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of course,Once Qin Feng can win the final victory,These people will definitely want to come back and hold their thighs。Because it will definitely benefit the future development。

Just now,It can only be said that the wind and rain are shaking!
Knock on the door。
Qin Feng sighed,Still walked out of the room。
“Qin Feng.”Haruko Miyamoto is a little bit hazy with tears。
“what happened?The explosion happened again,Although the main target was not originally us,But the doorman was still affected。”
After all, Haruko Miyamoto was just a 16-year-old child,This is a sentimental age,Naturally, there is no way to accept so many deaths。
“Ok.”Qin Feng touched Haruko Miyamoto’s head,“I’ll go take a look first,You follow,Don’t be sad,Not only Miyamoto,Once this kind of election comes,Even if
You may be implicated if you don’t participate in the election!”
Qin Feng really couldn’t help but sigh,Because this age is just a child,I have to bear so much。of course,Qin Feng actually didn’t know if Haruko Miyamoto was so pure on the surface。
To know,How to say,Haruko’s brother Jiro Miyamoto died under Qin Feng’s throwing knife。There is a family feud between the two sides?
Go outside the gate of Miyamoto’s house,Qin Feng saw that the walls of Miyamoto’s house were blown black,It is obvious that the explosion site is a few meters away from Miyamoto’s house,But the impact is still relatively wide,Otherwise, the guardian will not be implicated。
It’s just that Qin Feng saw Jiutian Chu Xiao again。This guy seems to be looking for members of the Explosive Mercenary Group。And at this moment,Frowning at the scene。
This time,Qin Feng believed that Chu Xiao was a step slower,Because he failed to prevent everything from happening,Even the member of the explosive mercenary group died。
“what.This person is familiar!”
Of course Qin Feng could not identify the face of the person covered by the explosion。But Qin Feng saw a group of foreigners here,Don’t think about it,Maybe they are members of those two organizations?
Qin Feng can only think of this possibility,After all, there is no need to verify that the people from the Explosive Mercenary Group are going to come to Miyamoto。Because I did something that made Zhang Qiang uncomfortable。But maybe these crooked nuts are unlucky,Run into this blaster,So it caused an explosion outside Miyamoto’s house。
“Qin Feng,you again!”Chu Xiao frowned and stared at Qin Feng。