Jade Bird Yoga Mat Outfit (Pink Lotus)

Jade Bird Yoga Mat Outfit (Pink Lotus)

Market price: ¥ 138.

00 Brand Name: Beijing Bluebird Specifications: Length: 173cm Width: 61cm Thickness: 6mm Origin: Beijing Color: Pink Indian Lotus Material: PVC foam, PVC 93%, plasticizer 7%, middle layer of yoga mat has latitude and longitude distributionTear layer.

  Material introduction: non-toxic, non-chloride; foam is closed air bubbles; soft, good elasticity; strong grip, tile application; good anti-slip effect, high resilience, waterproof, cold resistance; recyclable and remanufacturableNatural oxidation cracking characteristics.

  Instructions for use: 1. Yoga mats are auxiliary supplies for doing yoga exercises.

Tile the yoga mat on the ground and do yoga exercises on it to prevent injuries to the spine, feet, hip bones, knee joints and other parts.

After doing the exercises, you can roll up the yoga mat, lock it with a hair button, put it in a backpack, and keep it hygienic.

  2. The ground should be flat and clean to avoid friction with sharp and hard objects, so as not to scratch the surface of the mat; 3. Please use a soft fabric dipped in some detergent to clean.

Many benefits of massage massage these matters need attention

Many benefits of massage massage these matters need attention

Massage is a very good way to prevent and cure diseases. If you often do massage to your body, it will relax your body, eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, and make the meridians more open.

So can anyone do a massage?

Here we come to understand: the benefits of massage massage to promote blood circulation and pain, and clear the meridians.

We often say that it doesn’t make sense to hurt.

When our qi and blood are not running smoothly and the meridians are obstructed, there will be swelling or pain in parts of the body?

At this time, massage and massage can be used to make qi and blood run normally, improve blood circulation of the body, unblock meridians, and reduce body pain.

If it is a traumatic disease caused by trauma, the fluid can correct the anatomical position by orthopedic methods.

  Adjust function to reconcile Yin and Yang.

The body surface points are the same as our internal organs.

Therefore, we can use massage to stimulate acupoints on the surface of the body, which can achieve the effect of conditioning viscera and organs and keeping the balance of yin and yang?

If we stimulate the area of our feet that corresponds to the internal organs or the areas that are reflected by various glands, we can improve the functions of the various internal organs and the secretion of the glands. The functions of our internal organs will have corresponding points on our feet.

Therefore, by stimulating the pituitary reflex area of the foot, we can improve the pituitary’s ability and keep us healthy.

You can also adjust the secretion disorders that occur during menopause.

  Eliminate fatigue and relieve stress.

Now more and more young people are already in a state of sub-health, easily feeling tired, feeling common, and lacking energy throughout their bodies.

Groups of people can also perform massage massage.

Eliminate physical and mental fatigue by stimulating some points in the body?

For example, if you overuse your eyes and feel your eyesight become tired, you can do some health massage by yourself, which can improve the sense of visual fatigue and improve your work efficiency.

  Improper massage massage affects many important organs of healthy people, such as the heart, liver, eyes, kidneys, etc., which have corresponding reflection areas on the feet.

It is precisely because the reflective area on the sole of the foot corresponds to some important organs, so an experienced massage therapist can observe and touch these areas to grasp whether these organs have recently been properly. During the massage process, they will consciously pass the correctImproved massage techniques.

Conversely, if the strength is not properly grasped during massage, it may also affect the health of the corresponding organs.

  Some precautions for massage should be consistent with the direction of the muscles: along the muscle growth direction, slowly and patiently, rhythmically, wrinkles and muscles are at right angles, and hands and wrinkles move at right angles, that is, along the muscleThe trend.

If the wrinkles are horizontal, massage them vertically; if the wrinkles are preliminary, massage them horizontally.

  Fingers used for massage: Gently draw a circle on the skin with the middle finger and ring finger during massage, so light that it can no longer be touched. Finger movement should be rhythmic. Avoid excessive rubbing of the epidermis.

  Massage time should not be too long, generally controlled about 5 minutes.

Massage works best when pores are open, so it is best to massage after bathing or cleansing.

In addition, you can get the same effect with a hot towel.

  Although push and massage rehabilitation is safe, comfortable, and easy to be accepted, if you do not pay attention to the methods and parts of the massage, it will also make the patient suffer some difficulties or cause difficulties in operation.When massaging, it is best to choose a simple muscle relaxation massage method, which is not easy to cause serious injury.

