Using four schisandra to make medicated diet to promote sleep

Using four schisandra to make medicated diet to promote sleep

Click to buy There are many people in life with insomnia, so many people feel extremely distressed. So what are the ways to prevent insomnia accurately in life, now let ‘s learn together to effectively prevent it through diet.Insomnia . Sour food Schisandra chinensis-alleviates insomnia schisandra, commonly known as mountain pepper, scale scale, schisandra, noodles, five plums, etc. “New Revised Materia Medica” in Tang and other “Schisandra saccharum, bitter in the core, has salty”So it has the name Schisandra.

The efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine is to nourish and strengthen, tonic and soothe the nerves, and its medicinal value is extremely high.

  Wuwei yam longan porridge practices: 100 grams of fresh raw yam, 15 grams of longan meat, 3 grams of schisandra, moderate sugar, 50 grams of rice.

Peel the yam, cut into thin slices, put it in the pot with longan and schisandra, add the washed rice, add the right amount of water, cook the porridge, and season with white sugar.

1 dose daily for breakfast or dinner.

  Schisandra chinensis is crushed into powder for sieving, 10 grams at a time, and 100 grams of glutinous rice flour. After fermentation, add the medicinal powder and mix well, steam it on the cage, and eat it hot before bedtime, once a day.

This formula is more effective for nocturnal emission and palpitations and insomnia.

  Wuwei wolfberry water is very suitable for people who have no time to cook the therapeutic soup.

Just add some wolfberry and schisandra to the thermos cup every day, and you can drink as much as you like until the taste is completely gone.

This tea is good for nourishing the mind and brain, insisting on incorporating it, and insomnia can be greatly improved.

Material: Schisandra chinensis, lycium barbarum, three dollars.

Method: Wash and chop medlar; Schisandra chinensis is processed with vinegar and washed; put the material in a thermos cup, pour in boiling water, and put it in a little cooler.

  Schisandra chinensis Tang Dihuang 12 grams, lily 30 grams, jujube kernels 20 grams, Polygala 10 grams, Schisandra 10 grams, Ligustrum lucidum 10 grams, Eclipta prostrata 20 grams, dragon teeth 10 grams, mother of pearl 30 grams.

Decoction, one dose daily, twice daily.

Indications: Insomnia due to yin deficiency and insomnia.

20 easy mistakes everyday beauty


20 easy mistakes everyday beauty

Sometimes the effect of skin care is not obvious, and many times it is due to improper skin care.

Improper skin care will always give up the past, and severe cases are more likely to cause disfigurement.

Take a look at these 20 common cosmetic mistakes and see which ones you have made?


hzh {display: none; }  1.This brand is so expensive that it should not be suitable for my young skin. “I use such an expensive product now, what can I use when I get older?” Many people have such concerns.

In fact, good quality products will only add points to the skin and will not make the skin tolerant.

The price is not directly proportional to age. It can only be said that because some products are more expensive, people who are able to consume are relatively older, and their economic strength may be better.

Most high-end makeup brands have different product lines to suit different age consumer groups.

Some brands of products can be used by even small children, of course, in the case of spending power.

  Sometimes the effect of skin care is not obvious, and many times it is due to improper skin care.
Improper skin care will always give up the past, and severe cases are more likely to cause disfigurement.

Take a look at these 20 common cosmetic mistakes and see which ones you have made?


Always compare skin with others, the more the result, the less confident I am. This is the biggest beauty misunderstanding.

  Many people often say, “I eat the same hot pot, why do I get acne and she doesn’t?

“Or” She never used expensive cosmetics. Why is the skin better than me? ”

“. In fact, skin care experts tell us that more than 70% of skin conditions are genetic.

Everyone’s innate conditions are very different, so never compare with others, but compare with yourself.

  As long as your skin is better than yesterday or you are younger than yesterday, you are successful.


All the cosmetics are put in the refrigerator. I heard my colleague ask me, “I stored the night cream in the refrigerator some time ago. I took it out yesterday and saw how the oil and water separated?

“This is a problem that many people don’t understand.

