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After all, hell island“Penalize”,That’s more,Many are wearing a conference,Because the chivalrous list has already laid a large number of people,They can naturally invade、Make a penalty,Of fresh in the most heartless thing,Consciousness is very secret,so……

And the Heroes Island will not explain the crime.! “hehe,Since the door is handled,Then there is no matter what to,Our brothers will continue to send……”Appreciation of good make it clear to explain,Directly refute Lin Ping’s face。 Although not only the hand,But as long as the head is picking a brand,Heroes will not find someone else.,This […]

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And Zhao Xiangling is more too much,Not only the battle,I also burn people in the pavilion of Changsha。

Iron unparalleled,Also blame、Stop Zhao Xiangli,Do you have a good life?? So call two people together,He has also found Jiangnan Heroes and Jiang Behe Hei,Jiang Bifai has brought the flower of peers.。 At the time of the banquet,Zhao Xiangling、Hefei、Ironless、Jiang Bifuhe、Flowery,Other even the son of Jiang Bifaihe, Jiang Yulang,Nor income。 The seat is the seat of the […]

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It’s really time,Everything in the abyss will be vanished,Diversion of underground river,Lop Nur returned to the land of death,Everyone here will die without a burial place。

and so,It asked Gan Yifan to find six people from Ning Bei Zhi。 In its eyes,Whether it’s Ningbei Zhi or Li Dachuan,Even four Taoist priests,Actually still relatively weak,But the victory is that the power is very different,And full of vitality。Especially Ningbei Zhi,Mental strength……Which is what Gu Xiu called divine consciousness,It can reach the middle-class level […]

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Wright elaborated:“Specifically,I need you in the four highest planes、Collect some beasts from the seven gods,Or someone related to the beast。Including gods or gods with the blood of gods。In addition, the beast I want,It is a natural attribute, earth, water and fire, or the rules of life。”

“If it is alive,It’s best to lure,Let them cooperate。I will give you a fortune,Of course, if there is the blood of a beast,Maybe buy it back。” “In addition。。。”Wright thought for a while:“You should also catch some relatively special creatures in the sanctuary,Also sent to my god plane。” “The power of these main gods for you,If […]

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Although the war puppets destroyed more than a dozen in an instant,But worth it,Also quite a fluke。

It makes no sense for the third raid,The suggestion was made by Li Tianzhen,Use again and again,I don’t have a heart over and over again,Decided to kill a carbine,Dayan actually laughed and didn’t object,Both seem to be marked as hidden,It’s really miserable,If you don’t keep on harassing like this,Once the Holy Blood Array is found […]

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“Well!I hope to kill the god and judges this evening.!”Qi Rui said that he pulled out too knife and shouted the throat of the well.。

In the well, Junxiu is a thrilling, and the throat is a long history.,Rui Rui, I didn’t say it quickly to open the safe in the room.,Take some important files from inside,Junxiu in the well is not so cautious in the well.,All confidential files he placed in the safe,These two days have explored clearly。 These […]

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“Look at!There is one more status on our status bar!”Shunzi reports her findings to everyone。

although“Battle of Glory”This game focuses on reality Experience,But many things in it can get a digital experience,On the one hand, the Fool’s company has powerful computing capabilities,On the other hand, for the sake of some players,In case some players enter the full-real simulation environment and do nothing,So just use your brain to issue relevant instructions,Some […]

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Wang Lin smiled and said:“Go ahead!I’ll mobilize him,We Xia are always workaholics,You have to learn to adapt to him“

Lin Wei nodded,Then turned and left。After Lin Wei closes the door,Wang Lin walked to Xia Jian’s desk and lowered her voice and asked:“Did something happen between you and Lin Wei??“ “No!What can happen between us?“Xia Jian said solemnly。 Wang Lin smiled and said:“Don’t underestimate my IQ,Since Lin Wei came back from Pingdu,The look in your […]

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“Don’t follow up。”Shen Yingjie pulls Li Tianzhi,Very vigilant。

“Should be fine,He is not malicious。”Li Tianzhen patted the back of each other’s hand for comfort,Take a big step and follow the old man in the door。 This is a deep cave,There is an unpleasant smell inside,Very much like the old man’s living room,There are simple stone benches、Stone table,There is also a stone bed,There seems […]

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Like fleeing,This tastes uncomfortable,Also very helpless。Li Tianchou was very depressed and returned to Da Hei Men after eating a bowl of noodles。

From the emotional point of Depp and Ah Jiu,A little bit of enthusiasm that everyone just inspired,Has disappeared。Depp is not even interested in telling himself about the market research situation,This cooling rate is too fast。 This is definitely not a good sign,You must talk to Hong Mao when you find time。Li Tianchou discovered at this […]

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