Balanced nutrition for healthy and strong body

Balanced nutrition for healthy and strong body

Parents want their babies to grow taller and better. When they hear that a certain food is good for their children, they just eat it with all their brains.

In fact, undernutrition and excess nutrition are too much for the child, which is not good for the healthy growth of the baby.

The balance of nutrition is the most important, because what the baby needs most during the growth and development stage is not a single nutrient, but a variety of and various types of food absorption, and the child must develop a regular and quantitative diet to meet the body’s growth needs.

  With the improvement of living standards and parents’ emphasis on baby nutrition, malnutrition due to baby obesity is rare, and most baby malnutrition is caused by the following three reasons: 1.

Improper reach and improper food matching result in insufficient energy and nutrient injection, followed by indigestion and absorption, accompanied by decreased immune function and causing various infections.


After acute or chronic diseases, improper care and malnutrition can lead to malnutrition and multivitamin deficiency.


Low birth weight babies (premature babies, low birth weight babies), because of their rapid growth, require relatively high nutrients, often resulting in malnutrition or the severity of malnutrition due to improper and unmet needs.

The above reasons are often mixed or have occurred one after another, and cause each other.

  In general, the nutrients needed for infant growth and development can be divided into six categories: protein, trace amounts, carbohydrates, vitamins, inorganic salts and water.

Plasma fibers can be classified in the formaldehyde group or separately in the seventh group.

These 7 nutrients are necessary for your baby’s growth and development.

If the long-term intake is not balanced, it will lead to nutritional diseases.

For example, some babies do not have a small amount of food, but the iron content in the diet structure is prone to develop iron-deficiency anemia; some babies do not lack protein and slight intake, but they have nutritional megaloemia.

It seems that the baby has a good appetite, eats more, and sleeps well, does not mean that the baby has a healthy body, this is the problem of nutritional balance.

  Scientific feeding small prevention, you can start to make your baby nutritionally balanced from the following aspects: 1.

No partial eclipse, take an average of 7 categories of food, and establish good eating habits.


The diet of babies before the age of one year must be comprehensive, starting with the addition of complementary foods.

Some parents often worry about their children’s allergies and screen for their children.

In fact, as long as the child’s allergy is not serious, you can give a small amount and observe it, and then gradually increase it. It is not necessary to completely prohibit it, otherwise you may miss the opportunity for your child to get nutrition.


In addition to avoiding giving their children a single type of food that changes too little, parents must choose fresh, clean, and economical food.

And learn to make good use of the color of the ingredients to match, and promote the appetite of children through bright colors.

Changes in the shape of the ingredients are also a way to increase children’s interest in eating.

If you find that your baby has unfavorable foods and cooking methods, you can start by reducing the number of servings, servings, and changing the cooking method, and let your children slowly accept.

I ca n’t sleep at night

I ca n’t sleep at night

Click to buy insomnia at night can not sleep, many times will affect the next day’s work, study, or female beauty enemy, people who often suffer from insomnia, may wish to drink the following types of sleeping soup.

  Red jujube and onion white soup materials: 20 jujubes, 10 scallions, and brown sugar.

  Method: Soak the red dates with warm water, wash them, put them in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and fry for 30 minutes on the fire; then flatten the onions, put them in the red date boiling water with the brown sugar, and continue to fry for 10 minutesReady to eat.

  Efficacy: Qufengsanhan, spleen and heart.

Suitable for neurasthenia, insomnia, distress in the chest, cold and cold, cough, etc.

This soup is suitable for spring.

  Eat: Eat while warm, eat jujube and light onion, drink soup, 1-3 times a day, each time 150-200 ml.

  Lily and Asparagus Soup Ingredients: 100 grams of fresh lily, 1 can of asparagus in clear water, salt, MSG each amount.

  Method: Fresh lily simmered into slices, remove the inner membrane, rub it with salt, wash it, put it in a casserole, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook it until it is ripe;, MSG is ready to eat.

  Efficacy: Qingxin Anshen, Runfei cough.

It is suitable for insomnia caused by heart fire and lung heat, upset and easy to panic, cough and dry throat.

  Consumption: Serve with a meal, eat lily, asparagus, drink soup, 1-3 times a day, 150-200 ml each time.

  Artemisia fish head soup ingredients: 250 grams of fresh wormwood, one bonito head (about 250 grams), 3 slices of ginger, vegetable oil, monosodium glutamate, and salt.

