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“is it?”The domineering man has a gentle tone,“A six-star demon master who practices the rules of death,I know that the elder in Bone Forest,On soul attack, maybe he has seven-star strength,But I am not afraid of him。Good at the law of the earth,Besides me, it is the six-star demon on the plane of the earth god,But he is not as good as me。But the powerful high-level gods of the fire system did not discover,But maybe the other party came long before us,I used to live in places like the North Sea and even the South China Sea of Magnolia,Or simply the god-level powerhouse of Magnolia Continent itself,Even under the Lord Palace Master?”

“If it’s a god-level seclusion for a long time,,It’s impossible to fight against that elder Victor, right?。。。Is it just a general discussion?I don’t know who won。But you said that you are a strong native of Magnolia mainland,It’s very difficult for a strong man nestled in the material plane to become a higher god.,Can it still […]

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