  In fact, many cosmetics cannot be placed in the refrigerator. Some products containing oil may be separated from oil and water due to refrigeration, and many products containing active ingredients may lose their activity due to refrigeration . Generally speaking, oil-free condensation orThe mask and lotion can be used after refrigerated to cool the skin in summer.

  But the specific situation is best to consult clearly when buying the product.


My skin is prone to oiliness, so I never heard oily products in summer.

  In fact, the skin’s natural hydrolipidic film is formed by the balance of “water” and “fat”. When it loses its balance, it will appear “dry” or “oily” skin problems.

  When the skin gradually matures, the skin’s natural moisture and oil content will decrease. If the oil content is not replenished, it may cause skin nutrition and nutrition to appear wrinkles and dullness.

  So if your skin is already showing signs of aging, it is best to add some oily cosmetics to your skin every day while controlling your oil (of course, it is obviously easy to absorb non-greasy) to ensure that the skin has sufficient nutrition to resist aging.


Cleansing products are not as important as cream products. In order to save costs and choose lower quality because of budget or other reasons, we usually ignore the quality of cleansing products, which is moderately counterproductive, which not only increases skin care costs but also hurts the skin.

  Generally, poor-quality cleansing products will destroy the skin’s PH value, and the damage caused by it will require about 1/3 of the cream to be recovered.

Cause more than worth it!


The eye cream absorbs thickly on the wrinkles or fine lines of the eyes.

hzh {display: none; }  相对来说眼霜的滋润度、延展性都比较高,因此用量不用很大,大概在一个绿豆粒大小.

This is why almost all brands of eye cream contain about 15ml.
  In addition, the eyelid skin is not abnormal, and it is difficult to absorb skin care products. If you apply too much eye cream on the eyelids, it will not only easily stimulate the eyes, but also block the pores around the eyes and form oil particles.more obvious.

That finger is convenient to apply eye cream with that finger. The skin around the eyes is 5 times thinner than the facial skin, so it is more fragile.

And most people are accustomed to using the index or middle finger when applying eye cream. Their strength is a burden on the delicate eye skin, which has caused the fine lines to be more obvious due to pulling, and also stimulated melanin deposition to cause indirect blackness.eye socket.
  The correct method is to apply an appropriate amount of eye cream to the periphery of the upper and lower eyelids with the ring finger, apply it from the inside to the outside or at the point, or gently apply it to the bones of the eyes.


The sun has never been without sunscreen products. The sun protection process of the most vulnerable skin around the eyes is often ignored. A look at the sun spots around many people can prove this.

  There are also people who apply facial skin cancer products directly to the eyes. It is not known that facial products containing SPF sun protection index are overwhelming to the skin of the eyes. After application, it may cause great discomfort and even sensitivity.

  A pair of sunglasses, good sunscreen eye cream, and concealer that can be used on the eyes can be used as sunscreen for the eyes.


To avoid oily skin, wash your face continuously throughout the day, often using oil-absorbing paper. Oily mixed skin usually has abnormal oil secretion, and the sebaceous glands are too active, especially in hot, gradual, and sultry summers.。
  Therefore, it should not be stimulated excessively. Changing face washing, oil absorption, etc. will make the sebaceous glands, which are already very strong, secrete more vigorously, and the PH of the skin will be destroyed. The more it squeezes, the more it sucks.

  You should choose the right balance of oil products, preferably a series, from cleansing to masks to daily care products, rather than simply choosing oil control products.


Frequent acne squeezing with hands or going to a beauty salon or squeezing is indeed a pleasure. Although it works immediately, it is not a cure for the root cause, because you will find that “strawberry nose” is coming back soon.

  This is not wise and will cause more harm.

The irritation caused by improper application of force, the generation of facial blisters, and the harm to more innocent cells are not worth the damage.

  Try to avoid touching the face consciously or unconsciously, the bacteria of the hand will increase the inflammation.


Use medicinal products as skin care products. Medication-type products such as ointments that can cure acne cannot be used continuously. Although it can alleviate severe acne or acne to a certain extent, long-term use causes skin degeneration, and many ointmentsContaining trace hormones, long-term use will cause damage to skin barrier function.