  Method: Wash the carp head first, remove the gills and cut it open with a knife; wash and slice the ginger; heat on a wok, add vegetable oil to heat, and add the carp head to fry until slightly yellow.

Add the right amount of water to the casserole, boil over high heat, put the sturgeon head, ginger slices, continue to boil over medium heat for 10 minutes, then add Artemisia annua, add salt after cooking, and MSG is ready to eat.

  Efficacy: Tonifying Liver and Kidney, Strengthening Brain and Nourishing.

Suitable for liver and kidney deficiency, dizziness and headache caused by disturbance of virtual wind, memory loss, insomnia, etc.

This soup is suitable for spring.
  Consumption: Serve with meals, eat Artemisia annua, fish head, drink soup, 150-200 ml each time 1-3 times a day.

11 practical strategies to deal with baby rebellion

11 practical strategies to deal with baby rebellion

Treating a baby who is in the rebellious phase cannot adopt a hard-to-reach approach. This can only make his rebellious mentality stronger.

The overly violent reaction of the parents will give him a wrong feeling that when he says no, he can get more attention from the parents, so he will use this method more to attract the attention of the parents.

Rebellion is a process that every baby goes through. To cope with a rebellious baby, parents need some strategies.

Try the following: 1. Have a little humor to make the atmosphere less tense and serious.

For example, you want your baby to take a bath in the bathtub, but he just refuses to go. If you forcibly hold him in the bathtub, or reprimand him and let him go to the bath, things will definitely get worse.

At this time, you might as well give your baby a little humor: “The bath water is poured. See who’s calf runs fast, tell your little butt and let him sit in the bathtub.

“A language that is different from usual will give the baby a sense of freshness, so he will be happy to accept parents’ suggestions.

  2. Let your baby relax.

If the baby says no to anything, it does not prevent him from giving him some particularly ridiculous choices, and he has been guided to keep correcting “no”. At this time, he will relax his vigilance and focus on those ridiculous issues.Then you can find the opportunity to drag him to where you want him to go, or let him do what you want him to do.

  3. Turn tasks into fun games.

Babies love games. If you turn tasks into games, I believe he will be more willing to accept them.

For example, he always doesn’t want to go to the toilet, and therefore always wet his pants. Parents can carry him up when he estimates he is going to the toilet: “Now I want to carry this gun and let him fire bullets in the toilet.

“Suggestions like this will make your baby forget his quickly and follow you obediently.

So the task of going to the toilet became a fun game, and he couldn’t say it.

  4. Let your baby accept the task voluntarily.

Prepare some books for your baby, or write some interesting stories for him, so that his task becomes his expectations.

Or the parents make demonstration actions, but they are not required to do it at all, he will have the desire to imitate because of curiosity.

  5, using your baby’s rebellious psychology, when you want your baby to do something, say the tasks that he wants to complete, at this time, he may do it according to your actual requirements.

  6, sometimes, the baby does not understand the true intentions of the parents, he will not hesitate to turn to no.

Therefore, when explaining the task to the baby, look at the baby with eyes and give the task to him very seriously, so that he will understand that you are not joking with him, and he will not just say anything.

  7. Take turns with your baby.

Because the parents do the same thing, and everyone has the opportunity to do this kind of thing, and must do it according to certain rules, so he will find it very interesting, and will generally be willing to accept the parents’ suggestions.

  8. Leave the baby alone.

If the baby does not listen to his parents’ advice, ignore him, and cancel his parents’ attention to him, which makes him feel boring. After a while, he will understand that this is not a good way to attract parents’ attention, so he will try to change.

  Babies around the age of 9 or 2 generally like to come by themselves. Therefore, when the baby says no, parents can find ways to encourage him to use this opportunity to show his ability, and he will be happy to come by himself.

  10. If there is a younger brother and younger sister at home, encourage the baby to be a good role model for the younger brother and younger sister, he will try to play this role.

When the mother said, “Can you show your little brother how to eat yourself?

“The baby must be happy to give a demonstration to guide the younger brother to eat by himself.

  11. When you want your baby to do something, it is best to give him two choices. One is what you want him to do, and the other is something he doesn’t like to do. Usually the baby will choose what you want him to do.That thing.

Step down to drink some beetroot juice

Step down to drink some beetroot juice

At the time of the Mid-Autumn Festival, beets were listed one after another.

