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“Korean Poems,I think your cleverness is an illusion。Actually,You’re an out-and-out silly woman。”Zhang Xiaoxue gradually approached Yushi,Eyes full of hate。

“You asked him to pretend to be Cui Ronghao’s assistant to bring me here?”Yu Shi almost guessed what happened。
“Ha ha,Yes,President Han is not stupid yet!”Zhang Xiaoxue sneered mockingly。
Looking at Zhang Xiaoxue’s ugly face,Yu Shi only regretted that he was soft at the time,Didn’t let Cui Ronghao teach her a lesson。
Does this woman have any other skills?,Conspiracy、Eun is very good at revenge。
Look around,Gave up the idea of leaving here。Because except for Zhang Xiaoxue and the man who brought her here,There are some men watching them not far away。
obviously,Zhang Xiaoxue found some helpers,Are all strong men,She is not their opponent。
Yushi glanced at Zhang Xiaoxue with disdain,Puzzled:“You haven’t said your purpose,You asked someone to ask me here,What do you want?”
“What do you want?”Zhang Xiaoxue gave a cold smile,“You’ll know in a while……”
She made a color to the man behind Yushi,The man raised his arm and slashed heavily towards the back of Yu Shi’s neck,Yushi is black,Fell to the ground softly。
Looking at the poetry lying on the ground,Zhang Xiaoxue feels a little uncomfortable,But it’s more about the pleasure of revenge。
The man leaned over and lifted Yushi from the ground,Then walked into the factory with Zhang Xiaoxue。
Relative to the urban area,This is a relatively remote place。And Zhang Xiaoxue chose the location here,It’s because it’s remote,But it’s not very far from the city anyway,Ji Yunfeng won’t delay too long……
Looking at the unconscious poetry on the man’s shoulder,Zhang Xiaoxue’s red lips like flames evoke a successful smile……
“Q,Thank you so much。”Zhang Xiaoxue flatly pressed the man’s shoulders。
The man’s name is Wu Haifeng,Is Zhang Xiaoxue’s fellow,Once pursued her。
Wu Haifeng smiled,“Nothing hard,Just a hand。”
Into the warehouse,He threw Yushi to the ground,Zhang Xiaoxue did not know where to find a thick hemp rope and threw it in front of Wu Haifeng。
Wu Haifeng picked up the twine and tied Yushi tightly,Just got up,Patted the ash on the hand。