  In addition, the efficacy of general medicinal products is relatively simple. It can only address certain problems and cannot take care of skin, such as hydration, anti-wrinkle and other aspects. Therefore, it is recommended to use medicinal products in stages. After the symptoms are relieved, other seasonal products should be replaced.use.

  In addition, you should pay more attention to your diet. In addition to the spicy foods often mentioned, drink less coffee, eat less tomatoes, oranges and other fruits and vegetables that irritate the skin earlier.

Snail love

Snail love

(1) I grew up in a small county when I was a kid, and lived in a very lively residential area with my parents. That residential area has a very interesting name, “Zhaigongtang”.

  In the second year of the second year, we moved to a new house next door. The neighbors of “Zhaigongtang” were invited to dinner on the day of the house move. The uncle, aunt, and father and mother were of similar age. The aunt saw me very happy.Pulling a boy taller than me, I stumbled, “Wow, there will be such a tall person next door.

“I ignored him proudly, and he didn’t even say hello to me.

The aunt said, “You can play together in the future.

“I kept my head down and ate the rice in the bowl, pretending I didn’t hear it.

  Since that day we have known each other, and our neighbors have called him clearly.

I called him like this, “Ming Ming!



“He looked at me.” What?




  We read a grade. I was in the best school in the county. His grades were not good. The school he attended was not famous.

Every time my auntie saw me, she said, “Lele, you have to help more clearly. He doesn’t like studying.

“Every time, I have a sense of superiority, and my heart is so beautiful, I will say in front of him:” If he does not want to read, I will not teach him. ”

  On summer evenings, every family likes to set the table for dinner. They are always shirtless, and they wear a pair of blue striped beach pants to eat outside. Auntie and my mother said, “Our family obviously loves meat.A person can eat several pounds!

“I’ll hold it for a while. How can I have enough money to support it?

I raised my head curiously to see him eat. He was eating far less rudely than I thought. He chewed slowly and bite until his fingers held the chopsticks. He ate and ate and said to his mother;Height, I have grown two centimeters, and now it is one meter seven four.

“I’m choking again, how can I grow so long?

Cut it a little for me.

  When I was in junior high school, I studied very hard. He moved the desk out to do his homework as soon as he was out of school. He often turned around my desk and occasionally flipped through my books. I said disdainfully; “Do you understand?

“He didn’t care about me, he said heely,” I don’t understand. ”

I ignored him. I continued to write my words. He patted the table and said, “Did you become a certain body when you wrote?”

Also, how do you always love to write a pen? The country of China has to write the inside first and then the outside horizontal. How do you read in elementary school?

“I looked at him, and he was furious, and threw his pen to write, and when he lifted the pen, he wrote a phrase” Spring Rain Runs like a rush “on my book.

The work is neat and beautiful, I asked him wonderingly, “Have you ever practiced the post?

“He raised his head and ignored me and left.

  (2) Less than a year after neighbours, we ushered in our respective entrance examinations.

I went directly to the high school of our school with excellent grades. I felt very fresh in a new class. In the face of many children who were admitted by foreign schools, our children ‘s superiority filled the whole heart like cotton.Already.
My friend Yingying and I started talking about interesting things in their respective classes. Yingying said, “There is a guy in our class sitting in the last row and wearing blue striped beach pants to school every day. It looks cool.

“”is it?

Take me there someday, what’s your name?

“” When the teacher ordered the roster, he seemed to call him Guo Ziming.

“I almost fell off the bike instead.

Guo Ziming?

This guy, Mingming and I are now a school, I don’t know yet.

  Next, I will always see him in different places in the school. He is always followed by a bunch of messy boys. Whenever I do, I pretended not to see him. He always called “Lele, Lele”.I, everyone around me looked at him curiously, wondering that he gave me such an intimate title.He sometimes walks with the girls, and often changes to different girls. I ring the bell all the way and call him hard; “Ming Ming, Ming Ming”.

He turned back and grinned at me, smiling so cute.

