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China @ 四川 | How does Samsung Jinjin mask unearthed?

  Xinhua News Agency, April 6 (Reporter Yuan Qiuyue) Recently, the two important artifacts unearthed in the six ancient "sacrificial pits" in the Samsung House have been unveiled in the world. Among them, a disabled gold mask is particularly amazing, causing great concern about archaeological and public.

  This golden mask is from the 5th "sacrifice pit" on Samsung Handle, with a weight of approximately 286 grams, which is the largest gold mask with the Samsungdu site.

According to the unified arrangement, the excavation work of "sacrificial pit" in 5, 6, and 7 is jointly responsible for the Sichuan Provincial Cultural Relics Archaey and Sichuan University. Teachers and students in the Archaeological School of Sichuan University participated in the unearthed process of the gold mask. They told reporters that the gold mask was first found in the sacrificial pit earliest on January 5. At first, because only the local part of the deposit is cleared, it does not cause great attention.

With the layer-by-layer cleaning of the pit, the range of gold is increasing, and everyone realizes that this may not be a common utensil. When the contour of the gold mask is getting clearer – the archaeors in the entire excavation area boil.

  How to safely, scientifically put the gold mask out and become a difficult point.

According to the excavator, if it is not complicated from the removal of a piece of utensils from the filling, it is more stable to the golden confession, it is stable in the pit.

  However, each of every millennium is not isolated. If the equipment is ran away, it may break the correlation between the utensils and the utensils, and we will lose the rear reasons and the story of the story. Archaeological and Wen Sang, Sichuan University, Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute, and Chengdu Cultural Relics Archaeological Research Institute, with repeated brewing and discussion, on February 2nd, and sent it to the laboratory to carefully clean up And repair, this disturbed gold mask is finally revealed to the world.