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Canada’s new cabinet invested foreign ministers, prefers and ministers of health

  China News Agency, October 26 (Reporter Yu Rui Dong) Canadian Prime Minister Justine Trodomo Leading Federal Government’s new Cabinet October 26, Ottawa, Ottawa.

Foreign ministers, majority and other important positions have made personnel adjustments.

  The new cabinet consists of Prime Minister and 38 ministers, and the number has increased by 2 people. Ministers still maintain half of the gender ratio of men and women.

  The new cabinet induction means that Trodom has entered its third term as a prime minister. Chrystiafreeland continues to serve as Vice Premier and Finance Minister. In addition, 7 of the Justice Minister and chief prosecutor, the Minister of Traffic, Minister of Agriculture, and the Minister of Industry, and the Minister of Industry, and the Minister of Industry, and the Minister of Industry.

  The 42-year-old Mélaniejoly has served as Foreign Minister. She has served as the Minister of Cultural Heritage and the Minister of Economic Development and the Minister of Economic Development and Official Language. The original foreign minister Calo failed to enter this session. During the new crown epidemic, the original public service and procurement of the procurement of the original public service and procurement of the procurement of the minister of the Minister of Defense, becoming the second female anti-leader in Canada after the prime minister, Campbell, which was the first prime minister. The original anti-Directors’ Shi Jun (Harjitsajjan) reforms the Minister of Development and also considers the Canadian Pacific Economic Development Agency.

The Canadian military has recently exposed sexual scandals, including many military high-rise rivers, including former national defense staff. This is the criticism of Shi Jun from opposition to party and public opinion.

  Stevenguilbeault offers a minister of environmental and climate change.

Jean-Yvesduclos replaced Patti Hahoto as the Minister of Health, the latter taught the Minister of Service. Wu Fengyi is still the only Chinese face in the Trodo cabinet. Its new position is an international trade, export promotion, minister of small enterprises and economic development, which has expanded from the original small enterprise, export promotion and international trade ministers. There were 9 new faces in this cabinet, including immigrants, refugees and citizenship ministers, and tourist ministers and deputy decree, the old ministers, and the Minister of Sports. Trudo said that the new cabinet team will continue to fight the epidemic, improve the people’s livelihood problems such as child care, housing, and should continue to advance and continue to promote the reconciliation of the Aboriginal. But the largest opposition party conservative party party collar criticized a new customer in the new cabinet lack of experience.

  The Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberals in late September is better than the finals, but it is not possible to win the House of Representatives. (over).