red beans are highly nutritious carbohydrates, their legume fibers are easily converted to produce gas during digestion.

Therefore, people with weaker stomachs may have discomfort such as inflation gas after eating red beans.


Papaya papaya is a kind of fruit with high vitamin A content, and can also supplement vitamin C and soluble calcium.

。Papain in papaya can decompose a small amount into fatty acids; modern medicine has found that papaya contains an enzyme that can digest protein, which is beneficial to the human body to digest and absorb food, so it has the power of spleen and food.

But remember that papaya is not suitable for pregnant women, allergic people.


Apple is an alternative fruit that contains much more calcium than normal fruits and helps to metabolize excess salt in the body.

A small amount of crude fiber in apple can promote gastrointestinal motility, assist the human body to discharge waste smoothly, and reduce the harm of harmful substances to the skin;

Eggs are rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2. Vitamin A gives your legs a smooth and tender skin. Vitamin B2 eliminates leg cramps.


Grapefruit’s unique “tannic acid” ingredients make the metabolism smoother, the calorie is low, and the potassium content is the top of the fruit.

Desire to join the ranks of Miss Legs, first taste the sour taste of grapefruit!
Celery is rich in nutrients, high in calcium, phosphorus and iron. Celery is also rich in carotene and multivitamins, which is very beneficial to human health.

It can replenish the calcium needed for straight legs. Celery is good for the heart and has plenty of potassium to prevent edema in the lower body.


Spinach eat more vegetables can make the blood special ring more active, inhaling fresh nutrients and oxygen into the legs, restoring leg strength.

I am afraid that the skin of the legs will be dry and wrinkles will appear early. Please learn how to eat spinach!


Seaweed vitamin A, B1, B2 seaweed, as well as minerals and cellulose, a lot of benefits for regulating the balance of body fluids, want to slim the jade legs can not let it pass.

It is said that Chen Huilin’s slender legs have a lot to do with the love of seaweed.