  The high school has grown a few centimeters. I am standing in front of him and he is almost a dwarf. He rides a beautiful car to school. We often start together in the morning and ride to a place where we buy breakfast.He is good at buns. He can eat the buns while riding. I have to wait until the school to stop the car before eating. At this time, the buns are also cold.

He joked a little; “After you go to school on my bike, you can sit back and have breakfast.

“I told my mother, and my mother said;” After that, it will rain, and you will go to school by bike.

“After many years, whenever I encountered this incident, I was so touched that I remembered riding his bike for the first time. He rode in a raincoat and I sat on the back with an umbrella.

What a young two children, dare not touch him with their hands, hold tightly under the seat, heartbeat beating constantly.

  I found out that he was such a disobedient child at a school with him. Every day I can see the teacher take him to the office. I sit at the window and watch him pass by me slowly. He will smile at me.I’m not embarrassed at all, I feel embarrassed at this moment, I wish I didn’t know him.

Later, you will hear the criticism of the teacher in the next office, and then there is an excuse that is louder than the teacher’s voice. That is clear, and then the teacher swells out. He follows slowly and still.

Because he was so bold, he suddenly became a celebrity in school. I am next door to the celebrity, and many people know me.

  In the following days, every three or two days I could hear the aunt’s lesson clearly next door, often the aunt said something, he wanted to say two or three sentences, and once he found 40 brothers and gave a boy who was one of usHe hit him, and the school almost fired him. The aunt was so angry that he had to hit him. My mother and neighbors went to persuade him and said, “I never hit anyone who shouldn’t be hit. He repeatedly messed with me.of.

“Turn around and leave.”

My mother immediately pushed me, and I dropped the bowl and chased the car.

When I caught up, he had gone a long way, and I didn’t speak. Following him, he saw me and said to me softly; “You go home for dinner.

I said; “I won’t go back if you don’t go back.

“Yu came back again obediently.

So later, many students at the school asked me: “Guo Ziming is so sloppy and untamed, why do you play so well?

I said; “I can’t feel it, I feel he’s a very reasonable boy.”

“Because he was always obedient in front of me, I couldn’t hook the boy who could summon more than 40 people to fight with the boy who rode my bike to school every day.

  Soon after reading the senior year, Ming Ming and I both grew up slowly in the eyes of each other. The classmates knew that I was Ming Ming’s best friend. Those girls who secretly love Ming Ming even secretly eat my vinegar.

He often waited for me on the dark road home after self-study late. When he saw me coming, I rang the bell softly. I would also send him a letter. It was a rejection letter addressed to the girl.”There are many girls chasing you.

He said; “I’m so bad, I love fighting so much, who would like me?”

Do you know?

“I won’t.

“The two laughed.

  (3) Then we all went to college. He went to Guiyang. I came to Guangzhou. The interesting thing is that we all chose to study medicine.

When I was a freshman, my family moved out of the county with my father’s work.

University life is colorful. When I was used to sending emails and text messages to friends for quick contact, I suddenly received an ordinary post with a red stamp, which was sent from Guiyang.

Then he next wrote me a letter about his boring life at university, told me he didn’t talk about his girlfriend, asked me if he was in love, and then the last sentence of the letter told me that he missed me very much.

I took his letter and looked slowly, and in my head came the naughty look of his smile at me.

He occasionally calls me and asks if I am doing well.

I told him: “I must go to see Huangguoshu Falls. You have to save more and entertain me when that happens.

“He said;” I play cards at school every day to win money and wait for you.

I said; “If you play cards again, I won’t play with you.

He said hurriedly; “I will never fight again, you play with me.

“Later, he really gave up.

  The year I graduated from the fifth year, I successfully passed the postgraduate examination. I told him that I had received the admission letter. He was so happy. He said it was good. I forgot to ask him about his work.

After entering, he called me and said he found a job. I asked him where he said that he was overtime for one and a half hours from my school. I was stuck for a while, thinking about how I could meet with Mingming often as a teenagerSo happy.

Obviously asked me, “Are you happy?

“I said;” Very happy.It’s winter time to meet again. It’s as if I haven’t been in a hurry to see each other after so long, but I miss you so much.

