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Chiyue Biological Double-headed King Kong,And the two-headed Gorefiend are twin brothers,All monsters with two heads,More than three feet tall,Muscles,Like a huge gorilla,Just a gorilla with two heads。

Two-headed Gorefiend
Bright red,But this double-headed King Kong is blue all over,Reveals a zombie-like death,Easily recognizable。
“Come out!Safe outside!”Lu Menglin shouted towards the cave behind him。
Huang Shaotian and Tu Shanming got out before and after,Both of them were immediately attracted by the battle group ahead。
The sight in front of you,For Lu Menglin,It’s really safe。
The two-headed King Kong has less than one-third of the health,It seems to be blown up,The two who attacked the double-headed King Kong also played extremely hard。
The two of them are the strong above the forty level.,It is estimated to be a gang leader’s combat power,One battle together,It is entirely based on proficient fighting skills and tacit cooperation,Constantly exchange blood with that double-headed King Kong,Can be considered dangerous,Thrilling。
The two sides in this fierce battle,Whether it is a monster,Or master of the two gods,I don’t have enough energy to deal with others,That’s why Lu Menglin feels safe。
Seeing that the double-headed King Kong’s blood volume is getting less and less,It’s almost the end,They cheered up after the battle,Make the last fight。
If there is no accident,The two should successfully blow this double-headed King Kong。
And the appearance of Lu Menglin and his party,Obviously this accident。
Lu Menglin didn’t respond yet,Both Huang Shaotian and Tu Shanming are eager to try,After all, the double-headed King Kong is about to burst,The temptation of huge benefits is right in front of you,Can’t help but make them unmoved,Warrior,It’s too normal to have the idea of robbing blame。
“Wait,Don’t worry!”Lu Menglin suddenly said。
The voice has not fallen,The two-headed King Kong in the valley below suddenly went crazy,All the wounds on the body are cracked,Bright red blood flows from the body,Dyed the whole body blue red。
This two-headed Golden Congo has gone into a frenzy,Attack power doubled,A pair of buckets thick arms smashed down,With violent spatial energy,Suddenly disrupted the rhythm of the battle between the two below。
The summoned beast of the great master was originally under the pressure of a frontal attack,The result was a double-headed King Kong punch,Turned into nothingness。
And that great master at this critical moment,Made a big mistake,He didn’t immediately summon the beast again,Hold the onslaught of the double-headed King Kong,But continue to use major treatments,Treat that soldier,Blessing state。
It turned out that the double-headed King Kong raised a big fist,Punch after punch hit the weapon of the great warrior,Smashed him back again and again,Spitting blood,I can’t support it at first sight。
at this time,I only heard a loud shout from the wooden knife,“Hold on!let me help you!”