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There are two groups of people who maxed out my Weibo,Part of it is people who join in the fun,Part of the navy attacking me!

The attack is nothing but Li Xiaolu’s business。
This kind of attack is not harmful to me,It’s just a waste of time。
Gaoqiang to personal Weibo and Gaoda Group Weibo,Also issued this announcement。
But the heat is much worse than mine,Together, it’s not as hot as half of mine。
In a strong and sour tone,I’m out of shit luck。
Even if you don’t work in the future,I can also rely on this Weibo account to live a smart life。
I also feel a little puzzled,Why is my popularity so high!
Definitely not because of iron ore,Maybe it has something to do with Li Xiaolu and Lai Yumin’s never giving up attacking me!
Gaoda Group’s phone was broken,There are also many group and company accounts on Weibo,Hope to cooperate。
The truly sincere one must call directly,Consult the specific cooperation method。
Some companies claim to be partners recommended by certain organizations,The shelf is big。
All calls are recorded,This kind of telephone recording is directly fed back to the relevant agencies。
Those organizations call back directly:We recommended it for the sake of face,But we didn’t let them pretend,So do whatever you want,Don’t care about the attitude of the organization。