The surface of beets is smooth, the flesh is usually dark red or white, and its leaves and roots are eaten evenly.

  Beets are known as human scavengers and also known as blood tonics, which can effectively purify the body and blood.

It is the main source of sugar production in addition to sugar cane, including a variety of vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, folic acid, and an important source of vitamin A, vitamin B2, and vitamin C.

  Modern studies have shown that chopping or juicing fresh beetroot can be directly used as an alternative to nutrition.

Beetroot contains abundant potassium and phosphorus, which can promote gastrointestinal motility.

Some scientists have pointed out that beetroot juice is helpful for healthy vitamin C, vitamin K, accumulated fiber and polyphenols. The large amount of nitrite contained in it is the key to help lower blood pressure and prevent dementia.

If you insist on drinking beetroot juice every day, the antihypertensive effect is better.

  Beetroot cold dressing is relatively simple. Peel and cut the beets and season them freely.

Beets can also be fried and marinated.

Europeans call beetroot “beetroot” and are often used for soups.

Scrub them carefully when cleaning the beets, don’t rub them.

Depending on the size of the beet, it takes 30 to cook?
60 minutes.

Cooked beets peel easily.

In addition, baking in the oven can preserve the taste and color of beets.

Adding lemon juice or vinegar can also help maintain the color of your beets.

Salted beets turn white, so salt can be added at the end of cooking.

  Fresh beets usually have roots, leaves or 5?
8 cm stalks, beets can be stored in the refrigerator or in a cool and constant temperature (18 ° C) for 2?
4 weeks.

The sugar beet can be stored in the basement for a longer time, but it should not be kept too long, otherwise it will harden.

Could it be that the unwashed beet leaves can be stored directly in a breathable bag and refrigerated for 3?
5 days.

Raw beets should not be stored frozen or they will become soft after melting.

  Tips: Some people will “eat beets and urinate”. This is because the color of beet red in beet roots will cause discoloration of urine, which is normal. Don’t worry.

The most healthy sleeping position is lying on the side

The most healthy sleeping position is lying on the side

Studies have shown that the best sleeping position is good for health, especially for pregnant women.

The latest foreign research shows that to ensure the quality of sleep, we must first choose a reasonable sleeping position, so that we can not only sleep peacefully, but also protect the body and prevent diseases.

So what are the best and worst sleeping positions?

  Few people care about their sleeping position. They feel bad when they fall asleep.

So, what is the best sleeping position?

What’s the worst sleeping position?

The latest foreign research shows that to ensure the quality of sleep, we must first choose a reasonable sleeping position, so that we can not only sleep peacefully, but also protect the body and prevent diseases.

Let’s take a look at the best sleeping position and the worst sleeping position together!

  Some people say that the best sleeping position is supine.

But studies have found that pregnant women should not sleep on their backs.

  Recently published a list of healthy sleeping positions that the best sleeping position is supine, because it helps prevent complications and head pain, reduces gastric acid reflux, reduces wrinkles, and prevents fractures and sagging.

As a result, gynecologists point out that pregnant women who are accustomed to sleeping on their backs should pay attention to the “supine hypotension syndrome”, which is a series of symptoms that cause a rapid drop in blood pressure in a specific supine position. In severe cases, it can lead to shock.The clinical symptoms of the pregnant mother with mild symptoms disappear quickly, and the severe symptoms can continue until the position is changed.

  As blood pressure continues to increase, the pregnant woman’s enlarged uterus compresses the inferior vena cava when supine, causing blood flow to the pelvic cavity and inferior vena cava to be blocked, and the blood reaching the heart plummets, leading to a rapid decrease in cardiac output and blood pressure; The resulting uterus is about to compress the diaphragm, causing vagus nerve excitement, slowing the heartbeat, and dilating the blood vessels in the heart, which also causes blood pressure to drop.

Eight notes in the workplace

Eight notes in the workplace

1.Don’t confuse your work with your personal life.

If you have to deal with personal matters at work, stay until lunchtime and don’t arrange for friends to visit you in your office while you work.

  2.Don’t abuse what you have the right to use.

For example, fax machines, letterhead and other office supplies.

Your expense account is for office expenses only, not for household and personal expenses.

Don’t bring all emotions into the office.

Especially when you are in a bad mood, you can’t control and conflict with others.

Everyone has bad moods, but it’s permanent in the office.

  4.Don’t bring vulgar words into the office.

