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Chapter Four Hundred and Fifth war

Xiao Fan glanced at Lin Yoona, who was sleeping well,Helped her tuck the quilt,Someone wants to challenge his endurance tonight,He also has to make them suffer。 There was a sudden wind around,The originally beautiful moonlight was also enveloped by a dark atmosphere,The air is full of the smell of gunpowder smoke,Tonight is destined to be […]

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Zhao Jialun, the Liushen Wuzhu, said so by her,Seems to have an opinion,Nodding,Coming power,Said:“I’ll go。”Then the two shared their numbers and went separately。

Tian Lu is a temporary shelter given to Chen Amei’s resettlement house,I haven’t had time to get in,Going to help people。 Secretly pray that Ding Yan will not have an accident。She used to rub the car when Amei Chen was there,Or take the bus,Now she feels urgent,called“Taxi”,Go straight to Shanda International Optoelectronics Office Building。 She […]

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of course,Once Qin Feng can win the final victory,These people will definitely want to come back and hold their thighs。Because it will definitely benefit the future development。

Just now,It can only be said that the wind and rain are shaking! Knock—— Knock on the door。 Qin Feng sighed,Still walked out of the room。 “Qin Feng.”Haruko Miyamoto is a little bit hazy with tears。 “what happened?The explosion happened again,Although the main target was not originally us,But the doorman was still affected。” After all, […]

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Qin Feng packed up,Did not drive your own car,But stop a taxi,Came to the Jinhua Hotel where Sister Qin is。

(End of this chapter) ———— Chapter Seven Hundred and Four Unreconcilable hatred Follow the house number Jiang Yan told me,Qin Fengzai301Doorway,Knocked a few times。 “Who?”Qin Feng heard Sister Qin’s voice。 “it’s me,Qin Feng。” Sister Qin heard it was Qin Feng,Ran over immediately and opened the door of the room,After seeing Qin Feng,Sister Qin who has […]

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“I know!You must not understand me yet!”

Evincent is like discovering a new world,Or maybe scientists have found some kind of misunderstanding,Just conquer it,The problem will be solved。 “My name is evincent,Yes lunatic!I have many PhDs,I don’t know how many。I have done a lot of fun things,I don’t remember the details。I have many followers,But i don’t remember their names。” Ivincent’s self-introduction was […]

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text Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Eight Vigorously ? At this moment,Zhu Kun’s immediate subordinates finally couldn’t help it。 The tall and burly Qian Gui who knows how to talk about cross talk came forward,He shook two big chest muscles,Urn airway:“waste!Get out of the way,let me do it!” Qian Gui is Zhu Kun’s cronies,My own […]

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“I feel like straight guys praise him,Is this still a man!You see, some of us are beautiful women anyway,This guy has no pity for Xiangyuyu,Is this still a man!”

“Is not,Definitely not!” ———— Chapter One Hundred and Twenty-Four One or two things in the restaurant When Xin Zhao and Lena walked to the corner of the restaurant,,I heard the fierce quarrel of the women from the second team。 of course,This is not so much a quarrel,It’s more a mockery of Xin Zhao,And protests against […]

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Nothing else,This guy’s system,It really makes Xin Zhao envy,To say he has this kind of system,Isn’t it possible to stay without rest all night?。

Think about this,Xin Zhao’s eyes were full of jealousy。 If he has such a strong defense,Has become stronger。 And Ge Xiaolun stood in the midst of the gunfire,In addition to the initial bombing of shells,,In addition to generating shock waves,,Others can’t even hurt the hair on his body。 And what makes Ge Xiaolun more difficult […]

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The impatient Xiang Chen finally got the killer,This time the bodyguard really heard the sound of broken bones,It’s just his own this time。

Xiang Chen doesn’t want to kill,But after all, he killed someone,I feel that the world is much cleaner,When you want to leave,The bodyguard who fainted before woke up again,Coincidentally,He also desperately pulled Xiang Chen,Delay Xiang Chen’s actions。 Do nothing but never stop,The sound of broken bones sounded again,The duty of the two bodyguards ends here。 […]

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