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At this time, Shen Han seemed to come back to his senses suddenly,He pulled down Huo Rongxuan’s hand and said anxiously:“Tiger!The tiger is gone!”

Huo Rongxuan put the towel on Shen Han’s head again and motioned him to wipe his hair clean,Start the car and ask:“When did you disappear,Have you looked for everything nearby??”
Shen Han’s face turned pale,“At night I go out to take out the garbage and forget to close the door,Huzi ran out,I have searched all the places where I usually take him for a walk,nothing。”
Huo Rongxuan reached out and touched his head,“Don’t worry,Let’s find it again,Sensible,Should not run far。”
Shen Han calm down,Huo Rongxuan circled the car around Shen Han’s house and found another circle,But I didn’t see the shadow of Huzi。
Shen Han was a little too quiet along the way,Huo Rongxuan turned his head at the red light,Found that Shen Han was gnawing his nails nervously,Staring sadly and looking forward。Seeing Huo Rongxuan’s heart sank,If Shen Han is just worried about pets,A bit past。
He hesitated and called Shen Han’s name,But don’t know what to say。
At this moment, Shen Han suddenly turned around to see him excitedly,“Will Huzi go home by himself??”
Huo Rongxuan thought that Shen Han was talking about where he lives,Then he reacted,Made a call home,At the same time, turn the steering wheel to drive the car in the direction of Huo’s house。
Unexpectedly, I haven’t opened an intersection yet,I heard Shen Han suddenly shout:“parking!”
Huo Rongxuan before stopping the car, Shen Han opened the door and jumped out,He hurriedly followed,The two found a tiger trembling in the rain under a street lamp on the side of the road。
This is close to where Shen Han lives,Huo Rongxuan had no choice but to send the rainy young and old back to Shen Han’s place。Shen Han opened the door and led Huo Rongxuan into the house,I went to take a bath in my arms。
Huo Rongxuan stayed in the living room and looked at where Shen Han lived,This is a bachelor apartment,One bedroom and one living room are not big,It’s not too tidy,Basic music and basketball magazines are still thrown on the table.,But it looks no different from the room of a boy of the same age as Shen Han。