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The little beggar saw Chen Xiu stabbed,The dagger fell to the ground again,Even more ignorant of companions,Turn around and run away,Chen Xiu saw that he was so vicious at a young age,Have a lesson,Stumble,The little beggar threw straight forward,A few broken front teeth,Mouthful of blood。March Chinese

Chen Xiu flicked his right hand,The beggar who was caught by his wrist also fell to the ground like his companion,Chen Xiu swept his gaze behind them,Shouted:“Come out,No, I slaughtered these two little bastards first,Then slowly concoct you!”
Three old beggars came out from the nearby shop,Walk over,Said repeatedly:“We don’t see it,I can’t recognize you, uncle,Willing to punish!”
Chen Xiu let out his aura,A cold snort,I was so scared that the three beggars were all on their knees,Startled in a cold sweat。
They are all beggars,In the past, I didn’t dare to pick a master to steal,Specially pick the countrymen who enter the city to start,I didn’t know that I just ran into Chen Xiu today。
The beggar who took the lead saw Chen Xiu’s momentum,Hurry up:“This lord,We are blind,Should not be,I really shouldn’t start with you,We are willing to be punished。But we used to worship at the door of Master Li,Please also watch the Dadaohui to spare us!”
These beggars themselves beg,Indispensable to do some sneaky things,To make a living on the ground in Nancheng,Naturally, get permission from the Dadaohui,Otherwise, if they have ten hands, they won’t be enough。
Chen Xiu thought:“I don’t know where to start to inquire about the big knife club,It’s nice that these beggars are brought home automatically!”
I said coldly right now:“follow me!”
Three beggars see Chen Xiu’s extraordinary momentum,Dare not fail,I had to bite the bullet and walk into an alley with Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu intends to give these people a predicament,Otherwise these people will be difficult to discipline。As soon as entering the alley,First, he beat and kicked three beggars,The three of them were on the ground holding their heads and curling up and begging for mercy.。
Chen Xiu was almost done after seeing the fire,And threw another gold ingot from his arms on the ground,Said sharply:“Want this gold!”
The three beggars have been taught,I don’t understand why Chen Xiu still gives himself gold,Just fear in my heart,Subconsciously nodded。