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“OK OK,I got it,I will help you find your wife,I’ll get you back soon!”Guo Yinzhe interrupted Hephaestus who was once again immersed in his own world,Repeatedly stated that he must complete the entrustment before entering the teleporter and preparing to leave the temple。

confirmed“Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh”Go far,The statue of Hephaestus restored the shrine of professional challenge,Waiting for the next job transfer,of course,Including a box full of“Thorn rose”Ring……
Guo Yinzhe found out that he had received a system message of a successful job transfer,system hint:“Congratulations to players‘Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh’Successful transfer!become‘Battle of Glory’Global server8name‘Mechanical pioneer’!Will this news be announced to the full server career information channel??”
“nonsense!I’m so low-key,Of course it was announced to the world!Let them see that there is such a handsome and connotative genius in Asia!”Guo Yinzhe confirmed the information release。
Simultaneously,Glory Battle’s Global Career Information Channel,Announced:“Congratulations to players‘Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh’Successful transfer!become‘Battle of Glory’Global server8name‘Mechanical pioneer’!Let us congratulate him together!”
at the same time,Xu Tian, who is training in the game in Golden Palm Villa、Gandhi and the Red Eyes saw this announcement。
“This is called‘Tanglin Hermit Li Ge Laugh’People are very interesting,Others are strictly hiding their information on the list,But he doesn’t,It is rare to see players who enter the top ten of the professional challenge list announce their information,And by the name, it must be a national server player?”Gandhi smiled in the game cabin。
“The world’s top ten mechanical pioneers?Maybe it’s the first successful mechanic in the national service?”Although Red Eye is a Vietnamese,But it has long been habitual to call the mainland server by the national server。
“no way,I am right‘Nine cows with one knife’Understand,He must not be the queen of this matter……”Xu Tian recalled the scene of fighting with nine bulls in previous competitions and still vividly remembered。
“Nine cows with one knife?Is it the legendary player ranked ninth in the national server??The name sounds pretty domineering!Heard of himIDThe origin of is because he once hacked nine cows to death in a novice village of an action martial arts online game.,Shocked the game designer,Is it real?”It seems that Red Eye wanted to come to the mainland to compete,No less homework。
“That game is called‘Chivalrous spirit’,It’s an old online game ten years ago,Although he is a knife player,But delicate,Be good at using terrain to block monsters after attracting monsters,Improve the efficiency of spawning monsters,This makes his level far ahead of many krypton gold players,Angry designer,Although I heard he blocked his account for this,But his style of play is still widely used by many players。”Xu Tian explained。
“indeed,Good strength,It’s a pity that his team‘Domination plan’Lack some honor,But in terms of the operation and understanding of the mechanic,No one in the national server is better,No wonder people say that he is seriously underestimated among the top ten legendary players……but,Battle of Glory is a game full of unknowns!For example,Our dignified national all-star players,Legendary account owner,Isn’t Comrade Xu Tian not receiving a job transfer yet??”Gandhi said,Smiling with tears。