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Han Yuxiang suddenly reacted to something,Point to Xiang Chen,Like discovering a new world。

Xiang Chen rolled his eyes helplessly,I don’t want to talk about Korean,The other three men around also all smiled bitterly,Finally, I can only forcefully explain,Women’s focus has always been different from men’s rhythm!
Looked around,I don’t know what’s wrong with what I said,Let these four men show their disgusting expressions almost at the same time,But in the big environment,Han Yuxiang still knows that he is not suitable for making other remarks。
Korean Selective Muffler,Waited a while,Xiang Chen just continued to speak:“I didn’t pay attention last time,When i am alert,It’s too late。So don’t make the same mistakes as me。”
Xiang Chen’s kind reminder,Several people also remember some of the details that Xiang Chen highlighted in their hearts。
“In short,Our advice to you is,Meet this kind of person,Don’t even think about it,Shoot directly,Can shoot,Don’t use fists to solve!”
Did not look down on anyone,Xiang Chen gave his most sincere advice。
“And the people you met last night,Forget it!I’d better accept this dagger for you first!”
Turning to the front of Xiang Chen,I took the picture of the tiger spirit that I had held on the table before and shared it with several people。
“This dagger is called Tiger Soul,Is one of the spiritual symbols of mercenaries,by chance,Confiscated by me!”
The way Xiang Chen speaks,But in the hearts of Han Yuxiang and others, there are stormy seas。
What exactly does Xiang Chen do??
This question was born in the hearts of Xing Rufeng and the three at the same time,Only the Korean language is calm,She had a certain guess about Xiang Chen’s identity a long time ago,A look of knowing。
“Now I know why that person took the risk to grab that dagger!”
Xing Tao nodded slowly,The same goes for Xing Rufeng and Chu Tianqiao beside him。