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Having a good time,Came“Dong dong”Two knocks。

Wen Yunyun took the towel and wiped her hair,Walk over and open the door。
“what,It’s Ziheng。”Wen Yunyun saw a sunny and elegant face as soon as she opened the door。
Wen Yunyun then looked at the clock on the wall behind her,Ok Nine o’clock:“Is there a problem?Do you want to come in?”
Wen Ziheng closed his eyes,Rubbed his eyebrows:“sister,clothes。”
Wen Yunyun only realized that she had just taken a shower,Bathrobe。
vWord collar straight down,Vaguely showing Wen Yunyun’s beautiful spring scenery。
The bathrobe is not tight,Loose,Leading to Wen Yunyun’s delicate shoulders and delicate collarbone at a glance。
In addition, after taking a shower, my face is still blushing like shy,That is even more imaginative。
Wen Yunyun is not in good shape,Make men uninteresting,That’s all fake。
The fragrance of shower gel is in the air,The temperature in the room seems to rise gradually,The atmosphere seems a little ambiguous。
Two picturesque people are standing at the door,Looking at each other,Not say a word。
“Oh my goodness,I’m sorry,Ziheng,Wait for me。”
In the end, Wen Yunyun was the first to speak。
Wen Yunyun feels embarrassed,Scalp tingling,I hurriedly closed the door to tidy up,Just opened the door again。
For this brother,Actually she has another idea。Want to take the Wen family property,Multiple comrades are better than one enemy。