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Like fleeing,This tastes uncomfortable,Also very helpless。Li Tianchou was very depressed and returned to Da Hei Men after eating a bowl of noodles。

From the emotional point of Depp and Ah Jiu,A little bit of enthusiasm that everyone just inspired,Has disappeared。Depp is not even interested in telling himself about the market research situation,This cooling rate is too fast。
This is definitely not a good sign,You must talk to Hong Mao when you find time。Li Tianchou discovered at this moment,The sorrow of no money,Far beyond my imagination。
Chapter Sixty Three Metamorphosis
I wrote and painted aimlessly in the room for a while,Li Tianchou couldn’t solve the boredom in his heart。Restless room,Just want to go for a walk。Suddenly there was a gong-like singing downstairs,Make him laugh。
“Sister, you sit on the bow,Brother walking on the shore。Kindness,Rope swing…Wailing……”The captain doesn’t know where to take advantage,Very happy。
In the sound of footsteps,The captain is already on the second floor,Followed by“咣”The sound of,The door opens,This servant has appeared in front of Li Tianchou shaking his head and shaking his head。
“brother,When will you be back?I grass,Waste paper all over the floor,What are you doing?Do you write poetry??”
“It’s been a while。Where did you go to harm people again?So desperate?”Li Tianchou really can’t get angry with this rogue。
“Why do you always look down on people?I tell you,What I did today was serious,Guess what’s the matter?Ha ha,I worshipped a master。grass,This master is very capable,Shangzhi Astronomy,Xiaxiao Geography,Proficient in divination and divination……”。
“All the way,okay。Have said so many times,I’m not interested。”Li Tianchou quickly interrupt,I can’t let this play together,“Aren’t you in the internet cafe this afternoon?”
The captain shook his head。
“How did everyone discuss yesterday?Did you do market research?”