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Beautiful,Charming beach,Under clear sky,beautiful beach,Parasol like a flower standing high,A panoramic view of the blue sea and passionate men and women from all over the world。Nature has the most suitable climate、The cleanest air、The warmest sunshine、The most azure water、The softest beach、The most charming beauties、The most delicious seafood……Have given this seaside city the vast sea left,Pleasant scenery,Comfortable climate。It is a fairy tale holy land for men and women in love。

Chen Amei and Tian Lu put on bikinis,Put on sunglasses,Long hair fluttering,Very exotic。 Ding Kelan and Lin Hai wear floral vests,Wearing grey static shorts,Walk vigorously on the beach。 “Colan,Have you seen the girls on the beach are so enchanting,Are you interested in having two beautiful girls come over and have fun。”Lin Hai proposed。 It just […]

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