After an overpass, he saw me from a distance. He came slowly from the overpass and smiled at me from afar.

I remembered when he was taken by my teacher to the office in front of my window in high school, nothing changed.

Suddenly I wanted to rush over to give him a British hug, and I was startled by this idea myself.

When they came to the front, they said nothing. They looked at each other and smirked for a long time. Then he said suddenly, “It’s cold, I’ll hold your hand.

“After finishing talking, I pulled up my right hand and left.

I was startled, and a word came out, “Would you hold my left hand?

The left hand is more ice.

“He looked at me and laughed.

  In this way, I and I began to fall in love in the 10th year I knew each other.

What is good for the eyes?

What is good for the eyes?

Myopia should avoid vision loss and eat more fish, citrus fruits and red fruits. This is an effective method to prevent myopia; but do not eat foods that aggravate myopia, especially a variety of sweets, sweets, full-fat cheese, etc.

  Hyperopia should eat more garlic, onions, dairy products, animal liver.

  Too much glaucoma can lead to glaucoma. To reduce intraocular pressure, drink one and a half liters of water a day.

Eat less greasy things, avoid tea, coffee and alcohol, and quit smoking completely.

If you often use a computer at work; your eyes are dry, bloodshot, afraid of light, tears, and even red and swollen, it means that your eyes have been hurt.

The cause of eye fatigue is generally related to the secretion of tears. This requires awareness and doubles eye protection; and if you can add some nutritious food to your diet, it is the most convenient and effective way:

Needless to say, vitamin A, known as “necessary for eye protection”, is a good way to prevent dry eyes, vision loss, and night blindness. Carrots, green and yellow vegetables, and red dates are the most abundant.


Vitamin B Vitamin B is one of the nutritional sources of the visual nerves. Vitamin B1 deficiency is easy to fatigue the eyes; Vitamin B2 deficiency is easy to cause keratitis.

You can eat more sesame, soybeans, fresh milk, wheat germ and other foods.


Lycium barbarum Lycium barbarum’s clear liver-clearing effect has been known for a long time, because it is rich in carotene, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron, etc., which are essential nutrients for healthy eyes.

  Three dietary formulas of wolfberry fruit: ① wolfberry fruit + rice: after cooking porridge, add a little sugar to treat blurred vision and tearing.

  ② Medlar + Chrysanthemum: Brewing with hot water for a period of time can make eyes easy and bright.

  ③ Medlar + Pork Liver: The soup has clearing heat, eliminating astringent eyes and dark circles appearing due to staying up late.


Cassia seed Cassia seed has the effect of clearing the liver and clearing eyes and moisturizing the intestines. It can improve eye swelling, redness and tears, and prevent vision loss.

  In addition, care should be taken to ensure adequate sleep.

Homemade chrysanthemum mask for whitening and removing acne marks


Homemade chrysanthemum mask for whitening and removing acne marks

Everyone knows the pathogenesis of acne (acne), which is caused by the strong secretion of androgens.

Seasonal changes should pay attention to skin cleansing and diet conditioning.

In particular, some friends’ skin cleanliness is not enough to easily cause acne.

Friends use warm water to clean the skin 3-4 times a day.

At the same time, drinking chrysanthemum tea is also a good choice. Chrysanthemum tea with honeysuckle can be used to clear heat and detoxify. You can also use chrysanthemum tea to cover the face, which also has a certain anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect on acne.

Chrysanthemum whitening and acne-removing homemade mask material: chrysanthemum, a few, eggs one method: 1, now put chrysanthemums in a container and smash them, break the eggs, take only egg whites 3, stir the mashed chrysanthemums and egg whites evenly 4, Concentrate the moisture, wait for the egg whites to dry, cleanse the face, and apply emollients. The effect of chrysanthemum is very rich in essential oils and chrysanthemum pigments. These ingredients can effectively inhibit the production of melanin in the skin and still have the effect of softening epidermal cells.efficacy.
The mask can inhibit melanin, help whiten the skin and remove acne marks, and it also has the effect of removing wrinkles!

What is a visitor-centered therapy?

