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Beijing Women’s Dream Action helps more than 100 express delivery brothers

People’s Daily November 11th, for concern the new employment group, play the Women’s Federation, actively explore the effective path of service new employment group women and family, better for women and family, Beijing Women’s Federation to the courier , Take-out the restaurant, "There is a" 路 有 你 "微 心 梦 梦 行"Caring for them […]

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Tianzhi County launched the "Red Legend" into the campus and "red picture" series of works

Tianzhu County "Red Legend" into the campus and "red picture" series of matters. Tianzhu County Party Committee Organization Department is a map recently, Tianzhu County launched "red picture" essay, calligraphy, painting evaluation activities. After reviewing the team review, 90 of the first, second, third prizes and excellent awards were selected. It is reported that there […]

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