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Not talking,Thank you,Uncontrollable in an instant,Teardrops keep falling。This half a month,She had a hard time,I know that being an anchor is not easy。

Hua Zi looked at Brother Hu,Seeing him talking to Boss Yang,Didn’t pay attention to the gifts I gave,Made a female anchor cry on the spot。
He secretly typed a sentence:“Broadcast early for dinner!”
Subsequently,Send out all the other mess in the warehouse,He is on the Xiaoli fan list,The fan value is close to 700,000。
This also made Xiaoli squeeze into the top 20 in Guangdong hour list for the first time。
Xiao Chen, who is in charge of operations, said regretfully:“If you change the time slot,The headline will not be knocked off。”
After their research,The platform is basically clear when the local tyrants appear,This time at noon,Some big anchors also started live broadcasting,It’s a little harder to grab headlines。
Like just now,Send out fifteen tengu eat moons at once,Worth 450,000 coins,If it’s at 7 or 8 in the morning,,Sit absolutely for three minutes。
Zhuang Fan also nodded,But I can’t blame Brother Hu and the others。
Huazi laughed:“Do you want to punish the other side??A bit arrogant just now,I can’t watch。”
“It’s up to you!Brother Hu let you handle it anyway。”Zhuang Fan and the others envy Huazi,Can follow Brother Hu,The future is definitely much better than them。
“Haha!Row,Then let the other side lick the wheat!Hu’s character,Others don’t mess with him,He does not offend the river,Someone hits the door,Absolutely not counseling。”Huazi said。
Use the number of the guild,Tell Lily,Let her punish the opposite。in fact,Xiao Chen also feels very happy,I saw the anchor of my guild being bullied before,Powerless,Very uncomfortable。