What is a visitor-centered therapy?

By American psychologist Rogers C, 1902?
1987) was founded in the 1940s. It introduced the subjective initiative of mobilizing patients (also translating visitors) and explored their potential. It was not worth the diagnosis. The treatment was more listening, receiving and understanding, that is, patient-centered or surroundingPsychotherapy of patients.

In 1974, Rogers also proposed a further extension of implant therapy, renamed human-centered therapy (personal-centered therapy), more people-oriented, rather than patients or visitors, further highlighting the person being treated as a normal person, as the potential of psychological development is not exhaustedThe stage of adverse events or problems that are exerted or exposed, the treatment itself is to guide the person being treated to understand and understand themselves, and to realize their potential.

Ancient Law and Current Use-Indian Natural Therapy

Ancient Law and Current Use-Indian Natural Therapy

“Ayurveda” means “science of life” and is a traditional treatment in India.

This 5,000-year-old medical treatment technology has always advocated a natural method to restore the balance and health of the human body, and today it has become the mainstream of Indian medicine again.

  Corana, whose name means “Hometown of Coconuts”, is a small city in the southwestern part of the Indian subcontinent, located between the Cardamom Mountains and the Arabian Sea.

Although this small area is only a few percent of the subcontinent, the coconut products produced account for 70% of the total coconut production in India.

Coconut oil squeezed from dried coconut bells is the traditional massage oil used extensively in “Ayouweida” natural therapy.

  The doctor used my sensitive fingertips to check the pulse for me, to check the functions of the lungs, liver and kidneys, as well as the balance of various secretions and blood.

The physician said, “Kaffa is weak, and Wit is high.

“” Ayouweida “is the most prominent unity of form and spirit, and believes that there are three kinds of natural energy in the human body.

“Witt” controls various functions and physical activities; “Bit” controls digestion, metabolism and body temperature; “Kafa” provides the body structure and regulates body fluid secretion and energy of the immune system.

  According to the “Ayouweida” therapy, the human body can usually self-regulate and balance these three energies.

However, if life is too upside down, problems will still occur, and once an energy is too large, the disease will run out.

Therefore, “Ayouweida” uses a variety of natural medicines, combined with unique massage, diet, and even yoga, to increase the body’s ability to self-renew, thereby correcting the lost balance and harmony.

  The doctor solemnly wrote a prescription for me: what medicine to use from 7 am to 10 am, and then reuse it from 2 to 4 pm, receive different treatments every day, eat a variety of healthy meals, and so on.

Do not smoke, drink less beer, drink more ginger tea.

  The masseuse is preparing for my first treatment.

I saw that the clean towel had been spread, a bottle of coconut oil was being heated on the oil stove, and a copper oil lamp was lit under a statue.

  Today, the herbal medicine of “Ayouweida” is still used in ancient prescriptions centuries ago.

There are as many as one thousand of these formulas, and there are claims at least in terms of treatment, at least in terms of alternatives.

  The first step of my treatment was to receive “Iinger”
massage, using vegetable oil and vanilla to eliminate oily toxins in the polymer for many years.

In the next few days, a “jaw-to-solar” massage with corn and vegetable oil will be used, as well as a “Inner Asia” therapy that cleanses the nasal cavity and throat and enhances the body’s function by discharging waste.

During these physical therapies, the left and right sides of the body will be performed simultaneously.

This is said to balance the functioning of the left and right halves of the brain.

  For half an hour, the entire person was suspended.

The therapist is very skilled and agile fingers are gently inserted into both sides of the body to slide and pinch, pinch to the arms, palms, legs and feet are almost light.

Then the thighs and abdomen, and then reach up to the destination, chin, two clips and forehead before turning back to massage the back.

Next door, the bathtub was already filled with warm herbal water.

The body was rubbed with both hands, washed with coconut soap, and brought back to the carefree childhood.

At ten o’clock noon, the last drop of massage oil was finally clean.

  It’s time for lunch. On the balcony, the dining table is lined with banana leaves.

Sorry, cutlery and dishes are not provided.

The housekeeper scooped out a variety of authentic dishes from the bright bottles.

