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“is it?”The domineering man has a gentle tone,“A six-star demon master who practices the rules of death,I know that the elder in Bone Forest,On soul attack, maybe he has seven-star strength,But I am not afraid of him。Good at the law of the earth,Besides me, it is the six-star demon on the plane of the earth god,But he is not as good as me。But the powerful high-level gods of the fire system did not discover,But maybe the other party came long before us,I used to live in places like the North Sea and even the South China Sea of Magnolia,Or simply the god-level powerhouse of Magnolia Continent itself,Even under the Lord Palace Master?”

“If it’s a god-level seclusion for a long time,,It’s impossible to fight against that elder Victor, right?。。。Is it just a general discussion?I don’t know who won。But you said that you are a strong native of Magnolia mainland,It’s very difficult for a strong man nestled in the material plane to become a higher god.,Can it still integrate the law?”Of the Suzaku clan‘Young girl’Shook his head,“I guess it should be the master of Beirut。。The group of dead people may be hunting mortals to refine soul items,And was killed by the master of Beirut。”
“You can’t say that。”Adrian rubbed the girl’s hair with her hands,“you need to know,Master Beirut also worked hard on the material plane for countless years,Then he was famous in the battle of Hell Blue Mansion。How do you know,There will no longer be a super powerhouse who has lived in seclusion for many years on the Magnolia continent?Of course this possibility is not high。The purple blood demon in our hell five thousand years ago、The twelve-winged angels and other super powers on the plane of the god of light descend on the plane of Magnolia.,Fight for the treasures in the cemetery of the gods。If there were really powerful experts in Magnolia, they would not hide。。。But it’s also possible that the opponent’s strength is at the ordinary six-star level,After entering the cemetery of the gods, I stay at the bottom level until the end,Is not known!”
The girl burst out laughing。“There shouldn’t be such a strong person。。。But I think we should go there,The strength of the dead group of Bone Lin is not weak,If they were all killed by that strong man,Maybe we have one more enemy in the cemetery of the gods。”
“I really want to check it out。Oh,correct。I just heard Jells say,In the Magnolia Continent, we want the branch of the four mythical beast families,Even among them a lower god was born,I think I can touch it。Even if the opponent is not strong,But maybe I still know something about the cemetery of the gods。And when dealing with the Raynars family, I can also help。”
“Ok,I heard that the lower god belongs to the Redding family,Then let Jells contact me。”It is clear,Adrian doesn’t care much about these people who pop up suddenly,In his opinion, it is just a person who has not even experienced the baptism of the ancestral hall,That’s a weak lower god。But he also asked a lower god in his team to contact the opponent。
Reynards family residence。As a practitioner who is also the law of darkness,XXXKnow more about the strength of Elder Victor,That’s a strong person who is stronger than himself in terms of soul,Even the two of them have some friendship。Soon after the end of the divine power fluctuation, he rushed to the city of Torip in the Magnolia Empire。
What frightened him was,I can’t find any god in the Bone Forest。Strong as the elder Victor of the Bone Forest disappeared。He also asked Hordan the Plane Holder,None of the gods in the Bone Forest returned to the underworld through the teleportation array。
in other words,These gods who descended from the Bone Forest to the Magnolia Continent should have been attacked and killed,And the opponent also beheaded Elder Victor,Or at least expelled。
This made him feel uneasy。
“Is it the group of bastards from the Four Beasts family knowing that Victor and I are going to join forces,Start first?impossible,That guy from the Xuanwu clan is not the elder of the four mythical beast clan,At most, it’s a six-star demon level,It’s impossible to kill Victor’s clone of Death。Is it because the master of Beirut sent someone to do it??”Sadista couldn’t help but feel a little frightened,He doesn’t know how strong Beirut is,But I also know that my family chief is not the opponent。Besides, as the host of Youlan Mansion,Many strong men。It’s normal to have a subordinate in the Magnolia continent who can kill Victor。As for Beirut to do it himself?XXXI feel that there is only a six-star devil himself and a small person like Victor who has just entered the seven-star level.,It’s not like Beirut can do it himself。
“It shouldn’t be the Beirut master.!Sadista wiped a cold sweat that didn’t exist。“Although the adults of Beirut prefer the family of four mythical beasts,But also very particular about rules,We only need to attack the members of the four mythical beasts outside the Skyrim Mountains,He never cares。These gods in the Bone Forest will never be so stupid to offend Lord Beirut?”
“But who is the Lord Beirut?,The apostle of the destiny heaven is still the one from the plane of Thor?The Thunder God plane is really sure to kill Victor。。。Or to say that there are hidden superpowers in Magnolia Continent?”Sadista’s face was gloomy, as if dripping water,One after another command quickly spread the sound of the divine knowledge to the gods under his command。
North Sea of Magnolia,A god with a cold temperament,Stroking the Ice Excalibur in your hand,Feel the fluctuations coming from afar,Show a look of disgust,The divine sword in his hand also groaned softly。
North of the Puang Empire,A large team of adventurers is happily forming a circle,Roasting a huge monster。They just completed an adventure in the Warcraft Mountains。One of them is physically strong,The male mercenary holding a heavy hammer almost ignores the female mercenary around him if there is no hook,Looking into the distance thoughtfully,It’s the direction where the divine power spreads。