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suddenly,Wang Youcai glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Don’t you have many acquaintances here??Or ask an acquaintance,Find someone better than the third brother,This matter will not be settled”

“I think Brother Wang is right,This matter can only be solved in this way,No other method will make”Wu Wu said coldly。 One sentence reminded Xia Jian,He should find an acquaintance to settle this matter。But who is he looking for?Xia Jian stood up,Keep flipping the phone。 inSZAmong the people he knows,Only Lang Hu still knows people。But […]

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Li Haiying’s thin body suddenly swelled,A huge force burst out from his thin body,His palm shot out like lightning,It happened to be on Chen Xiu’s palm!

“Boom!” The sea is boundless and nine different strengths are coming like tide,Wave after wave。 “Wind attributes?” “……I am also a wind attribute,Even if he is stronger than me,Can’t knock me down,Wait for the Patriarch and Patriarch Qingyun to arrive,He is dead!” But Li Haiying hasn’t had time to be happy,A strange innocence came in […]

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The people of the whole team are also very angry with Li Hui Feng.。

They have never been so despised by others.。 Although they do not fight against the blade,Neighborhood,But even if so,They are all talented in other troops.,When is this, I have been ignored?。 Wang Yong slammed as the captain of the team.。 “Bros!” “arrive!” Nine people saw Wang Yong standing out,It is also what it will happen.,The […]

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Blue Xin also laughed,“grandmother,You also woke up,Our family reunited。”

“Yes。”Gu Yimei, I looked at everyone.,Their family plus Xiaonan Bridge,It is the four chantang.。 She is already blessed.。 “You are all good,Grandma is also good.。The stock lost 5% fifth,Grandma is good and rich,Just don’t help small oranges,Grandma is regrettable。” Lu Haocheng Road:“Thank you, my dream of my grandmother.,Grandma has helped me,Give me so good blue,I […]

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Fang Yu nodded。

Qiu Tian is speechless。 Fang Yu is really unmotivated。 He deserves to be ignored! Would rather stay in this little pharmacy,Not willing to go back to the hospital! Back to the hospital。 Qiu Tian told the dean about this。 “He really said that?” The dean wondered。 Fang Yu could have taken advantage of this opportunity,Become […]

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“This little guy is the best Suiren among these human races!”

Above the Void,Li Ming’s huge candle dragon body hides in the void,A pair of candle dragon eyes pierced through the darkness,But it is clear that a middle-aged human man is teaching the people how to go‘Drill wood for fire’,Flintwood keeps spinning,Friction heat,Little fire jump,I quickly ignited a bunch of fuelwood! And in Suiren’s body,Obviously I […]

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The little beggar saw Chen Xiu stabbed,The dagger fell to the ground again,Even more ignorant of companions,Turn around and run away,Chen Xiu saw that he was so vicious at a young age,Have a lesson,Stumble,The little beggar threw straight forward,A few broken front teeth,Mouthful of blood。March Chinese

Chen Xiu flicked his right hand,The beggar who was caught by his wrist also fell to the ground like his companion,Chen Xiu swept his gaze behind them,Shouted:“Come out,No, I slaughtered these two little bastards first,Then slowly concoct you!” Three old beggars came out from the nearby shop,Walk over,Said repeatedly:“We don’t see it,I can’t recognize you, […]

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Merely,Lu Haocheng suddenly wants to talk to the private problem with Ou Jing。

“Aura,Auntie and Le Yu and you,When do you want to make a friend??”Lu Haocheng is worried about him,After all, he is excellent than Su Sei Ming.,But because it is too good.,Looking for a wife to find。 Su Shengming is a half-truthful attitude,I really want to find a girlfriend。 But Ou Jing, there is no such […]

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“Korean Poems,I think your cleverness is an illusion。Actually,You’re an out-and-out silly woman。”Zhang Xiaoxue gradually approached Yushi,Eyes full of hate。

“You asked him to pretend to be Cui Ronghao’s assistant to bring me here?”Yu Shi almost guessed what happened。 “Ha ha,Yes,President Han is not stupid yet!”Zhang Xiaoxue sneered mockingly。 Looking at Zhang Xiaoxue’s ugly face,Yu Shi only regretted that he was soft at the time,Didn’t let Cui Ronghao teach her a lesson。 Does this woman […]

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