One of the simple cooking dishes, which is mainly made from local rice and bean paste, is the basic food for “Ayouweida” diet.

I heard that this food is easy to digest and can remove toxins from the body. You can also add a variety of different spices, herbs and vegetables to cook.

  For a few days, I received a series of massages and dietary treatments in a quiet environment.

After a deep sleep every night, I feel more refreshed.

In less than a week, ten liters of coconut oil had penetrated into the skin and a little redness had developed.

The doctor said that this is the time for the treatment to take effect, and it is time to do the “Ovirasso” massage.

This time, the therapist did not apply a sticky hot paste.The next day, the skin became much softer and smoother.

Finally, there is the “Nea” treatment, which cleans the nasal cavity with a light vegetable oil.

After doing this, the clear and unobstructed feeling of the mind is really not experienced for many years.

  On the last day, the doctor gave me another pulse with confidence, purportedly “to restore balance and physiological harmony.

Properly dry your hands after washing to prevent the spread of bacteria

Properly dry your hands after washing to prevent the spread of bacteria

People often wash their hands to suppress the spread of bacteria, but many people often ignore the step of drying hands after washing, so the effect of hand washing is weakened.

A new British study shows that choosing the right way to dry your hands can help prevent the spread of germs left on your hands elsewhere.

  Researchers at institutions such as the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom report in a new issue of the Journal of Applied Microbiology that hand washing is an effective way to remove bacteria, but it can’t destroy all bacteria.Dry, residual bacteria can easily spread in a humid environment, so letting your hands dry is also an important step.

  Because the main purpose of maintaining hand hygiene is to prevent the spread of bacteria from the hands to items such as food they carry, researchers have designed experiments to evaluate the effects of various methods of drying hands on the spread of bacteria.

That is, first ask volunteers to touch the raw meat with bacteria, then wash your hands and take different methods to dry your hands. At each stage of the process, press your hand on the petri dish, and then check how much bacteria will be left.

  The results show that in the use of paper towels, various “dry phones” and other methods, the use of paper towels to wipe the hands is the most effective. After drying the hands in this way, the number of bacteria transmitted to the Petri dish is reduced by contact.

  The effect of the “dry cell phone” determines how to use it. Some “dry cell phones” use warm air to dry their hands and often require rubbing their hands to speed up the evaporation of water. Other machines use high-speed air to dry the water.

Researchers have found that, unlike rubbing hands during washing, it has a better sterilization effect. If you rub your hands during drying, it will become hidden in the skin to remove the bacteria that were washed away and brought to the surface of your hands.When such hands touch the culture dish after drying, more bacteria will be left behind.

  But if the hand is still in the “dryer”, the amount of bacteria left on the petri dish after the hand is dry is not much different from the use of paper towels.

High temperature in summer is easy to heat stroke. These acupressure massages can provide first aid!

High temperature in summer is easy to heat stroke. These acupressure massages can provide first aid!

Working in a high-temperature environment for a long time can easily induce heat stroke. Heat stroke is a disease caused by a disorder in the function of temperature regulation of heat stroke. Patients will experience headaches, dizziness, continuous sweating, softening of the extremities, and loss of concentration.The patient’s body temperature can reach as high as 40 ° C or more, and even the internal organs fail, which can endanger life.

  How to massage during summer heat stroke?

  1. For Dazhui, Fengchi, massage Dazhui at the depression under the spinous process of the seventh cervical vertebra. Place the right middle finger on this acupoint, ring finger, index finger and little finger on the nearby acupoint. Use the middle finger to forceMassage about 1 minute.

The Fengchi acupoint is under the occipital bone of the neck, and the outer side of the large tendon is sunken. Put the thumbs of both hands directly on the Fengchi acupoint on the same side, and place the other four index fingers aside, and massage vigorously for about a minute.

  2. Massage Baihui Acupoint, Baihui Acupoint at the intersection of the midline of the head and the line connecting the two ear tips.

Put your right hand in a half-grip state, put your thumb straight and place it directly on Baihui Point, and pinch hard for about a minute.

