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joke,He finally caught a talented man,How can I leave?

“can,Can,Of course it can!”
“Oh,I’m going to prepare for the next link!”Xia Chenglong didn’t even intend to have a deep friendship with each other。
When they first came, the other side had different attitudes。
Uncle Lu looked worried:“No need to,No need to,Not at all,well,Xiaoli,Go and register the badge for Brother Aaron right away。”
joke,A warrior above rank five,Just throw a punch casually,That already has super attack power,No need to be serious。
Yingzi squinted her eyes together,Seeing that the guy who was arrogant just now treats them like this,Really relieved。
Chapter six hundred and fourteen Win over
It’s been a long time since I saw such a young warrior,Uncle Lu was very excited,If he can keep it in the Warrior Association,Will have a good income。
Xia Chenglong just wanted to leave as soon as possible,I don’t want to stay in this place too long,especially……A faint light flashed from the corner of the eye。
He still remembers being in the permit hall before,A scene of passing away with that old thing,He almost did it!
Reprimanded by Lu Shu,The staff responsible for follow-up turned around and left,Ready to pass the certification for Xia Chenglong。