  5.Don’t cry, yell or do anything emotional in the office.

If you can’t help sorrow, close the door and leave the office or go to a temporary place, and wait until the mood is better.

If you can’t control your anger, take this approach, take a deep breath or do something else to relax.

  6.Don’t break into someone’s office without saying hello.

Call or meet face to face.

It is impolite to interrupt someone’s personality, hoping that he can stop and pay attention to himself.

  7.Don’t reject, grumble or tell stories that shouldn’t be told.

  8.Don’t mess up the office.

Hurry up and sort out what you can do before you get off work every day, or at least put aside the work that you want to put aside.

How to eat vegetarian health is healthier

How to eat vegetarian health is healthier

At present, more and more people in the world are choosing vegetarian food.

Telling others that they are vegetarians seems to be a very fashionable thing.

According to statistics, about 5% to 9% of American adults are vegetarians.

In addition, the retail sales of vegetarian foods in the United States have also increased significantly by 20%-40% per year.

The reason for vegetarianism is that in addition to religion, environmental protection, and weight loss, what most people admire is health.

  Since ancient times, people have been convinced that vegetarian diet is healthy and healthy.

Following the ancient traditions of China, people should not excessively pursue a strong and thick diet, and “easy and bleak” is the basic principle of health.

“Lv’s Spring and Autumn”‘s “Heavy Self” article pointed out that people who are good at maintaining health are “not cherished by the public,” because “the taste of Zhongzhen is filled by the stomach, the stomach is full of nausea, and the boring is not good.”Zhongzhen “mainly refers to animal food such as fish, birds, and beasts.

  What is vegetarian food?

Vegetarian food mainly refers to the eating habits of plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, seeds and nuts.

  Regarding the question of whether or not to be vegetarian, the American Dietetic Association has published their views that vegetarian diet is healthy.

Because a large number of studies of vegetarians in the United States have shown that they are significantly lower than those of meat eaters in cardiovascular diseases such as obesity, diabetes, colon cancer and hypertension.

The main reason for this result is that vegetarian diet increases the body’s absorption of plant fiber and recombination, reduces the absorption of completely trace, saturated traces, calcium carbonate, and improves the metabolic process of vegetarians.

  In addition, vegetarianism does not mean that the body is thin.

Many studies have confirmed that vegetarians are stronger, more agile and endurable than meat eaters.

Dr. Irving Fisher of Yale University of the United States has convened 32 vegetarians and 15 non-vegetarians to participate in the arm training test. It was found that only 2 of the non-vegetarians raised their arms for more than 15 minutes, and 22 of the vegetarians.Exceed this standard.

  People who are vegetarian are often not easily fatigued.

This is because normal body fluids are weakly alkaline, and aunts, proteins, etc. in meat are decomposed to produce acidic substances, which stimulate human tissues and organs and are easily tired.

However, vegetables and fruits are mostly alkaline foods, which helps maintain the body’s pH balance and eliminate fatigue.

  However, nutritionists also reminded that you should not be considered vegetarian to be able to achieve weight loss goals.

Many fruits in vegetarian foods have higher sugar content, while nuts are high-micro foods. If you eat them, they will make you fat.

  It is acceptable to be vegetarian in a step-by-step manner.

Because beans, eggs, and milk provide enough high-quality protein, they also contain other vitamins and minerals that the body needs.

Even if you don’t eat meat, you can achieve the desired balance.

However, a narrow vegetarian diet can lead to undernutrition, which can lead to metabolic disorders and a series of diseases.

Studies have shown that lack of a nutrient will lead to a disease, such as vitamin C deficiency leading to scurvy, essential fatty acid deficiency leading to dermatitis, iodine deficiency leading to goiter, and the vegetarian diet is not enough to eat the staple food,Eventually it will lead to insufficient energy, and in the long run there may be anorexia.

  The most important thing for vegetarians to pay attention to is nutritional balance.

American medical scientists point out that simple vegetarian diets can not obtain vitamin B12, which can only be obtained from foraging, which can lead to adverse effects such as memory loss.

Ms. Sharon said that her doctor did not support her to completely reject the blasphemy. She believed that only by adhering to the principle of eating and drinking would make nutrition more comprehensive.

If you choose a vegetarian diet, you should take regular body nutrition tests and take some necessary supplements.

  In addition, nutritionists should remind vegetarians that they should eat more unprocessed or unrefined cereals.

