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The people of the whole team are also very angry with Li Hui Feng.。

They have never been so despised by others.。
Although they do not fight against the blade,Neighborhood,But even if so,They are all talented in other troops.,When is this, I have been ignored?。
Wang Yong slammed as the captain of the team.。
Nine people saw Wang Yong standing out,It is also what it will happen.,The roar of the universal roaring is directly throughout the camp.。
“We are already small.,When will we be tested so?,Today, this battle, you said that it is still not connected.?”
“catch,catch,catch”A group of warrior green brains,Roar。
Dawn see this scene,It is also a big problem.,If Li Hui is accidentally injured,Then he can have a big fault.。
Just when he wanted to speaking, he advised Li Hui’s way.,Li Hui Feng is directly putting a hand,At this time, he is clear about the surroundings.。
He can even see the blood in these warriors in front of you accelerate the flow.。
Such a scene,He is also the first time,Novelty。
Although these people roar,But Li Hui is still a strong confidence in himself.。
“Boy,We will take your challenge.,If we lose,I recognize you this instructor.。”
Wang Yong looked at Li Hui’s inexperienced.,I am afraid that I can’t help it.。
“Hey-hey,Yes you challenge me,Not I want to challenge you,Because you are not enough to make me challenge me。”
Li Hui’s words seems to be the fire of igniting explosives barrels.。
Directly let a group of warrior’s war reach the top。
Wang Yong also biting his teeth:“it is good,Our wolf teeth challenges you Li Hui,Do you dare to pick up?”
“Hey-hey,Dare,You can attack at any time.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,The whole team will find the outlet.,It’s all rushed out in an instant.。
Wang Yong saw this scene is also a dark road.。
Because this moment is really messy。
Peng Pepeng,Several people rushed to the front,No waiting,I was kicked out by Li Hui.。
“hehe,If you do this,I feel I don’t want to be a tutor.。”
Li Hui said that this is entirely true.,His thought of these people,Will definitely make him a little challenging。
But the result is not as good as he and Wang Yong will feel a feeling.。
Wang Yong is also roaring at this time.:“Who makes you attacked?
Listen to my command,Dashan in front,Others give me a pinch from the left and right side,superior。”
“Roar”Man called the mountain,Military uniforms in the body,On the body, the ruling muscles are also directly tall tall.。
See the collision of the mountain,Li Hui also is also slightly。
If it is hit by the other party,Then others attacked from both sides.,He is really a bit of dangerous。
However, he really likes this hard feeling.。
Directly do not move,Similarly, the same tricks are used together with the other party.。
Peng instant,Li Hui rushed back to steady and stabilized,Then quickly dodge。