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People’s Daily ? Han Liming: Gongcheng New can take the opening of the way

Han Li Ming’s original question: Juchong new can take the opening of the road (sound) Nanjing to earnestly pick up the "striving for a speech rate, striving to do demonstration, walk in the forefront", struggling to write "strong rich and beautiful "New Nanjing Construction Modernization] General Secretary General Secretary requested the Yangtze River Delta region […]

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Sexual infringement prevention into the teaching materials to build a security protection

In recent years, sexual crimes against children have always been shocking. So, in addition to increasing the punishment of sexual assault, the public also requires sexual infringement of the self-protection capabilities of the child’s response to the teaching materials. The Ministry of Education issued the "Guidelines for Life Safety and Health Education into Primary and […]

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The top design continues to improve the development of the network security industry to enter the expressway

With the new round of scientific revolution and industrial change, cloud computing, big data, block chain, Internet of Things, industrial Internet, etc., the development of new technology, the development of network security industry ushered in new space and new opportunities. Recently, in the 2021 National Network Security Publicity Week Network Safety Industry Development Forum, the […]

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Shanxi Note 5 typical environmental illegal cases

  At the first press conference held on August 5th, the Shanxi Provincial Ecological Environment, the Shanxi Provincial Ecological Environment, informing a typical case, a serious amount of punishment, and a serious violation. 1. Quofi County Furi Xin Wastewater Treatment Plant escaping the regulatory discontinization case on July 12, the inspection team of the Linyi examination […]

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Unrest! Here is the "oasis" in the desert

  What is the first to think of the desert? What is your mind? Huangsha is still dry, bleak? In the Desert Botanical Garden in Changchun Agricultural Expo, there is a vitality here compared to the desert view of no life.   Today, let us walk from the snowy winter into this warm edition indoor botanical garden. […]

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The ancients 啥 啥 养 龟 龟 龟 龟?

 In the Ming and Qing Dynasty ancient city in Jiangxi Province, there are many places that reflect the wisdom of the ancients, such as the "Dragon Drainage System" that is still playing.  According to Xu Xiaoming, a staff member of Wanzhang County Party History, the reason why this drainage system is called "dragon-shaped drainage system" […]

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The 3rd National Hearing Recunciation Competition

  On the occasion of 2021 International Demonstration, the "Listening to the King Cup" The third national listener recitation contest final on September 12 in the Guangdong Provincial Lixia Mountain Library. The event site. Xinhuanet issued (Zhang Yong) It is reported that the national hearing impaired recitation contest held every two years. In the period of […]

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The 3rd Ningxia Industrial App Innovation Application Contead Endending ended in Yinchuan

Since its launch on June 8, the competition attracted 10 provinces and districts such as Ningxia, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Henan, a total of 269 works. The competition is divided into the application and creative competition. The application is mainly for the development of the company, and the creative game is mainly facing college students. The […]

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