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Do practical affairs with the hard work of the party

Since the study of the study and education of the Party history, the Xinjiang Market Supervision Bureau stationed in the Akuxian Township Township Township Township, At Ke County, the "visit Huiju" team attached great importance to it, and he was actively learning the party history. , Promote the combination of work, carry out the practice […]

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2021 National Track and Field Championship Salary A Name of the National Association Impact Olympic seat

Xinhua News Agency, Shaoxing, June 10 (Reporter Zhu Yue Zhang Yue Xia Liang) reporter learned from the 2021 National Track and Field and Olympic Selection Press Conference Nearly 600 athletes of the team have gathered in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, participated in this three-day competition. In accordance with the "Attachment Project to participate in the […]

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China National Party Discussion opgericht "Anti-Taiwan Independence Group"

  Volgens Taiwan’s "Times", Zhu Lilun, voorzitter van de Chinese Nationalistische Partij, voorgezeten het First Party Congress, en Zhu Renzhang, de hoofdschacht en keerde terug naar de heersende doelen en hebben ze ook een blauw leger opgezet in combinatie met het privé-leger Taal Dazhi, de "Shadow Cabinet", 2024 lanceerde de sterkste kandidaat, verenigd om de overwinning […]

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Changping Long Zeyuan Street Community Universal Residents First Time to register for volunteers

Original title: You have worked hard, I also want to come to the community volunteers to measure the residents at the entrance of the community. This reporter Deng Wei took yesterday, when Changping Long Zeyuan Street was removed from the six communities outside the Longyueyuan 2nd District, the residents’ work life returned to normal, and […]

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Building a network security line

Original title: Total Total Building Security Defense Walk October 11th, the Qilihe District Committee Network Office jointly bonded the public security Qili River Branch Network Supervision Brigade, the District Government Information Center launched "network security as the people, network security relying on the people" The subject of the 2021 network security promotion week activity. In […]

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Be courage, good at as (people’s point of view)

  Only practice as a hard ridge, iron shoulders, true things, hard work, unremitting struggle, can create innocent people, innocent people, innocent in the era, all things that are beneficial to the party and people, we must Do not avoid refuge, the righteousness does not escape, boldly dried, and strongly dry "will be big, the chrysanthemum […]

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China @ 四川 | How does Samsung Jinjin mask unearthed?

  Xinhua News Agency, April 6 (Reporter Yuan Qiuyue) Recently, the two important artifacts unearthed in the six ancient "sacrificial pits" in the Samsung House have been unveiled in the world. Among them, a disabled gold mask is particularly amazing, causing great concern about archaeological and public.   This golden mask is from the 5th "sacrifice pit" […]

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Canada’s new cabinet invested foreign ministers, prefers and ministers of health

  China News Agency, October 26 (Reporter Yu Rui Dong) Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trodomo Leading Federal Government’s new Cabinet October 26, Ottawa, Ottawa. Foreign ministers, majority and other important positions have made personnel adjustments.   The new cabinet consists of Prime Minister and 38 ministers, and the number has increased by 2 people. Ministers still maintain […]

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China Bouwmachines oplossen "Kaarthals"

  Bouwmachines is een visitekaartje "China Manufacturing", veel apparaten kunnen worden omschreven als "grote buitenlandse weeging" en de belangrijkste componenten "kaarthals" hebben altijd aandacht gekregen. De verslaggever leerde in Changsha en andere plaatsen in "Engineering Machinery". In de afgelopen jaren is de binnenlandse bouwmachinesindustrie continu verbeterd, "top", maar sommige high-end componenten zijn nog steeds afhankelijk van […]

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Chengdu High-tech Zone Administrative Center project is about to be put into use

Chengdu High-tech Zone Administrative Center Building. China Construction deployment for Figure September, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chengdu High-tech Zone Administrative Center project construction site a busy scene. It is reported that the project is organized by Chengdu High-tech Group Co., Ltd., Chengdu High-Power Co., Ltd. The project department optimizes the refinement of construction operations through reasonable compression […]

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