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under these circumstances,How could everyone not be enthusiastic about Chen Geng?

Chen Geng is also warm and polite one by one,Through this effort,Chen Geng asked Li Jianguo:“Director Li,General Electric introduced to youT700What is the attitude of the turboshaft engine?”
Since the last time Chen Geng suggested that China take this opportunity to import from the United States“Black Hawk”with“Apache”That GE’sT700—GE—701CAfter the patent and technology of the turboshaft engine,Huaxia is really concerned about this,Then he expressed his purchase to the U.S. governmentT700Ideas for turboshaft engine technology,As for the follow-up,Chen Geng doesn’t know。
Talking about this,Li Jianguo’s face suddenly collapsed:“The U.S. government agreed……”
“The U.S. government actually agreed so happily?”Chen Geng was surprised。
“Yes,They agreed,”Li Jianguo’s expression is even more depressed:“But their offer is really……It is really……”
“Ok?”Chen Geng raised his eyebrows,Motion to Li Jianguo to continue。
Think about it with a practical heel,It can also be imagined that the government’s offer will never be cheap,But considering84Civilian version introduced by China“Black Hawk”Unit price of helicopter“only”600Ten thousand dollars a frame,total24frame“Black Hawk”Plus various other repairs、The total price of the supported equipment is1.5One hundred million U.S. dollars,Chen Geng felt again,No matter how high the energy goes?
“The US government was unwilling to sell at first,Later, he told us through Sikorsky,T700It’s not impossible to transfer,But we are required to purchase at least70frame‘Black Hawk’Helicopter,This is almost4.4One hundred million U.S. dollars,thenT700The engine technology transfer fee is4000Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Add up to4.8One hundred million U.S. dollars,Even if you can bargain,But at least4.6One hundred million U.S. dollars……”
Hear here,Chen Geng couldn’t help but explode。
“right?”Chen Geng’s sentence“Fucking!”Let Li Jianguo feel like a confidant,It’s probably the thing that made him hold back so much,Can’t help but continue to spit out:“We introduced from France the year before last‘dolphin’How much did the helicopter and related whole machine and engine technology cost??Not yet7500Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Now we don’t want to introduce the whole machine technology,Yankees drove the least4.6Billion dollars,It’s a robbery……”
Chen Geng understands why Li Jianguo thinks so,Huaxia imported from France two years ago“dolphin”Helicopter、Which is later straight—9Helicopter and related patents and technologies,The entire introduction project is divided into two parts,They are technology transfer and purchase50Complete helicopter、Engine machine、Parts and raw materials。
The cost of the technology transfer part is the helicopter technology transfer fee4580Ten thousand francs and engine technology transfer fees1100Ten thousand francs,total5950Ten thousand francs,Converted into U.S. dollars is approximately1416Ten thousand U.S. dollars;50Complete helicopter and complete engine、Parts、The cost of raw materials is2.5385Billion francs,Converted into U.S. dollars is probably6044Ten thousand U.S. dollars。
Add the two,entire“dolphin”The total cost of the introduced project is approximately7460Ten thousand U.S. dollars。
although“dolphin”Helicopter is just one4To6Tonnage(Actually the maximum take-off weight is less than5Ton)Lighter medium helicopter,versus10Tons“Black Hawk”Not a level opponent,But the Yankee’s heart is indeed darker,Actually gave the whole project4.6Quotation,Yes“dolphin”Six times more than the project,It’s no wonder that Li Jianguo’s face is black and he fights with the bottom of the pot。
“this price……Tut……”
Chen Geng doesn’t know what to say,You’re welcome,Now it is the only one that China can introduceT700Time window for turboshaft engines,Once missed this window,China has no chance to introduce this super turboshaft engine from the United States,From now on our straight—10、straight—19、straight—10Will face the dilemma of not having a good engine available,But the Yankee’s offer is really too dark,“dolphin”The one on the helicopter“Ahye”1CHow much did the turboshaft engine cost?4.6One hundred million U.S. dollars,This is really killing the rabbit。