The temples are recessed about an inch horizontally between the fur on the sides and the outer corners of the eyes. Use the thumbs of both hands to place the temples on the same side of the temple, and massage the other four fingers on the head for one minute.

  3. Quchi acupoint, Hegu acupoint The elbow and the ground are in a vertical state. The elbow socket is the Quchi acupoint. Place the thumb and abdomen of a hand on the opposite acupoint and massage slowly from light to heavy.For one minute, the two hands alternate.

Hegu acupoint is at the tiger’s mouth of the hand. Hegu acupuncture points the horizontal line of the interphalangeal joint of one hand to the edge between the index finger and thumb of the other hand.

Put the thumb of one hand on the Hegu acupoint of the other hand, and put the other test strips on the palm of your hand, hold it for a minute, and keep the soreness in the area. The two hands should be alternated.

  How to prevent heat stroke in summer?

  Make sure you have at least 2500 milliliters of water a day, which can lead to blood and electrolyte loss when your body is dehydrated.

For people who are often outdoors, they should insist on drinking salt water and adopt the principle of small amounts and multiple times.

People who work outdoors should do a good job of sun protection. Try to wear sun protection clothing, sun hats, etc., choose light loose and light sun protection clothing.

In summer, doors and windows cannot be closed tightly, windows are opened every three hours during the day, and ventilation is not allowed. You cannot stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time. The indoor temperature difference cannot exceed 7 ° C.

  Kind reminder For people who are weak, they should carry wind oil essence and other drugs with them when going out in hot weather. This can alleviate the heat stroke problem. If the condition is very serious, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Your child’s diet is not eating more nutrition

Your child’s diet is not “eating more nutrition”

It ‘s not “eating more and more nutrition” The Women’s Federation of Qiang City recently conducted a sample survey of more than 4,000 primary and secondary school students in Shanghai. The results showed that the knowledge rate of knowledge about which foods should not be consumed by children and children is only 10%;The awareness rate of knowledge such as transmission channels is only 50%.
More than half of the students scored below 60 points.
  At the same time, relevant surveys also show that: 39 children aged 1 to 6 in Shanghai.
7% have picky eating habits; among children aged 5 to 6 years, picky eating habits are higher, accounting for about 50%.
  Not only do teenagers lack basic knowledge about “what to eat, how much to eat, or how to eat”, many parents also have misunderstandings.
Some prefer particularly large fruits and vegetables, some often buy food from street vendors without a license, and some even blindly supplement their children.
Parents who should be the first teachers of children’s “food education” often have a subtle and subtle impact on their children because they do not understand scientific diets.
  Many parents think that their children “eat more and more nutrition, eat what they like”, and even treat their children’s bad eating habits as a show off “capital”, praised in front of relatives and friends “the child can eat six large ribs in a meal.”
In order to make their children eat more, some parents even use “induction” methods such as watching TV while eating, eating toys and eating drinks.
The survey results show that more than 70% of children have “two minds” when eating, and half of them want to swim around.
  Irrational diet is prone to “aging before aging” and irrational eating and living habits, leading to the emergence of some middle-aged and elderly diseases in adolescents.
  The City Women’s Federation cited a statistical data showing that the phenomenon of “ageing before aging” among preschool children in China is becoming increasingly apparent, and the prevalence of diabetes in children is 2.
3%, the dyslipidemia rate was 2.
2%, the prevalence of hypertension is as high as 7%.
Many children with “highly developed minds” are powerless, even frail and often go to the hospital for treatment.
The research commissioned by the Office of the Municipal Women and Children’s Work Committee also revealed that the overweight and obesity rate of children in Shanghai rose rapidly in the past five years.
  It is reported that in South Korea and Japan, “food education”, as an important content of education for all, has become a basic curriculum widely carried out in elementary and middle schools.
For this reason, relevant persons have suggested that the relevant government departments should attach importance to the education of children’s eating behavior, as well as safety and legal education, and include the “food education” curriculum as one of the necessary content of children’s quality education and include it in the school’s annual teaching planTo enhance children’s awareness of self-protection in all aspects of diet and nutrition.