For newcomers who want to join the vegetarian team, the transformation process should be gradual and gradually reduce the meat to prevent malnutrition.

  At the International Vegetarian Recipe Conference in November 1997, Professor Klinburg of Cornell University announced a “Vegetable Recipe for Pyramids”.

This is a nutritionally balanced vegetarian diet that helps people reduce the chances of contracting many diseases such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis and some chronic degeneration.

  “Pyramid-style vegetarian recipes” definitely require a variety of basic foods for each meal, namely the pyramids, including: fruits, vegetables, cereals, oats, wheat, rye, barley, noodles, flour andcorn.

In the middle layer, you also need to eat every day, including: fruit, seeds, protein, dairy products, soy cheese, milk and vegetable oil.

The tip of the top is some “not necessary” food, which can be eaten in small quantities, such as eggs and desserts.

  In addition to eating according to the above recipes, you also need to do the right amount of exercise and drink plenty of water every day.

These six misunderstandings of allergic purpura, how many of you have recruited?

These six misunderstandings of allergic purpura, how many of you have recruited?

Purple sputum will have skin purple spots, which will cause kidney damage. Many people have deep misunderstandings about allergic purpura. Let’s take a look at the six misunderstandings of allergic purpura. See if you have recruited?

Misunderstanding of six major misunderstandings of allergic purpura 1: Is hemorrhagic rash a coagulopathy?

In patients with allergic purpura (HSP), the platelet count is normal or elevated, and the coagulation function is basically normal or even hyperthyroidism.

This is because the abnormal reaction of the body’s immune system leads to increased fragility and permeability of the capillaries, extravasation of the blood, skin purpura, bleeding of the mucous membranes and certain organs.

Therefore, although it is a hemorrhagic rash, it is necessary to use anticoagulant drugs properly during treatment.

Myth 2: Is the cause of allergic purpura “allergic”?

HSP is not an allergic disease such as hypertension, acute measles, etc., and its essence is systemic IgA-associated small vasculitis.

The cause is still unclear, allergies can be used as an incentive, such as: fish, shrimp and other food allergies, prevention and prevention, insect bites and drug allergies.

Common causes are: bacteria, viruses, parasitic infections, genetic susceptibility, certain malignant diseases, anti-tumor drugs such as cytarabine, and even weather changes.

Myth #3: Is the more rash the more serious?

The bleeding on the surface is not terrible. It is easy to be found and can be paid enough attention. It is characterized by a symmetrical hemorrhagic rash, which does not fade, and the rash is clearly defined or fused into a piece. The skin biopsy shows IgA immune complex deposition, which is easy to diagnose.

The bleeding of internal organs is more insidious, often manifested as abdominal pain, vomiting, bloody stools, microscopic hematuria, if not accompanied by a rash, it is easy to be misdiagnosed.

Myth 4: The more difficult it is to cure the pathological grade of purpuric nephritis?

The pathological grade was grade I to VI, further subdivided into focal/segmental, b diffuse interference (I, class VI is not grouped), general IIa to IIIa, IVa, Va, IIb to IIIb, IVb, Vb.

First, the focal/segment variable group is better than the diffuse variable group.

However, it is necessary to combine the clinical manifestations and tubulointerstitial changes to more accurately diagnose purpuric nephritis, assess the degree of involvement and efficacy, and determine the prognosis.

Myth 5: Is there normal “arrow, +” in urine?

HSP has a certain self-limiting nature, and the general prognosis is good.

About 40% of patients progress to purpuric nephritis (HSPN) 4-6 weeks after the onset of symptoms, of which 1%-3% can progress to chronic renal insufficiency to end-stage renal failure.

HSPN has different clinical manifestations, which may be temporary hematuria and/or proteinuria, or it may be manifested as obvious kidney damage such as nephritis or nephrotic syndrome.

Therefore, the diagnosis and even suspected HSP should be routinely checked for urine at the onset of illness.

The urine routine test list should first check whether the specimen is qualified. The urine specimen with low urine specific gravity is a substitute specimen. It is impossible to judge whether it is normal or not. It is necessary to check the urine protein/creatinine at the same time, or leave the morning urine for judgment.

Myth 6: Does HSP not follow the rash without a rash?

Patients with a negative urine test during the course of HSP should be monitored for at least 6 months, once a week, and the time to start is the last time a new rash occurs.

If there is an abnormal urine test during the course of the disease, the extension time should be extended, at least 3?
5 years.