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“Let me listen to them tomorrow.。”

Wang Lin will write half of the letter,Some are not at ease,Put again on the oil lamp.。 …… “Go to Yangzhou,That must go to Yangzhou!I heard that Yangzhou is rich in oil.,Don’t go!” Sima Panzhong excitedly took the table,his words,Goted a lot of people in the scene,Everyone nodded,Only a few people don’t talk,Frowning。 Yesterday’s dinner […]

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Sure enough, there is an east、Or a master of giant whale!

Chu Deirers don’t care,The heart is silently calculated.。 After the assassin’s leader,What does it seem to communicate with people inside?,After that, I will put my own group.,I don’t know if I notify the people inside.,About Chu Deirers,still is……The base point here is just a temporary! After all, Chu Deirers remember,In the original,I should be hidden […]

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I have been drinking half, he feels that it is even more acceptable tonight.,If you drink a bottle,I am afraid I have to work all day tomorrow.。

“no,I just give an example.,Just now, my dad called me, saying that they have the blood mud.,Some scared。” “Oh,There is no problem with blood mud,You let two old,Flush,Then go to sleep.,Find a one-time quilt, don’t catch cold,The next day, take a shower 100% will let them be a shocked.。” I heard Li Hui’s words,Han Shanshan […]

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“Hahahaha!Mayor Wang should have heard of it!Apart from our work relationship with Xia Jian,Still good friends in private,So it’s no surprise that I came to his house“Ouyang Hong said with a big smile。

Wang Degui’s face is getting ugly,He was thinking of becoming the mayor and came to build a home in Xia,Put a little pressure on their family,I didn’t expect that he would not give him the face of the mayor.,Even Ouyang Hong is a deputy mayor,To speak to his son,Wang Degui feels he can’t hold on […]

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Luo Xing’s fist is empty!

“Hey,Where are you looking?” The voice of fuming sounded behind Luo Xing,Luo Xing’s hair exploded,Hit back,But still air! “Long Yu Yahuang!!” Everyone looks up,Inciting Lei Yi’s fate,A phantom Thunder Dragon appeared behind him,Right fist thunder cohesion,A Thunder Dragon swoops down,Carry endless power! Luo Xing looks at the approaching Thunder Dragon,Hastily condensed a soil escape,It’s a […]

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Before Li Tianchou can answer,There was another scream from behind,Turn around,A lean young man raised his leg and kicked a chasing thug,And relentlessly kicking continuously,Vicious exception,I was shocked by the thugs behind。Li Tianchou is confused,Why Qi Baozhu is here too?

“All right,All right。Small steel column,Closed。”Peng Weihua repeatedly discouraged。Even more surprised is A Huo who just ran over,He never thought of how the two evil stars under Geng Laowu would appear here,And clearly help each other,What’s happening here? “Brother Huo,Always good?I’m still on the front line of the street,I really convinced you。”Peng Weihua greeted Ah Huo […]

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Look at these things in front of you,Wang Teng at this time,Turning around and talking to Xia Yuzhu:“You leave first,I have something to deal with。”

Regarding what Wang Teng said,How could Xia Yuzhu not know? But the more this is,Xia Yuzhu still looked at Wang Teng very worried。 “Senior,You must be more careful。” For what Xia Yuzhu said,Wang Teng waved his hand even more。 “Don’t worry,Such a thing,I know。” This is natural,If you can’t even handle such things,Isn’t that really […]

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“If it’s not for hiring,The old man must abandon this fellow!”Brahma and panic。

“Don’t worry about the old man in the East,If Brother Fan is really worried,You can send a reliable person to stare at him first。”Li Tan stood up and paced back and forth,Irritability,It seems like never before,“But this time the coalition forces,Exposed many problems,Must prevent。” “Prevent it?According to my temper,Take advantage of their weakness,Immediately send troops […]

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“Leave you with me,Leave people,You can get out。”

Yan Bixia nose sprayed two hot air,Big old and far heard the ghost,Take a look at it,Ghost,There are two people.。 Female coma is not awake,Men’s squat,Routing your hand to touch the chest,This is still! “It turned out to be Yan Dai。” Liao Wenjie raises his hand,Pointing a small frost explaining a coma?:“I am acting,Smell the […]

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But let’s not talk about other things for now,Next,What should I do with these,In fact, there should be a good solution.。

“Wang Teng is in trouble now,He shouldn’t have time to take care of us。” “When we see Mr. Han,After telling the truth,,By the time,Victory belongs entirely to us!” When Lei Yong finished,Those people around saw it,Nodding。 After all such a thing,In fact, they have already seen it completely。 But other things,Actually, there is nothing to […]

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