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“you,Are you sure you want to do this?Oh my god!This idea is really terrible!If you beat this game,Do you know how they will scold you?”Mr. Sai Gao did not hesitate to remind Lu Menglin Dao in a way that almost lost his position。

“I know,But i have confidence。Because this Mr. Cheng Long standing in front of me,The little apprentice who once lost to me in China,I have no reason to hit him with my eyes open,That’s too unfair。Besides,At his level,It’s only worth this treatment。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
“ is good,Ok!Since you insist on blindfolding,We have to respect your choice。”Mr. Sai Gao said helplessly。
At this moment,Cheng Long with a gloomy face finally lost his breath,He walked up quickly,Staring at Lu Menglin’s eyes,With a voice that only the two of them can hear,Whispered:“Continue to install?I know you will lose to me!Play well!Remember not to collapse too fast!”
Seeing Cheng Long and Lu Menglin whispering,Mr. Sai Gao quickly intervened between the two,Laughed:“stop,stop!You two can’t talk now,Everything waits until the game
Afterwards!Please stand in position,The game will start soon!”
The two finally stopped communicating,But each sat in his own place。
Lu Menglin raised his arm,Tie the bright red scarf firmly to the eyes。
“The game officially started!”Mr. Sai Gao announced loudly。
The big screens all around shine at the same time,Switch to the final casting screen of the two。
Cheng Long is fast,I chose Iori without hesitation、Kagura Chizuru and Yamazaki Ryuji。
But Lu Menglin’s casting seems very slow,Even a little clumsy,He moved the joystick one by one,Every move,Will listen to the sound coming from the game screen,As if judging the character you choose by sound。
See this scene,The hearts of half of the audience suddenly chilled.。
It’s so hard to even choose an individual,How to fight then?It seems this is going to be yellow!
at last,Lu Menglin slowly chose three roles,Nikaidou Red Maru,Robert and Iori。
Especially when he chooses Iori,There was a long pause on the character of Shingo Yabuki,Let a person’s heart hang in his throat,Everyone knows that his one-handed Iori is invincible in the world,I’m afraid he will choose the wrong one,I chose Shingo Yabuki,Then I really have to stop cooking。