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Summer is ready,Pupil Hawran,stunned。

Very cold, Wanyuan Kai, which has been expressed,At this moment, it is also very moving.。
Just on the left side of the official path,It’s an endless,Can’t see the mountain range,Many mountain peaks tall, like a giant sword,Go straight。
But this is not important。
Important,The whole mountain is luminous。
With the sun of the sun,A large white light column is rushing up,Unlessned。
not only that。
With this Tongtian light column,can be seen,Surrounding,A seat of the giant mountain,Clouds。
Just like a fairy mountain landing in the world。
There is also a river river roaring,A piece of vibrant plain……It is like a fairyland。
Seeing the three people stunned,Baili Zheng and others opposed each other,Smile。
Iron bear and three familiar knowledge,
Explanation,“We have three secrets in Xia Dynasty.,They are immortal forests that are affiliated with our hunter.;Runhai belonging to the court;This is called a mountain sea fan in front of you.,Belong to the College of Academy,If you can be admitted to the Jiwu College,The three secrets have the opportunity to enter。”
Heard him,Wan Yuan Kai and Gu Ming have revealed excitement。
Obvious,They should have heard three secrets.。
Only summer,Old two eyes,But he can only put it like。
In fact,Curious。
“Let it go。”
Baili is the right road,Everyone continues to hurry。
I’m going to see about more than 40 minutes.,Atmosphere,A city appeared。
This is a giant city,Not only majestic,And full of vicissitudes in the years。
City wall high thickness,The whole is magnificent,Amorphous。
Even if you are far away,They can’t see the end of the two side walls……Far away,It is like a giant wall that is at the end of the world.。
The Wudo Building of the Hunting Fair is compared to the front of the city.,It’s just a little witch。
“This is our summer……Uh,usually,We are all called Xiachao,Um,This is the emperor of our Xia Dynasty.,Is the first big city in the North。”
Iron bear time,“You should all come to the emperor.。”
Summer three people。
Iron bear reveals the color of envious,“If you can be admitted to the Academy of Justice,I will stay in the emperor in the future.……”
Be close to,The ancient city in the field of view,Transfer。
It’s agreed in advance.,There is also a broad metal moat,The river does not know how deep,But quite rush。
“finally reached。”
Everyone walked through the suspension bridge,Through the moat,Then stopped by the two teams in the gate of the city.。