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But when Zhu Wushuang was desperate,Mr. Xia’s back appeared in front of Yihua。Can’t help but please。Then he was shocked and exclaimed。

“Go fast,Mr. Xia,This is a combined blow of five questioning the gods,You can’t stop asking the middle level of the gods!” Xia Chenglong did not speak, but drew out the Xuantian Sword,Give it a go。 “Chiba Xianglong” Xia Chenglong swings a sword,Thousands of sword dragons slashed forward with fierce sword energy。 Qi Er saw this […]

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Populus tilted his head,Thought for a while:“This cup,Two hundred dollars,It can be bought。” Ok? Everyone was slightly surprised,Just now Brother Hu kept belittling bone china,Everyone thought it was worthless。Bone China itself has no history,Plus used goods,Who would want? “You see,Signature on the cup,Should be customized,This kind of custom,Whatever it is,The value will be much higher。”Hu […]

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This red willow city,Is one of the big cities among the gods,Big city like this,There are a total of two hundred and seventy-three in the kingdom of God,Distributed in the continent of God’s Domain,Population over 10 million,Belongs to large and medium-sized cities。

And above Hongliu City,There are eighteen god cities,The Tianzun City that Qin Chusheng is going to is one of them。 The population of these eighteen god cities is not much,There are less than a million people in each god city,But the strong are like clouds,Belongs to the core power of the Shenmin clan,Hold the most […]

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This young man is Hu Lin’s cousin,And heir to the next generation of Hu,As long as there is a chance,Of course he will spare no effort to step on Hu Lin,Only stepped on Hu Lin who is usually the most favored sister,His chances of being on the top will naturally increase in the future。

“what?This girl is so lawless!Second uncle,You always talk,We will send someone immediately,Catch her back!” “Correct!To get her back。Otherwise, where should we put Hu’s face?” “Yes!I heard she was with the refugees,Even the content about the killing of General Tieqin dared to broadcast,This is a scourge!” at this time,Mr. Hu sitting in front of the hall,Which […]

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Oh!Sakura Fund!Takuya Yuichiro!

Qiao Tianyu suddenly realized,He is not one of Sato Junji’s accomplices,Was just defeated by Qiao Tianyu“Four Ace Traders”One?? Takuya Yuichiro,Former Merrill Lynch Ace Trader,And Sato Junji“Wall Street Island Gemini”,Rank“1993Top 10 Most Earning Traders on Wall Street”Fourth place! The day before yesterday,Takuya Yuichiro as an accomplice of Sato Junji,Also participated in the peso war,After the failure, […]

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Han Yuxiang suddenly reacted to something,Point to Xiang Chen,Like discovering a new world。

Xiang Chen rolled his eyes helplessly,I don’t want to talk about Korean,The other three men around also all smiled bitterly,Finally, I can only forcefully explain,Women’s focus has always been different from men’s rhythm! Looked around,I don’t know what’s wrong with what I said,Let these four men show their disgusting expressions almost at the same time,But […]

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These are not important to Xia Chenglong,The important thing is the three things he needs to do next。

First let the people in the guild hate him completely,Then become their enemy。 Second, show sufficient ability,Successfully attracted the attention of the butcher,After all, it is impossible for people to collect a waste。 Third, show enough goodwill for the butcher,It’s better to help the Tujia win in a certain battle。 So the next thing is […]

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joke,He finally caught a talented man,How can I leave?

“can,Can,Of course it can!” “Oh,I’m going to prepare for the next link!”Xia Chenglong didn’t even intend to have a deep friendship with each other。 When they first came, the other side had different attitudes。 Uncle Lu looked worried:“No need to,No need to,Not at all,well,Xiaoli,Go and register the badge for Brother Aaron right away。” joke,A warrior […]

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Work hard to restrain the urge to laugh,Sitting next to Xiangyang,Bai Lu is afraid that she will laugh out the food in her mouth next second,I can only hide the cup in front of me。

“no need to say sorry,Let Xiang Chen do such a heinous thing,Who would have thought that someone as honest as Big Brother Tian would follow him!” Seeing Bai Lu embarrassed,Xiangyang hurriedly stepped forward to make a round,Xiao Xiaoxiao on the other side also said empathetically“Even the takeaway can be monopolized by Uncle Xiang,If Xiangyang becomes […]

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Far beyond the spiritual energy intensity of human mutants,There is even a fundamental difference!If this power is not the power of God,,What else is that?

however,The amazing things are far more than they perceive。 The torrent of snakes came to an abrupt end,Like a dam closing gate,Cut off the upstream torrent。 The snake flow in front of me became rootless water,No longer surging forward,And it all stopped。 唰唰! Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Those venomous snakes put away their mimicry,Back to the form […]

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