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Ask the children to perform,You can find something to do outside of time。

unfortunately,The children are in the ears of the elders at home,I don’t have a cold for her new aunt,No one agrees with her,Only Yaya slapped and screamed,See everyone is watching her,Her voice weakened,She timidly raised her aunt’s thigh。
Tao Zhenzhen didn’t see this embarrassing scene,She smiled and hugged Yaya,Loudly:“it is good,Since Yaya agrees,That aunt taught Yaya to sing nice little Yanzi, OK??”
Yaya leaned in her arms and nodded,Tao Zhenzhen held her and lifted it up,“Well,Let’s go back to the house and sing。Brothers don’t like singing,Let’s not let them listen?”
Yaya nodded heavily,“Don’t let you listen。”
The two are going back happily,Leave a room of silence in the house,After a while, Yang Weidong asked curiously:“Youngest,Your wife can still sing the song of the little swallow?”
Yang Weiguo shook his head,“do not know,She never sang。”
Yang is still young in five years,“or,Let’s go listen?”Listen to the song,Only heard on the radio,He hasn’t heard a real person singing in front of him!
Spring has a few children,Regret now,They don’t understand what is“Show”,I just subconsciously felt that I didn’t like the new third aunt and refused。Hear singing,Sing what little swallow,Itchy heart,Look at each other,Leave a word quietly“We go out to play”Just ran out。
Yang Lao Wuyi look,Also slip out,But was drunk by the old lady:“Not allowed to go!What do you look like when a little uncle runs into his sister-in-law’s room?”
Yang Laowu curled his lips,He is only sixteen,What are you afraid of?“Got it。”His eyes rolled,Ready to call third brother,Then my old lady would have nothing to say!
No annoying Tao Zhenzhen,Old lady got up again,“I work hard,There are so many daughter-in-laws,Can’t refer to one……”
Nagging out,Take the key to open the box,Take melon seeds and prepare to fry for a while,Take advantage of her to go to the shed,Yang Laowu dragged his third brother and ran away。
Although the others are also curious,But after all, you get married when you get older,Much more stable,Left nothing,But only a few minutes,Old Four Yang suddenly stood up and muttered:“Got up early today,I’ll go back and lie down for a while。”
The Yang family originally had three main rooms,In the east house, the old couple and the unmarried fifth,The boss lived in Westinghouse when he got married。The eldest and the second are only less than two years old,I have to get married,Two houses were built on the east and west sides of the front yard for the second and fourth。